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September 2004

Monday 27 September 2004 09:12 BST (GMT+1)

I saw Cf to get him to set up this blog last night. He was just as easy to find as last time. I crept up behind him on the street. You should've seen his face when I tapped him on the shoulder. He couldn't decide if he was more terrified or horny! He kept shooting nervous glances at my chest then looking at my face in fear. I led him like the pied piper led the children of Hamlyn into a side street then picked him up by the throat with my left hand and let him struggle for air for a while.

I hardly need to mention that I was causing my usual effect in his trouser department. He was still saluting me down there after I'd really turned on the charm, shaking him around by his neck and telling him he was dead if he didn't publish my web-log. I didn't want the obsessed creep following me again so I waited till he passed out then dropped him in some bushes.

That's it for this morning. I still haven't decided what to do today.

Tuesday 28 September 2004 09:11 BST (GMT+1)

Well, it's nice to see that I didn't damage Cf's brain too much the other night. He seems to have got the blog up alright. I may have misjudged him. He's actually multi-skilled. He can put up a webpage and he can drool over breasts. Not bad (for a man) I suppose.

The weather was lousy all day yesterdaybut at least that meant I got the park to myself. Everyone else seems to fall ill if they get wet on a cold day, but not me, of course. I spent a while carving my initials in tree trunks using my finger as a chisel. When that got boring, as there wasn't another soul there, I uprooted a couple of tall oaks using my favourite tree-felling method (leaning casually against the trunks until they bend and slowly snap bit-by-bit and then watching as the huge thing crashes down to the ground.)

Annoyingly, I had to leave in a hurry. All I did was walk up to one of the fallen thirty-foot trees and give it a gentle kick with my "weaker" left foot. It soared into the air and crashed down through the glass roof of the deserted tea-room fifty yards away. I hope they've got insurance…

The weather forecast for today is more of the same, so I think I'll take a little day-trip to Paris.

Wednesday 29 September 2004 09:20 BST (GMT+1)

Paris was pretty cool. I didn't have enough money for the train so I "borrowed" some cash from a guy in the queue in front of me. I had his freshly emptied wallet back in his pocket before he even had time to blink. I definitely moved too fast for the security cameras to have caught anything but then they only capture about five frames a second.. Anyway, I made a good choice of target as the guy was absolutely loaded.

The train journey was pretty boring, but I made up for it once I arrived. Straight away I spotted a nice looking young man, tall and muscular, just the way I like. He made it easy for me by going into the toilets. I followed him in. Inside, I got out of my clothes at super-speed before slowing to a more human pace of movement. I pinned him to the wall with one hand whilst I ripped off his belt and trousers with the other. He wasn't ready for me at first. In fact he tried to put up a fight, but after I brushed my chest really lightly on his a few time, she soon got hard even if he kept on struggling. I took him twice against the wall, although the second time wasn't so great as he stopped hitting me and started blubbing that I was hurting him. I would have gone for a third anyway, but he passed out during my second orgasm so I left him to sleep it off on the floor whilst I got dressed and slipped out of the lavatory.

Later I was climbing out of a Metro station when this I saw bunch of young men running down the stairs towards me. It was obvious they were all in a group and that they were in a hurry. I think they might have been a rugby team or something. They were all pretty big guys. Before any of them got to see me properly and start gawping, I blew gently at the one at the front of the crowd, knocking him off his feet. Most of the others tripped over him. It was hard not to laugh as a dozen beefy men rolled helplessly past me down the stairs.

Then I went to a cafe, but the waiter kept staring at my T-shirt. I know that most men's brains are in their dicks and they can't help it, but this guy was even worse than Cf. When he brought my coffee over, his hand touched mine. He tried to make it look like an accident but I knew it wasn't. I got my revenge by "accidently" flicking his knuckles with my little finger, breaking quite a few bones. I smiled in apology as he tried to fight back his tears of pain.

I also went shopping with the cash I'd liberated in the morning and got a few new tops, a couple of pairs of jeans and a lovely pair of ankle-length boots. On the train back home in the evening, I found I was sitting opposite this spot-covered adolescent boy. Before we'd even pulled out of the Gare du Nord, I went into the toilet and changed into the lowest-cut of my new T-shirts. I spent the journey teasing the kid by leaning forwards every few moments, pushing out my chest and making sure he got plenty of eyefuls of my cleavage. It's a three hour journey but I made him ran off to the lavatory to wank four times before we got to Waterloo. I swear he could barely walk off the train! He looked so pathetic with his hands clasped in front of his groin to hide his little stiff and his face red with embarrassment. I bet he dreams of me every night for a year.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day trip. It was nice to get home though.

No plans as yet for today. I think I'll just see how it goes.

Thursday 30 September 2004 09:14 BST (GMT+1)

After my adventures in Paris on Tuesday, yesterday was pretty quiet.

I did manage to short out the electricity supply to the entire district just after duskplunging this part of town into darkness for a few hours. I wasn't looking for trouble, I was just feeling experimental when I leapt over the high fence into the local power sub-station. I was going to play around a bit with the overhead connectors, but when I grabbed one in each hand, I must've accidentally completed a circuit.

The sign said Danger: 40000 volts and the sparks that surrounded me were as bright and dramatic as blue lightening, but the current passing through just tickled me. Pretty soon, there was a big bang from a large metal cabinet next to me and I was showered in millions of red-hot little pieces of sharp metal. It felt good for a second, but when it was over, the nice tickling feeling had also stopped.

It was then I realised that all the lights in the street had suddenly gone out. It was hysterical watching all the normal people fumbling about in the street. I could see everything perfectly fine, but they couldn't see me so I had a laugh tripping people up and knocking them into each other for a while.

It took the electricity company quite a while to get the power supply restored. Of course, I was sitting comfortably at home long before they did.