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July 2005

Monday 4 July 2005 19:04 BST (GMT+1)

"Spot's Exciting Weekend"

(typed by Blogger, because Spot isn't allowed on the furniture)

On Friday morning, I was woken up by my beautiful Owner tugging hard on my leash. I had been sleeping on the floor (nude of course) and the pull of my Owner's lovely hand was more than powerful enough to lift my whole body from the ground. I landed with my face in her fabulous lap and noticed that She wasn't wearing any clothes. I knew what she wanted me to do before she issued the command in her majestic voice: "Spot, lick!"

Of course, it is always my great honour to obey my Owner. I set to work immediately trying to please Her with my tongue. I knew that disobedience would bring me great pain and possibly cost me my life, but I put my entire being into the work because it is such a joyous task and not because I was afraid. Naturally, I was afraid, but that is normal for a someone in the presence of a being as great as my Owner.

I must have succeeded in bring some small degree of enjoyment to Her because after about five minutes, She tensed suddenly, closing Her glorious thighs slightly and trapping my insignificant tongue between them. Even as I tried to scream in agony, I knew that I was receiving a truly magnificent honour; that of being injured by my magnificent Owner.

She was displeased that so much of my mortal blood was spilled on the perfection of her body. The knowledge that I had caused Her to be unhappy hurt much more than the pain in my mouth or, for that matter, the knowledge that I had lost half of my tongue, crushed to pulp between Her silky thighs. I did my very best to wipe her clean until the loss of blood and the agony was too much for me and I passed out.

I was re-awoken on Saturday morning by my Owner's beautiful toes flicking me in the ribs, sending me rolling helplessly across the room. "Spot," she said, shaking her head, "what am I going to do with you? I manage to teach you one decent trick and, thanks to your clumsiness, you can't do it anymore."

I tried to say something in response (it doesn't matter what as my Owner knows that my words and thoughts are utterly insignificant compared to her unlimited power and beauty) but because of the wounds in my mouth, I can't speak anymore. My Owner laughed at my attempts at talking and said "At least we've cured your answering back problem!"

She dragged me by my leash into the middle of the room and then, with a prod from Her foot, knocked me over onto my back. Then she stepped over me to that she was standing astride me, her hands on her hips. She bent down and grabbed the back of my neck, lifting my head until it was right by her groin. "Well, you can't lick anymore," she said, "so suck!"

I set about my duty with delight. The tears in my eyes were of pure joy and not at all the result of total despair. I worked for a quarter of an hour, waiting for my Owner to ask me to stop but She did not. In the end, I fainted from pure exhaustion.

I was brought round that afternoon by my Owner, giving me the greatest of honours as she sat, naked, over the lower half of my face. I could barely breathe, which is what woke me up. As soon as my eyes flicked open, She said simply "Suck!" I could feel my chin and my cheeks bruising, but that is a small price to pay for the honour of pleasuring my Owner. However, I was only able to last for about ten minutes this time before slipping into unconsciousness once again. Only my Owner knew that my nose had been broken whilst I was performing my duties.

On Sunday morning, I regained awareness and became aware of the injuries to my face. I was being dragged through the park under pouring rain by my Owner who was walking very briskly, holding Her end of my lead around just a single finger as if my weight at the other end was nothing to Her. It hurt my neck as I was pulled along by my collar (the only item of clothing I wear these days) but, of course, I was thrilled to be in the company of one so wonderful as my Owner.

After my walk, my Owner rolled me through a couple of deep puddles to clean the mud from me. She lifted me from the ground with one hand around my waist and carried me under Her arm like a rolled-up coat back to Her appartment. There, She gave me the honour of sucking Her once more, but for some reason, I was not able to perform up to acceptible standards. No wonder she was frustrated and tapped me on the top of the skull with her smallest finger, sending me back into dreamland.

My Owner generously allowed me a long rest before She woke me up with that wonderful, familiar tug on my leash this morning. Because my nose is slightly flatter now thanks to my beautiful Owner, I was able to get closer than ever to Her perfection when she commanded me to suck. I managed a whole quarter of an hour before my patheticness triumphed and I blacked out once more.

I'm sleeping again now, but I can't wait for the next time my Owner wakes me and orders me to please Her.

Tuesday 5 July 2005 17:23 BST (GMT+1)

Sob, sob, sniff... It's always sad when a pet passes away.

Only joking! Of course it's not sad. Spot just wasn't up to the job of being my pet and, to be frank, I was beginning to get bored with him anyway.

He didn't quite die in my arms, more under my crotch to be precise, but I'm sure he was happy. Who wouldn't be, so close to someone as beautiful, powerful (let's face it, physically perfect) as me?

Anyway, I was going to bury him at the bottom of the garden, but when I got there last night, his corpse hanging from my left hand like a shopping bag, I realised I couldn't be bothered with all that. I'd only had him for a few days and he wasn't really worth the thirty seconds it would have taken me to dig and fill a six-foot grave. So I tossed him underarm, flinging him over the twelve-foot brick wall into the canal on the other side.

Bye bye, Spot. I'd like to say you'll be missed, but that would be a lie.

Wednesday 6 July 2005 15:47 BST (GMT+1)

Regular readers will recall how, for a week beginning on Thursday 24 February this year, I was helping out my city's bid to host the 2012 Olympics in my own, unique, way. (That said, most of my regular readers are males, so your brains probably aren't capable of such feats of memory - I suggest you look it up in my Archives.)

Today's announcement that the bid was successful is, unquestionably, a direct result of my efforts. Is there NOTHING I can't do?

Friday 8 July 2005 17:38 BST (GMT+1)

I've been at home, playing with a new toy.

No, before you jump to any conclusions, this one doesn't have two arms and legs and a penis. It doesn't come from a toy-shop either. It's a 9mm pistol.

I took it off a heroin dealer on Wednesday night as a souvenir. I interrupted him and a colleague whilst they were mid-transaction and they both took offence. I let them pull out their guns and squeeze off a few rounds at my face which felt like raindrops. Then they shot me in the chest six or seven times, which was just as ineffective, if slightly more enjoyable as the bullets caressed my large, invulnerable breasts.

Once they were done, and staring in shock at the fresh holes in my T-shirt (through which my unmarked feminine flesh was clearly visible) I shoved them both back into an alley. They dropped their guns as they flew backwards. One of them hit the back wall, about a yard above the ground and slid down unconscious. The other was awake enough for me to pin to the wall and strip.

He was obviously terrified, and I had to rub my naked nipples over his body, leaving dark marks where my "soft" flesh pressed into him, in order to get him erect. Then, with us both standing and him pressed against the wall, I screwed him hard and fast until his eyes closed and his legs gave way. I dressed and picked up the guns on my way out of the alley.

Back at home, I quickly broke one of the guns. I tried to insert it into myself and fire it, to see if I could get any pleasure from the bullet, but my labia were too powerful and crushed the end of the barrel shut so that when I pulled the trigger, the whole gun exploded in my hand. It felt OK, but I wanted to feel something properly inside me.

I used my fingers to hold myself open as I inserted the second gun. This time it fired fine, the red-hot bullet shooting right into me. It got about an inch into me before it became trapped by my invulnerable, superhumanly strong love canal. I removed the gun and clenched my inner muscles, compressing the slug inside me so much, it turned to liquid and dribbled out of me, cooling against my silky thighs.

It felt so good, I've been doing it again and again. The only problem is, I'm going to run out of bullets soon...

Monday 11 July 2005 20:48 BST (GMT+1)

The sun has been shining the last couple of days.

I've been out, catching as many rays as I can, just enjoying the lovely way sunlight makes me feel. It always has such a strange, but exhilarating effect on me, and it fascinates me.

This morning, I went up on the roof on my building. There's not supposed to be any access (there's a thick steel door at the top of the stairs, bolted shut and secured with an enormous padlock. I suppose I could have kicked the door open with my barefoot or pushed it out of its frame by pressing my body against it or chewed the padlock into pieces with my teeth, but instead I poked my index finger through the inch thick metal and used it to carve out a large rectangle (a door within the door, if you like).

Up there, I could lie topless in the sun, and watch the way my already large nipples got bigger and bigger and harder and harder throughout the day. By dusk, I'm sure I could have crushed diamonds to powder with them. I played with them for a while, pinching them hard between my fingertips. Really hard. Maybe five times harder than I would pinch solid steel to make it melt then vapourize. That felt good.

I really hope it's sunny again tomorrow.

Tuesday 12 July 2005 19:19 BST (GMT+1)

Here's a curious phenomenon: sunlight makes me stronger.

I've suspected it for some time (the curious effect of a day's topless sunbathing on my nipples which I reported on yesterday was a clue) but I've never been able to find out for sure. For one thing, testing your strength isn't easy when you're superhuman.

But today, after another seven hours lying on the roof in the brilliant sunshine, completely nude, I could have sworn I felt more powerful than ever as I stood up. I needed a test to find out. Fortunately, I had a good reference to compare with. There's a builder's yard just a short walk from my flat which I often visit at night when I'm bored.

They have a stack of five twenty foot long, two foot thick steel girders at one end of the yard. About ten nights ago, I tried, just out of curiosity, to see if I could lift all of them completely off the ground with a single finger. Balancing was obviously difficult, but I did manage it. At the time, I realised that I could have lifted more, but I could certainly feel the enormous pull of gravity on the huge pieces of solid metal as I raised them on the end of my outstretched index finger.

This evening, when I tried the exact same trick with the exact same girders, they came off the ground as if they were almost weightless. Without concentrating on the sensation, I could barely even feel the load!

I don't know what it is about the sun, but it seems me and it get on very well together. Very well indeed...

Wednesday 13 July 2005 17:42 BST (GMT+1)

Well, dear readers, I'm bored.

Totally bored. Bored of lying in the sun all day and then only testing my strength on bits of metal. Bored of trying to get one lone man to provide me with a little bit of pleasure. Bored of playing with pathetic popguns.

I've been looking around for something more amusing to do. And I think I may have found it. Last night, at an exclusive restaurant in town, I met a high-ranking police officer whom I seduced beyond hope in about thirty seconds. We went back to his place and I managed to squeeze quite a few state secrets (not to mention more than a couple of orgasms) out of him merely by gently rubbing my breasts against his torso.

Anyway, my man revealed (or rather screamed) that there's a major transfer of "dangerous" prisoners taking place tomorrow. They're all being transported from one jail to another in a big bus. I'm going to see if I can hitch a ride with them. It might be fun!

Thursday 14 July 2005 21:37 BST (GMT+1)

Well, I'm disappointed tonight.

The prisoners' transport was put back by twenty-four hours. But I'll be waiting for them tomorrow!

Friday 15 July 2005 17:47 BST (GMT+1)

Here I am, the most powerful, most beautiful, most gloriously sexy being in the universe, with a whole busload of prisoners and their guards completely at my mercy, and I'm taking time out to give you my thoughts. How privileged you are!

It's a magnificent feeling. More than a dozen men, cowering in complete fear of me. If they all got together and tried everything they could, they wouldn't damage a single strand of my lovely hair. But I... I can do whatever I want with them and there's nothing, no nothing at all, that they can do about it.

I could flick them under their chins with my little finger and make them fly up into the sky. I could line them all up and rape each of them in turn, breaking their fragile ribs with my glorious breasts.... Anything I want!

And it was so easy. I caught up with the prison transport as it sped down a motorway, my shapely legs and bare feet effortlessly matching the convoy for speed and then bettering it. I put myself right in the path of one of the accompanying police cars, too suddenly for the driver to react. The car and its occupants just crumpled to nothing against my beautiful, invulnerable body without causing me even a scratch.

I dealt with the other escort vehicle by just puckering up and gently blowing a little (casual) blast of superbreath at it. It was so effortless, but the effect was to lift the car from the road, and send it spinning forty yards through the air until it crashed down and exploded. I laughed at the sight of my unstoppable power.

All that was left was the bus with prisoners and guards. I ran behind it, crouching low to reach underneath and grab hold of the chassis, lifting the back of the vehicle slightly off the ground. Then I slowed up, bringing the huge coach to a total halt despite the frantic efforts of its enormous engine to pull it away from me. Needless to say, my single, slender arm proved much, much more powerful than an engine. After some desperate whining, it announced its defeat with a loud bang. Then all was quiet.

I walked around the front of the bus, ripping the door off with a couple of fingers and tossing it over my shoulder. Then I jumped in. A guard rushed me, I flicked him away with a couple of fingers and he slumped against the wall. Another smacked his night-stick down on my head. I grabbed the stick and snapped it in half. Then I lifted the guard by his neck and threw him into the group of prisoners.

Four of the convicts tried to run past me. I moved at superspeed, positioning my body in the path of each of them in turn. One by one they ran headfirst into my chest. Two of them knocked themselves out on my breasts, the others sustained some pretty impressive bruising. The remaining six men were fine, until I waded into them, picking them up by their armpits or throats and tossing them into the walls and each other.

Once I'd established my undeniable physical superiority, I commanded them to kneel in front of me. That's where they are now, waiting for me to finish typing this blog entry on my PDA. Now that I'm done, it's time for the real fun to start!

Saturday 16 July 2005 13:39 EST

Hello, everyone.

We interrupt this blog with an important announcement.

The bitch is gone.

Yes, that's right. This is me, Ultragirl. Cf has kindly (after only a little persuasion) given me access to these pages. After all, Blogger isn't going to be needing them any more. She's... um... moved on.

I just couldn't let her go ahead with her awful plan for those poor guys. I know most of them were prisoners, but I couldn't stand by while she abused her powers so cruelly. I had to intervene!

In the past, she's always been more than a match for me, but I'm stronger these days. OK, I admit I used some underhand tactics, like grabbing her breasts to distract her, but the end justifies the means. It wasn't easy, but I managed to hold on to her and fly her through the atmosphere, out into the void of space. And that's where I left her.

If you look up into the sky tonight, you might just be able to see a new (evil) star. Or you might prefer to look at the world around you, now that it's been freed....

Your friend and protector,