Plan 8 From Outer Space

Part 6

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The story so far...

Lisa Reed has burst out of juvenile detention after receiving a strange visitation from an extraterrestrial presence which transformed her into a stunning superhuman. She's out of confinement but she can't enjoy her freedom as her uncontrollable anger issues - the reason the aliens selected her - keep pushing her into conflict with the rest of the world. This is bad news for the rest of the world, as the sixteen-year-old delinquent's newly-acquired superpowers are proving to be too much for anyone or anything that, intentionally or not, gets in her way.

Her senses have been hugely enhanced. She's smashed through walls, and survived bullets, huge explosions and poison gas without any discomfort. She's thrown cars and men around with ease, and caused massive destruction. Now she's chasing after a group of desperately fleeing helicopters, furiously seeking to punish the occupants for using their high-powered weaponry against her. She doesn't care that all their rockets and grenades failed to even scratch her fabulous body. She doesn't care that she's run out of road as she pursues the aircraft, matching the speed generated by state-of-the-art engines with just her glorious work-of-art legs. She doesn't care that a huge office building now blocks her path. All she cares about is punishing the helicopter crews....


Part 6

I'm almost up to the point where the road streaking beneath my feet bends sharply away from the helicopter's flight-line. I know I'm running faster than a car because I've overtaken so many of them. I'm also running faster than the 'copters, because the distance to the last one in the group is definitely much shorter than it was. It's really annoying that I'm not underneath it yet, or close enough to try and knock it out of control by blowing at it, but at the rate I'm catching up with it I will be pretty soon. It's pretty amazing to think that I've been running so fast for so long - I must've covered miles and miles! And despite that, I'm not thinking about stopping and catching my breath, slumping to my knees, panting like a long-distance runner at the end of a race. No, instead of gasping for air, I feel like I'd be able to easily blow a sustained hurricane if I wanted. I'm not tired, I'm not short of breath, I'm not sweating. Those fuckers in the helicopters probably thought that they could wear me out by firing rockets at me and then running away. I'll show them who's going to last longest!

They probably also thought that by flying away from the road, over that great motherfucker office block, they could get away from me. Like they could try and blow me up as many times as they wanted and then just fuck off home without any comeback. How fucking dare they! I've made up my mind now. I smashed through the walls of the prison. I smashed through a motorway support pillar a few moments ago and now I'm going to smash right through that building and out the other side and then I'm going to sort out every single one of those bastards in the helicopters. It's starting to loom up at me now as I race along the road towards the bend. It's huge. I can't really be thinking about just hurling myself at the side of a building, but I am. I'm going to do it. The road ends in about ten strides. Then there's a gap, I can see it now as I approach... So fast, but somehow I've still got time to take it all in, to measure the distances, to judge the best way to do this.

The barrier around the outer curve of the road is about three feet high. On the other side, there's a steep, grassy bank that forms one side of a deep artificial trench. It's about five yards to the opposite bank, and then a further twenty yards to the building itself. Up above, the last helicopter is just vanishing above the flat, antenna-riddled roof of the giant block. I'm fairly sure that's too high for me to jump, so I'm going to select a window on the fifteenth floor... say.... that one. Now, without breaking stride, I'm just going to launch myself at it when I get within a stride of the edge of the road. Right about... Now!

Freaking cool! I could feel the surface of the road cracking and crumbling beneath my foot as I pushed off and now I'm soaring, the night air rushing through my hair as I zoom towards the building. The trench passes below me. I'm still gaining height. There's the window I picked out, but I'm level with it now, still rising and still a good ten yards away. Looks like I'm not going to hit at the fifteenth floor. Or the sixteenth. Or the seventeenth, eighteenth or nineteenth. The thing is, I'm not going to hit the twentieth floor windows either. I've misjudged this a bit. I'm going to slam into the side of the block just below the windows of the twenty-first. Instead of smashing through the window I'm going to hit actual building. I'm not scared - I'm pretty sure that nothing can hurt me anymore. But I am annoyed that I'm going to get slowed down and the helicopters are going to get further away. Too late to do anything about my trajectory now. Here comes the wall...

Oh! Fucking yeah! I just exploded through that concrete like it wasn't even there! My body crashed full-on into the side of the building, tits first, and kept going! There's thousands of chunks of wall spraying out in front of me, tearing through some kind of big office. The chunks are breaking desks and computer screens, denting metal filing cabinets, but there isn't even a mark on my exposed arms. Just a few little bits of concrete wedged in my massive cleavage, and a load of dust covering the shelf of my chest. And I'm still travelling. The wall has hardly slowed my leap. Maybe it was because I was running so fast when I took off, but I'm still moving forwards. Not only forwards... I'm still rising!

I was checking out the rocks flying through the room and the crap all over my tits and I didn't notice that the rubble-strewn carpet was getting further away from the soles of my feet. Or that the ceiling was getting closer to my head. There's a bright flash and massive shower of sparks as my forehead carves through a lighting fixture. I barely even felt that. For a brief instant, my head is in some kind of space full of cables and pipes between the fake ceiling and the floor above. Then I'm carving through solid concrete once more, this time head-first. I can feel the solid material crumbling against my cranium and the ever-growing mass of dust filling my hair. It doesn't hurt. It isn't even uncomfortable. But I do have to blink several times before I can see again. Suddenly, I'm looking at a completely different view - the floor above the one on which I entered.

I think the upwards power of my jump is nearly used up now. I'm barely gaining any height. But the sideways power is still going strong. The hole I smashed with my head between the twenty-first and twenty-second storeys is becoming a channel. My head and torso are through, now it's the turn of my flat waist to cleave through. The whole front of my body is caked in dust and small fragments as my knees dislodge another section of floor, or ceiling, or whatever. My feet tear out the last chunk and I am completely free. I'm moving parallel to the shredded carpet now, my jump peaking with my bare toes barely six inches above the floor. I can hear crashes and thuds behind me because of the various bits of building sent flying and falling in my wake. Now, finally, I'm starting to descend, but there's hardly any distance until my feet touch carpet.

At the end of such an awesome leap, the landing is a bit of a let-down. I don't even have to bend my knees to absorb the impact, I don't even have to use my arms to hold my balance. One moment I'm crashing through the side and then the middle of the building, the next I'm standing in some shitty open-plan office on the twenty-first floor. There's a long, wooden desk right in front of me. I reach for it with my left hand. The way the wood creaks under the pressure of my fingers as I grab hold of the edge reminds me how strong I am now. I don't even have a microsecond of doubt as I flick my wrist and toss the huge heavy bit of furniture aside. The whole thing rockets to the side of me. A bunch of computer monitors that were on top of the desk get crushed between the splintering wood and a wall but I don't even turn to look at the freshest destruction. Through the windows straight in front of me, I can see the line of fleeing helicopters. I'm just relieved that I haven't lost any ground on them because of this stupid fucking building.

With the big desk out of the way, there's nothing between me and the far-side windows except for some enormous white and grey rectangular thing. Some kind of office machine, probably a massive photocopier or something. Like I give a shit what it is. It's about half the size of a car. I'm not even going to bother tossing it aside like I did with the table. I'm just going to run right through it and out those windows after the 'copters. I'm sprinting again, across the ruined office. Mid-stride, my knee shatters the plastic casing of the machine, then my other foot hits the more solid mechanism inside. There's a massive cloud of black dust, some kind of dry ink or something. I see it coating my legs and shorts and my waist as my arms crash though the windows, followed by the rest of me. Shit! I'm fucking filthy again!

I look down at the my lower half, to see how much of a mess the horrid, jet-black, flour-like powder has made. Fuck me, I'm a long way up! I should've realised when I jumped out through the twenty-first floor windows that there would most likely be a big drop on the other side. I'm in free fall, hurtling towards a big car park below. It's the middle of the night so there are no cars to break my fall. Just a pristine tarmac surface which cracks and yields as my feet hit. This time, I do, instinctively, bend my knees as I hit. I keep my balance but I notice that I'm buried up to the top of my ankles in road surface. It's awesome that I've fallen from twenty floors up and landed so hard that I've smashed the road surface without even getting a bruise but, once the noise of falling glass and rubble stops, the sound of overhead engines focuses my mind on the chase again. I kick up a shower of rock as I pull my feet free and start running once more. There's a wire fence at the end of the car park which I hurdle as if it's inches rather than yards high and then I'm sprinting across some kind of field. It's overgrown, with grass and weeds almost up to my knees but that doesn't seem to be slowing me at all. In fact I'm almost close enough to the last helicopter in the group now. Almost... Getting closer all the time.

I can see the little propeller on the tail. I can see the whole underside of the thing. I can't see the jerks inside from this angle, but I'll bet they're watching me following them. I'll bet they saw me going right through that building and crapped themselves when I came out the other side still on their tails. They're probably panicking trying to come up with another stupid plan. Probably asking more of their friends to come and shoot at me or something. Actually... that's an idea. I managed to hear what one of those arseholes was saying earlier. Maybe I can tune in my hearing now, and find out if they're saying anything. I should be able to do that without losing any speed as I chase after them. Yes... it's working... I can hear voices...

"...negative. We've been in the red too long already." What the fuck does that mean?

"We're just going to have to improvise. Any port in a storm, and all that."

"Not just anywhere, sir. Command were very clear about us not leading that bitch to any of our installations or significant civilian locations." I can't see the fucker inside the 'copter who just said that, but he's fucking dead, whoever he is. I wish I was close enough to kill him right now but it might take another minute of sprinting. I couldn't give a fuck about whatever they are talking about - installations and all that shit. That prick is going to die because he called me a bitch, the fucking bastard. Now the other one is talking again:

"Listen. It's very simple. We are out of fuel. If we don't put down SOMEWHERE in the next minute or so we're going to stall and crash."

"And if we do that bitch is going to tear us apart!" Too fucking right I am. It seems they've run out of juice way, way before me. I feel like I could keep running like this, through as many buildings as I like, all night long. But it sounds like I won't have to. I hadn't thought about them running out of petrol. The dickheads.

"OK. Here's the plan. I'll bring us down to about ten feet. You two bail and run in opposite directions. Then I'll touch down a bit further on and make a break myself. Anyone got any better ideas?"

I'm not hearing any suggestions to improve on that guy's plan. But I've already got a plan of my own. Mine's better because it doesn't involve any of those fuckers getting away. I'll just keep running, gaining on them little by little, watching for them to start descending. By then I should be close enough to-

Shit! What the fuck was that? Oh. I just ran straight into a tree. The thick, solid trunk just kind of exploded as my big tits hit it full-on. I'm so fucking powerful! I'm starting to love how anything that gets in my way gets obliterated. I can just see the top part of the tree - leaves, branches and all - spinning through the air over my shoulder. I feel the ground shake as it crashes down, but by then I'm already looking at the helicopter again.

Oh! That complicates things. Seems the chopper I was listening to isn't the only one with a petrol problem. The one at the front of the line, way in the distance, is coming slowly down. It's dark, and I can't see anything on the ground where it looks like it's going to land, but as there's no lights or anything I guess it's another empty field. It's amazing how quickly the gap to it is closing now that they're not flying flat-out away from me anymore.

A change in the tone of an engine overhead draws my attention. Another helicopter is peeling away from the line. It's also losing height. Ah fuck! That's their plan... they're going to spread out as they land... some of the arseholes are going to jump and run... they'll going to be scattered all over the place and moving in different directions. They must be doing that to try and stop me getting to all of them. The fuckers! There is no fucking way I am going to let a single one of these shits get away from me after what they did earlier. I've got to be clever, got to watch each of those helicopters really carefully, see where they come down, make sure I spot every single one of the bastards so I know where they all are...

Now they're switching off their lights! They really don't want me to be able to see where they are landing. Just as well I can see so well in the dark now. It's no trouble at all for me to keep track of them even after they kill the illuminations. Ah, the one nearest me is on its descent. Now I'm eating up the distance to them with every step. It still coming down. Gotta make sure no-one jumps without me spotting them. But I've also got to keep an eye of each of the other machines as well. The one furtherest away is just hovering now... wait... one of the bastards has leapt out. He's rolling on the ground. Now, he's up and running. He's so slow compared with me! Concentrate, Lisa... Make a mental note of the direction he's running in... OK, got it. Now there's another jumper from that machine. He rolls, gets up and then falls again. He's up but he's hardly moving at all. He's limping really badly. He must've hurt himself, maybe broken a leg or something, when he jumped out. I just jumped from a window twenty times that height onto tarmac without getting a scratch!

That guy's obviously not going to go very far. I'm checking the others now. One prick is jumping out over there. He's heading that way. I'll call the direction he's sprinting in two o'clock. Oh, and one over there. He's running towards four o'clock. The closest chopper is just hovering now. I'm really really close to it. I can see a head emerge. I'm staring at it because I think it might belong to the arsehole who called me "bitch" a moment ago. The rest of him pops out, drops to the ground and rolls. Then he starts running. Screw making a "mental note" about his bearing. I'm running towards him, chewing up the distance to him as if I was in a racing car and he was standing still.

I'm a couple of strides away already. He suddenly becomes aware of me. Maybe he heard my last couple of steps. Who cares? He glances over his shoulder and even in the dark, unlit night, I can tell the blood is draining from his face. "Oh, fuck, no!" he gasps, sharply changing direction as he sprints, as though that would be enough to lose me. I just adjust my own run, much more gracefully. His swerve means it takes me an extra half-stride to reach him, so when I grab him by the shoulder, it's not at arm's length. We're much closer than that. To lift him by my one-handed hold, I have to first grip tight. There's a nice crunch from his muscle and bone as I do that and he screams. Good.

Now that I've got him secured I just raise my hand, lifting him off the ground. He's as light as a sheet of paper to me. I'm so freaking strong! I've got him with his belly level with my eyes, his boots thrashing hopelessly against my thighs. He's still screaming because of the shoulder I'm crushing with my right hand so I give him a little shake that makes his arms and legs fly around crazily for a few seconds. It's nothing the fucker doesn't deserve.

What was that? The sound of a dull thud behind and to my left. I turn my head quickly to look. Another bastard has jumped from the same helicopter as the one I'm dealing with. I'm just running after him, with my right arm raised over my head, carrying the jerk in my hand, his legs flailing wildly. The screaming's stopped at least, and in no time I've caught up with my target. I grab this one with my free hand around his neck from behind.

I pull him sharply upwards and backwards off his feet. He yells so I'll give him a shake. Ha! His arm shot out to the side because of the force of my juddering and there was a terrific crack as it struck my big round left breast. One of his bones must've snapped on impact. It felt like a little tap on my chest but it was obviously enough to break something! I wasn't even trying! My body is so awesome now! It's an incredible feeling of power but the moment is kinda being ruined by the guy's agonised screaming. I squeeze his neck until the yelling stops and it goes crunch and the head rolls to the side, so I just drop him. What about the one in my other hand? He's been quiet for a while. I'll turn my wrist and lower him a bit so I can check his face. I can't tell is he's dead or unconscious. I suppose I could listen for his heartbeat but it's easier to just toss him hard over my shoulder so I do that instead.

Shit, I need to get a move on. There's guys running all over the place now. There's three helicopters already on the ground. One of them I can see, even in the unlit night, is empty. But the other two are at the wrong angle so it's impossible for me to tell from here if anyone is still inside. I'm running towards the nearest one and I'm so fast I'm there already. I'll give it a big kick underneath the body. Wow! I must've found the sweet spot. My bare foot connected and the whole fucking thing exploded. One chunk flew straight up in the air, the other smashed into the front of my body with a clang almost as loud as the explosion. The burning metal just bounced off me. If anything it's burnt off some of that black powder I was covered with, leaving me less dirty than before.

Oh! The chunk that flew upwards just crashed onto the top of my head. Now it's sliding off, still in flames. It was like standing under light rain, but without the inconvenience of getting wet. I'm already charging at the next chopper. I run right through it, letting my body smash and tear it apart, glass and metal flying around me as I burst through without even slowing down because now I'm going after the men running in every direction away from their abandoned helicopters.

I'm so much faster than these jerks! I've chased down this guy in no time at all. I'm running alongside and now in front. I'll just stop and extend my left arm and... eugh! That wasn't what I meant but it'll do. I thought my arm would stop him in his tracks but it actually took his head off. I'm wiping the blood as I sprint for the next one. Again, I'm right behind him in no time. I'll try jumping on his back. That didn't work. I've just pushed him, face first, down to the ground. Now I'm falling on top of him. And.. yup, there's the crunch as I come down almost sitting on his back. I stand up quickly.

Which one next? There's one over there, one over there, the limping one still back over there and... ah... that one. Here we go... I'll scoop down and grab him by the back of his trousers. He's dangling from my grip now, trying to grab my legs. I swing my arm back and just toss him as high as I can. Oh yeah! Look at him go! His scream is fading as he rockets skyward. It's so cool, seeing the effects of my amazing strength, but I haven't got time to wait for him to come back down to Earth. Not while what's left of his team still thinks it can get away from me.

I've got to go for the one furthest away before it's too late. I guess before I got all these powers, he'd already be out of view. Especially as it's night and the only light is the glow of some town on the horizon over there. Despite the distance, I can catch up with him no trouble at all. I'm going to try and trip him up by tapping his ankle as he runs. Like... this. Oh. Well that's stopped him running. OK, it does look pretty messy as my bare foot did kind of chop his lower leg in half which explains why he's screaming like a girl as he rolls around on the ground. I'm going to use the sole of the same foot to just step on his chest and... crunch! No more screaming.

Now, there's the dude over on the far side of the next field. If I chase him down with a wide curved run, I can take out his friend over there on my way. No time for anything fancy with the first one, I just slap him on the head as I sprint past. Yuck, that was like a sledgehammer hitting a rotting watermelon. I'm shaking and brushing bits of him off me as I leap a hedge separating two fields and bear down on the next target. I kick him between the legs from behind without even having to adjust my stride. This one doesn't yell. Probably he didn't have time to make a noise. He just went crunch, and flew up into the air. He hasn't landed yet but I've already spun on my heels and zoomed away.

I can only see three more. Two runners and the limping guy. Is that all of them? Think, Lisa. I can't let any of these bastards get away. You don't fucking shoot at me without paying the price. The days when I got pushed around are totally over. Things have changed, world. Now, I'm super fast, and super freaking strong and nothing can hurt me. I'm in charge now. Fuck yeah. That means I'm the one who does the punishing. And I'm going to punish every last arsehole who thinks he can take a pop at me.

I've just got to think back... Have I let any of those bastards get away? I know I've dealt with all the ones I spotted jumping from their helicopters. There's bits of one of them still dripping off my left forearm. I'm looking as hard as I can all around but I can't spot any others. So I'm going take out the three I can see.

I'm alongside one of them already. I reach for his trailing arm as he runs and snatch it by the wrist. Then I can just yank him towards me like this and, eww, gross! My pull took him off his feet and twisted him so that his chest smashed into mine with a loud squelch and then a load of blood just spurted from his mouth into my face. I flip him around, one-handed, and wipe the worst of it off onto the back of his jacket, using his whole body as a tissue before tossing him aside.

That only leaves the bastard with the busted leg and one more still running. I'm headed towards the last runner now. Oh. He's seen me. Oh. He's got a little gun. Like that's going to do anything to me! I know now that even a massive rocket smashing into my face and exploding doesn't hurt. I like this new feeling of not being scared of anything or anyone. I like it a lot.

Nah, I'm not scared of guns. They can't do anything to me. But this jerk thinks they can. Why else would he be pointing his at me right now? He's trying to threaten me with it. And that really pisses me off. Big time. I snatch the pistol from him. Ha! I got two fingers as well as the gun. He's falling to his knees, clutching his hand as it fountains blood. "You wanna play guns, arsehole?" I ask. It's so cool that I'm not even a little short of breath when I speak even though I've been sprinting after helicopters for ages, but I won't let that distract me from punishing the fucker.

I'm going to shoot the bastard with his own gun to teach him a lesson but as I try and get a grip on the pistol, the metal just bends and bulges like clay in my hand. So I'll just toss the misshapen blob at his face. Yeah, I should've realised it would go right through his face and out the other side. Not my problem. Now all that's left is the one limping over there. I'll just take another sweeping view of the fields around to make sure there aren't any others. Nope, I really cannot see anybody else moving. Just lots of bodies. Serves them all right.

Limping guy is crying as I get near to him. I'm not even bothering to run because he's so slow. "Please!" he croaks. "Don't kill me!"

What? Is that all he's got to say for himself? Not even an apology for firing a fucking rocket at me, or shooting at me? Just "don't kill me"? Who the fuck does he think he is?

"So it's alright for you and your friends to try and kill me," I point out, "but I'm supposed to just stand there and take it? What the fuck?!?"

"I was..." he gasps... "We were... all... following orders."

"Oh, right," I say in my sarcastic voice. "So that makes it all right then."

"Please, I don't want to die..." he whimpers.

"You should've thought about that before you attacked me." I tell him. And I mean it. I don't care about the mess anymore. These jerks have pushed me too far. I carefully tear a strip off his shirt with my left hand and then I give him a backhand to the cheek with my right that explodes his head. As his body slumps, I use the strip of shirt to wipe his blood and brains off my arm before dropping it at my feet.

Finally, I've sorted out the helicopter bastards. Every last one of them. No-one gets away with fucking with me now I've got superpowers. This is how it's going to be from now on. You piss me off and I'll chase you down and rip your fucking h-

What was that noise? It came from over there, beyond the next field. I can see a high hedge but I can't see what's on the other side as it's slightly uphill from here. Wait... there's some kind of light. I just caught a glimpse of it through the hedge. And the sound again... Fuck! Somebody's starting up a motorbike over there. Shit, is that one of the fuckers I've been chasing? I thought I'd got them all. Has one of them made it over there and found a fucking bike? I'm trying to think... did I see anyone running in that direction... I don't think so... Maybe I didn't spot one of them... I can't be sure. Shit!

Whoever it is they've got the motorbike started. I can hear which way it's going, and I can also see the glimpses of headlight that make it through the thick hedge. There must be a road or something along there. No! No-one gets away! I'm back on the chase again. Good thing I don't seem to get tired. I'm tearing across the fields, diagonally, heading towards the moving bike. When I reach the big hedge at the top, I can't be bothered timing a leap over it. I keep running. I'm getting through the thick mass of twigs and leaves like it wasn't even there. Fuck, there's a lot of it. I should be through soon. Oh! There was a sheet of corrugated iron on the outside. It's fucking awesome being this powerful. I clanged through sheet metal it like it was noisy wet cardboard!

Now I'm standing on a narrow country lane. The road is twisty, so I can't see the rear light of the bike but I can hear its engine clear enough. I'm tearing down the lane probably twice as fast as anything that's ever gone down it before. Still no sight of the motorbike, but I can tell from the sound that I'm getting closer to it. Ah, the little lane ends ahead. It's a T-junction with what looks like a more major road. My ears tell me which way I should turn. There's the bastard! I can see him now, hunched over the front of the bike. He's wearing exactly the same jacket as all the other fuckers from the helicopters. I knew he was one of them. Now I'm even more determined to catch him.

The motorbike is much faster than a man running. Not quite as fast as the helicopters were, but still fast enough that it's taking me a while to close the gap. There's lights by the side of the road now. And a few small buildings. Oh, and I just noticed that the glow on the horizon is straight ahead. It's turning from a fuzzy shape into clear individual points of light. I guess this road heads into whatever town that is. Wow. I've just realised that means I'll have run from one town to another in a hour or so without getting tired. Cool!

There are houses streaking by now in little clumps either side of the road. I'm close enough that I can start making out the license plate on the back of the bike. Maybe another minute or so before I catch the bastard. What's that? Flashing blue light ahead to the left. It's a cop car! Pulling out from a side-street. Now the siren comes on. They're going after the motorbike! Probably for speeding or maybe they know he's stolen the thing. No fucking way am I going to let these arseholes fuck up my revenge on the bastard from the helicopter crew.

I'm angry at the police for getting involved in my private business and that makes me run even harder now. Every stride is getting me closer to the back of their car, and closer to the bike, although I can't even see the fucking bike now most of the time because of the stupid cops. And that siren is really starting to annoy me. We fucking know you're there. Shut up already!

Now there's a car coming the other way down the road towards us. I can see the headlights... it's slowing down, and pulling over to its side of the road. What is this? A fucking open invite party? The bike zooms past the stopped car, then the fuzz. I can see the old guy in the front, turning his head to follow the two vehicles as they zip by him. Now he's looking back at the road in front, probably to see if there's anyone else coming. Heh.. his mouth just popped open... he must've seen me. He's just staring at me as I race towards where he's parked. His tongue has come out like a dog... Ah, he's noticed my chest.

"Fucking perv!" I yell as I approach. I make a short swerve to his side of the road so I can give the front of his car a kick as I sprint on. Sweet! The whole car lifted where my foot hit, shooting into the air and spinning. I can just about make out the old creep's scream as I run on. It's behind me now. I guess I'll hear when it comes back d-

Nice! Judging by the bang and the way the street just lit up a bit all around me, it exploded on landing. The police have noticed it too. They're slowing down. I'm not slowing at all, however. Now I'm close to them. One of them has seen me. He's looking over his shoulder, shouting crazily. Now the driver glances around too. They've both seen me. The cop car starts to come to a sharp stop. I notice that the bike has kept going at full speed and so I do the same. I've got to decide now if I bother kicking the police car as I pass it... Nah, I'll just leap over it, mid-run. Like this. As I pass overhead, I can hear one of the rozzers saying "What the fuck?". Screw them. I'm going to land and carry on running on the other side. Now, there's no-one between me and the bike.

I can hear an engine gunning behind me, and I can tell both from the tone of the siren and the hints of flickering blue light in the corners of my eyes that the cops have decided not to check out the explosion but to follow me instead. They're probably staring at my arse, the filthy bastards. And that siren is really getting on my nerves. I should've kicked them off the road a moment ago. Shit, I'm getting closer to the bike now. I don't want to stop running and give him a chance to get away. But that siren is fucking annoying...

We're getting closer to the town now. There's no breaks between the houses at the sides of the road and I can see much larger buildings up ahead in the distance. Another car coming the other way does like the old perv and pulls over to the side. It some young men, on their way back from a party or something I reckon because of all the sweaty, stained and unbuttoned shirts. The bike passes them. Then they notice me and it's all bulging eyes and open mouths. I'm almost alongside the party boys' car now. There's four of them in there, and they're all practically drooling as they stare at me. Suddenly, they're all lit up by the flashing blue lights behind me.

I'm fucking sick of this staring. And I'm fucking sick of that siren. I'm going to take a chance that the bike won't get away from me if I stop running. Just for a second. Just long enough to grab hold of the side of the boys' car and hoist it up like that. I wonder which one of them is screaming. I can't see as I'm holding the whole car with the four of them in it over my head now. I'm not going to waste anymore time with these jerks. I turn around quickly, the car spinning with me, and with a simple thrust of my long arms, I'm going to launch it, hard, at the flashing blue lights.

Oh yeah! Being so amazingly strong is fucking awesome! I'll wait just long enough to see the collision as the party-perv-mobile rockets straight at the oncoming police car. Bullseye! I catch a split-second glimpse of both windscreens exploding and metal starting to crumple, then I turn back towards the biker. Good, he's hardly gained any distance at all from me. Oooh! There's a massive explosion behind me. Everything around me goes bright for a second and a huge Bang! tears through the night. That takes care of the fucking siren. Now it's just me and the bastard on the bike.

I'm probably no more than a hundred meters from him now, and it's getting less every second. There's more cars approaching from the other direction now. The road is getting busier as I get nearer to the town. There's a screech up ahead as the bike swerves around one car and almost crashes into another. Horns are blasted. The fucker is wobbling side to side and it's slowing him down so I'm getting closer much faster. I can clearly see the red dot of a traffic light as he approaches a junction and...

Oh. A car has crashed into him side-on. He goes flying off the bike and rolls for a bit. The car that hit him stops, and there's the screaming of brakes from other cars. I tear towards the accident, jumping over the car that hit the bike and stepping on the fallen motorbike and pretty much chopping it in half under my bare foot. A few more strides takes me to the spot where the biker is lying. He's not moving. Euch! That's why. He's got no face anymore.

Shit! All that fucking running and chasing and he's already dead. I didn't get to teach him his lesson! Whoever the fuck was driving that other car has totally fucked up my revenge. I'm already running towards the wreck. There's a woman behind the wheel slumped forward. "You fucking bitch!" I scream at her. She doesn't respond. I run to her side of the car and rip the door off with a little two-fingered tug. That's when I notice the blood. She must've smashed her head on the steering wheel. Shit! I give the side of her car an angry kick. The car lifts up and spins before crashing down on its side in the opposite lane. More cars are arriving. There's shouting...

Now what do I do?

I've been chasing after things half the night. First the helicopters, then the bastard on the bike. Now they're all dead. For the first time in hours, I'm not sure what to do. I don't need to catch my breath or anything. I'm just standing here, holding the ripped car door in my left hand. People are coming out of stopped cars now, checking the dead biker and recoiling in horror. A couple of them are headed towards me. I'm not in the mood for talking, so I drop the door at my feet and start to walk away. I need to find somewhere quiet where I can wash all this crap off and figure out what I'm going to do next.

"Hey you!" some jerk yells. I know it's at me, but I'm just going to keep walking.

"Oi! Stop!" another adult male voice. I'm not even going to turn around. I want to be somewhere by myself.

"Stop! Stop!" screeches a woman. "Someone stop her!"

Now I can hear footsteps. Two or three sets, hurrying towards me from behind. More voices:

"What did you just do to that car?"

"Do you know the guy on the bike?"

"You have to wait for the police"

What? I 'have to' ? I don't 'have to' do anything. Nobody can make me do anything. Nobody can make me go anywhere. And, above all, nobody can make me STAY anywhere. Ever again. For fuck's sake! Shut up and leave me alone!

I'm so furious at the idea of being made to stay for the police - and what? Get locked up again? - that I spin around to face the voices and footsteps.

There's three men and a woman coming down the road towards me. Two more women together at the side of the road slightly further back. And a man on the opposite pavement, holding... For fuck's sake! He's filming me on his mobile phone! I wish they would all just fuck off!.

Screw walking away. Why should I be the one who has to leave in order to be alone? I've got superpowers now after all. I shouldn't have to move at all if I don't want to. If I want to be alone, I'll just get rid of everyone else.

Starting with that fucker and his phone.

He's about thirty meters away. I'll turn my face to him and just blow, hard. I love the sound of air rushing through my pushed-out lips. It's like a roar of pure power. My power.

Thousands of fallen leaves and bits of litter zoom away from me and a fraction of a second later the wall of my breath hits phone jerk. Right away the mobile goes spinning away out of his hand. Then he staggers backwards two steps, trips and his feet come off the ground. But instead of falling onto his rear, he goes flying away from me, carried by the force of my lungs. I've already stopped blowing and closed my lips but he's still going. Now he lands, maybe seventy meters further away than before. He rolls over and over and over. Now he's not moving at all.

Watching him helplessly flung through the air when all I did was blow at him was fucking amazing! It made me feel so powerful! Fuck, I AM so powerful! I want to do that again. The four people in the middle of the street are much closer to me. One long puff, slightly moving my head to make sure all of them get a direct hit, should be enough. Like this... There's that wonderful hurricane roar, so effortless to produce... Oh yeah! This is awesome! All four of them, spiralling away, ten... no twenty feet up in the air, tossed around like autumn leaves in a storm gale, shooting away from me.

I don't seem to be running out of air, so I'm going to keep blowing. I'll try turning my neck. The two women standing by the side of the road are scooped up as if an invisible hand had grabbed them by the feet and lifted them so fast that they've ended up upside down for a brief moment. Now they've hit the side of a building. They're just stuck there, about fifteen feet above the ground pinned in place by my breath! When I turn away, I notice them starting to fall to the pavement out of the corner of my eye, but I'm now I'm targeting a car with my blowing. It's rocking... one side is lifting... and now it's off the road, rotating, slamming into another car.

I still feel like I have plenty of puff left, so I won't stop. It's too freaking cool. I'll point my lips at another car, and... that one is airborne too. It clips the top of a parked van and spins away. Now the van starts to move backwards. It creaks and overturns. I'm pushing it down the road, on its side, sparks flying as it accelerates away, just by blowing at it!

I'm going to try turning my face from left to right. I want to see the different ways my jet of air pushes and throws and tosses everything in front of me. I'm aiming right at the top of a lamppost now. It groans and then bends like a plastic drinking straw. Oh! The base of it just ripped out of the pavement! Chunks of paving and concrete get swept up and carried away by the wind from my lungs. Now I can blow the whole bent lamppost up in to sky, spinning like a boomerang. Except it's not coming back.

Look at that! The street ahead is completely empty for nearly a hundred meters, Then there's a sort of wall of mangled cars and the battered, overturned van. The dead biker and the bits of his motorbike must be somewhere inside that mutilated mass. And all the other people who were shouting at me or filming me or staring at me. My superpowers are fucking amazing! I've cleared away everything from the road in front of me - cars, vans, people - just by blowing!

Now there's no-one to bother me. I stop the gale as easily as I started it.

Finally! A bit of piece and quiet. No more shouting. I can see the calm is about to be broken almost immediately by the distant clang of the non-returning-boomerang-lamppost crashing down in the distance way behind the wall of battered vehicles in front of me. The sound tells me it's landed halfway across a car, smashing the windscreen.

Now I can try and work out what I'm going to do. I need a plan. I need to get cleaned up and then-

Fuck! Already? I can't even get a moment to think! The quiet has been broken by the distant sound of sirens. Two, no three, no more of them. And... Interesting. Because I'm trying to concentrate on picking out the individual signals from the growing mass of wailing tones, I'm noticing other sounds too. They're coming from behind me. I'll see if I can tune in on them despite the ever louder chorus of sirens. Yes! I can hear someone breathing hard. And a thumping heartbeat. And gently rustling hard-wearing fabric. All coming from behind me... but not from the street. It's cool how I can tell, even without looking, that the noises are coming from somewhere higher up than that.

I'm a bit confused by the direction of the sounds. I'm already turning around, hoping that my eyes can fill in the blanks left by my ears. So far, no new information. There's no-one in front of me on the street that I can spot. And no-one on the pavements. Just parked cars lining the road and buildings lining the pavements. Nothing shows in any of the windows as I scan up, one, two, three, four, five floors. Wait! Something just glinted up on that roof. I'm staring hard, using all my new eye-sight powers. Got to focus through the orange glare of a street lamp to study what's in the dark behind it... There's a man up there! He's dressed in black, lying on the flat roof, holding... Is that some kind of binoculars? Is he perving on me? Staring down on the big expanse of superhuman cleavage I'm displaying thanks to the alien's dual transformation of my body and my wardrobe?

I've already taken two quick steps and sprung off my heels, crushing the road surface beneath my feet as I launch myself towards the roof. The windows flash by and now, I can see down on the jerk in black as I get ready to land. He's so shocked, he's dropped his binoculars. I see them fall the five storeys to smash on the concrete below as my soles touch down about two steps away from where he's still lying. He's trying to gather his legs to stand, but I'm too quick. I take the two steps and grab him by the throat before he's even made it to his knees.

I pull him up, keeping my arm close to my body until the hand gripping him is just below my newly-supercharged bust. His neck is bent as my big breasts force his chin back and he can't straighten his knees because I'm holding him too low. His feet are on the ground, but it's my hand on his throat that is bearing all his weight. His eyes are huge. Maybe it's shock, maybe it's fear, maybe it's because my chest is filling most of his sight right now.

"Is this what you wanted, perv?" I demand of him. "A better view of my tits?" He mumbles something, my hold forcing him to speak directly into my vast cleavage, but the angle of his head and my fingers squeezing his neck must be making it almost impossible for him to talk properly. I take a step towards the rim of the roof, carrying him with me, keeping his chin pressed to my superhuman curves. His feet drag along the ground. For a brief moment he frantically tries to plant them on the roof, kicking furiously, until I move so that he and his boots are over the side of the building. I'm standing on the very edge, but he's standing on nothing but air, only my hand on his throat saving him from a five-storey fall with a messy ending.

I'm looking down, past his feet, to the street below. It's the kind of view that would have made me uncomfortable before the aliens gave me all these powers. Now, I know that if I took another step forwards and fell, the only damage would be to the pavement where I land. Oh, and to the perv I'm holding as well, but I really couldn't care less about him. He's getting really desperate now, clawing at my grip with both his hands but there's nothing he can do. I'm completely in charge here. He's making another attempt to speak. He must be using up every last drop of strength he can gather just to get the words out because I can actually make out what he's saying this time.

"Please!" he wheezes to my breasts. "I wasn't... looking... at... your... chest.... I.... swear!" He's certainly looking at it now, but then I haven't given him any choice I suppose.

"What were you doing with those binoculars then, perv?" I say.

"Tracking... your... location..." he gasps, hoarsely.

"What the fuck does that mean?" I demand. 'Tracking my location'... It sounds like perv code for staring at my tits.

"Reporting... where... you... are..."

Reporting? That would mean... this perv is working with someone else. Maybe with a whole bunch of other pervs. "Reporting to who?"

"The.. Air... Force..." he croaks.

"Why?" I ask. "So they can come and stare at my tits as well?"

"I... swear... I.... wasn't... looking... at..." I really can't be bothered to listen to his excuse again. I'll just open my hand and release his neck. With nothing to hold him in place, his chin slides down over the curve of my bust and he's falling to the street. "..your.... tiiiiitssssss" he yells up at me as he plummets. He hits the pavement in a twisted mess of arms and legs. A small dark red puddle begins to form by his head.

I'm still standing on the lip of the roof. It's a great view of whatever shit-hole town this is. I can see multiple sets of blue and red flashing lights working their way through the streets towards the road below. The sound of the various sirens is growing louder. Maybe I should just stay up here for a while. Any minute now, the street below is going to be full of jerks in uniforms. I'll have a better chance to work out my next move if I walk over to the centre of the roof, about... here, out of sight from the ground.

I'm not tired, but I'm going to sit down, just so that I'm even less visible from the street. It's the first opportunity I've had in ages to think. I'll tune out the noise of all those sirens, like this. Now, I can hear the whine of a distant aircraft engine. Not so distant, actually. And it's getting a lot louder very quickly. Oh. I've just remembered that perv saying he was tracking my location for the Air Force. I think I've worked out what that actually means. Ah, fuck!

"Why can't you bastards leave me alone?!" I shout at the dark orange sky. The whole town probably heard my cry, but there's no reply other than the ever-nearing roar of a jet plane.


Conceptfan, Jul. 2016.