Empress Ria

Chapter 9

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A drifting cloud had momentarily enveloped her in thick vapour. Even if the hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes on the ground below had been capable of detecting a girl-sized object from that distance, the thick whiteness would have rendered her unobservable. But Ria's eyes had no difficulty peering through the dense mist, and even less trouble focussing in on the teeming individuals on the surface. Night had yielded and the city beneath her was alive with activity.

She paid little attention to the architecture of the buildings, merely noting, with almost no thought, which structures were the largest and which appeared, by their design, to be important. Compared to the vast, intricate, geometrically-diverse constructions of her home world, even the biggest edifices here were plain and unimpressive. And the interiors, which she could observe floor-by-floor at will from her vantage point, largely failed to capture her interest. She found nothing to resemble the Emperor's Treasure Room back on Prytkon, and nothing that aroused anything more than mild curiosity.

There was much about this strange planet that she did not immediately understand; much for her to learn. But she felt no urgency to find out more about the ways of her new world. She would discover plenty over time. Most likely, she sneered, what she encountered would be utterly uninteresting to her. Perhaps, if some of the alien concepts appealed to her, she might adapt them for her pleasure. Conversely, her immeasurable power would ensure she would not have to tolerate any customs or practices she found displeasing. There was no need, nor desire, on her part to better understand the everyday lives of the creatures teeming below. All that mattered was that they would understand her. And Ria was quite sure that she could make them understand her.

She was already familiar with the way the people of the planet constructed their cities, with clumps of buildings divided up by smooth dark criss-crossing vehicle tracks. The tallest buildings seemed to be clustered towards the centre of the urban area. At the edges, the constructions seemed to be mostly much smaller, petering out into unbuilt-on land, but the vehicle tracks extended outwards from the vast settlement like rays from a star. Clearly these paths were intended to be used for travelling between cities as well as within them.

Ria observed the countless vehicles. The vast majority of them seemed to be heading towards the centre where the bigger buildings were. She had already encountered some of the planet's staggeringly primitive transportation devices. With a clear stretch of track in front of them, they were excruciatingly slow. But here, clogging the complex network of interconnecting paths in and around the city, they were barely moving at all. It was as if there were more machines than the tracks could cater for.

The vehicles seemed to vary in size and colour. Using her remarkable vision, she peered through the roofs of many of them, examining with amused contempt the creatures within, operating the clumsy wheels, levels and pedals that controlled the transporters. Most of the smaller machines had only a single occupant. She spotted some with more than one person inside, and noticed conversations taking place within. Trying to selectively listen in, she found it easy to target and then pick out any two voices from the cacophony of the entire city.

The predominant language was different from the one spoken at Burpford. She tuned into a series of conversations, and discovered that she could monitor two or more dialogues at once. Even she was astonished at how quickly words and phrases became familiar. She realised that there were in fact two main languages being used by the vast majority of speakers. Quickly, she began to grasp the meanings of several of the most frequently-used sounds in both tongues. It was enough for her to dismiss the chattering she overheard as trivial and uninteresting.

Having heard enough of the conversations in the vehicles, she turned her attention to the people on foot. Almost all the vehicle tracks were bordered by pathways clearly intended for pedestrians. Mostly, these were being used by solitary individuals, but there were a few pairs of walkers engaged in dialogue. Just as with the transport machines, the overwhelming majority of those on foot seemed to be heading away from the edges of the city towards the centre. She eavesdropped on some of their interloqutions and rapidly noticed that the subject matter appeared equally as banal as that of the vehicle-users. Rapidly growing bored of these discussions, she looked for something else to study amongst the motorised traffic.

Interspersed with the smaller vehicles were a number of much bigger contraptions. Some appeared to be large containers used for carrying all kinds of objects with a single operator located in a separate compartment at the front. She examined the goods being transported, recognising some as food. Food! She suddenly realised that she hadn't eaten or taken on any nutrients since she'd been forcibly exiled from Prytkon. She expected that thought alone to awaken a sense of hunger. Even Ria, the over-privileged daughter of an Emperor, was familiar with the sensation of an empty stomach. Of course, she had never suffered the feeling for long: on becoming aware of a desire for food, a simple command directed at the nearest Palace servant would result in a meal being laid out for her momentarily.

There would be no shortage of servants on her new planet, either, she thought. Every single inhabitant of this world would become her servant soon enough. But, she noticed, she did not feel any hunger. Her smooth, flat, nubile belly felt as wonderful as every other part of her perfect body. She realised that she would not need to instruct her new servants to bring her food. She simply didn't seem to need to eat to fill herself with energy now. Every molecule of her being was saturated with endless power, despite the fact she hadn't consumed a single morsel in days. She was not surprised by the discovery. She already knew that other functions that had previously been essential to her survival, such as breathing, no longer applied to her. It felt natural that she was now equally exempt from the requirement to ingest nourishment.

Dismissing the big vehicles that contained food as of no relevance to her, Ria searched for similar transporters carrying other types of goods. She soon spotted cargoes of what she assumed were furniture and others that were more alien to her. She could only guess that these might be materials to be used in some type of primitive manufacturing. The loads she peered at looked ugly and mostly filthy. There was nothing about these particular vehicles that managed to hold her attention for long and nothing that she felt needed any immediate further investigation.

However, intermingled with the desperately slow mix of transport machines, there were many examples of another type of big, elongated vehicle which did intrigue her. This type had windows built into the sides, and rows of crude-looking seats within. Ria immediately noticed how the seats in the big vehicles heading towards the centre of the city were almost all occupied, whereas there were many available places in the equivalent machines that were headed in the opposite direction. This discrepancy matched the ratio of smaller vehicles and pedestrians travelling each way. These big transporters, she deduced, were catering for people who, for whatever reason, did not have access to one of the much smaller, private vehicles. It spoke volumes about the physical limitations of the inhabitants of the planet that so many, at least in this particular city, regarded such a ponderous means of transport as the best available. Compared with her, the creatures below were not merely weak and slow. They were powerless and immobile. Conquering them was going to be as effortless as it was going to be enjoyable.



The Presidential evacuation train roared through the specially-built tunnel. Ingenious design ensured that the racket of the high-speed engine was virtually inaudible inside the huge main compartment, allowing the increasingly uneasy discussion between the Chief-of-Staff and his top military advisor to continue unhindered.

"We do not need another Burpford, General," the leader stated his opinion firmly. "I cannot see any benefit coming from further large scale armed confrontation with the extraterrestrial at this stage."

"But, Sir, we can't just do nothing!" protested General Rogers.

"So what do you suggest?"

"Well, there are other military options available to us, Mr. President."

"I am aware of the weapons under my command, General."

"Sir," interjected a senior aide, his face showing his extreme discomfort with the direction the discussion was taking, "we should not underestimate the potential civilian impact of non-conventional weapons attacks. I do not believe we are yet at the stage of resorting to such desperate measures. We do not know the alien's full intentions or whether the events at Burpford were intended to be a one-time only warning. We don't know if she means any harm to the public, we don't know if she's just on a day-visit, we don't know if sh-"

"Dammit," the President interrupted, slamming his fist down on the desk in front of him to leave no-one in doubt of his exasperation. "I already know how much we don't know! Can none of you people give me some fresh information?"

He turned to the man he'd just interrupted and, his voice calming slightly, addressed him directly: "Paul, I understand your anxiety. But I shouldn't have to remind you that I have a duty to an entire nation and if there's a threat to all its people... in fact, to all the people of the world... then it is my duty to use all means at my disposal to eliminate that threat. Right now, it is my duty to plan for such an eventuality in a unemotional, just manner. And it's your duty to assist me in that task, not to question me!"

"Of course, Mr. President," the chided man conceded.

"General," continued the Chief, turning to Rogers once again. "Would you say we were more likely to solve this problem with a biological or a nuclear attack?"

"I'd say we nuke the bitch," came the undiplomatic reply. "Nothing can survive one of those."

"You said exactly the same about those depleted uranium tipped cannon shells," the President snorted. "She survived those. In fact," the leader's tone became derogatory, "you will recall, she laughed them off."

His commander's evident displeasure forced General Rogers into taking a defensive line. "Mr. President. Sir," he began, his words clipped enough to imply anger, but stopping just short of disrespect, "I think it's safe to say that none of us has ever encountered anything like this before." Point made, he softened his tone. "It... she... just shouldn't be possible... Nevertheless, I strongly believe that we must consider the nuclear option as our next step."

The President did not question Rogers' defence. Nor did he acknowledge it. His voice retained its edge of criticism. "Your men will have to find her first, General. And then we would need her to stay put long enough while we arrange a nuclear strike."

The military advisor was beaten to a reply by a staff aide who had been hovering on the periphery of the exchange for some time. "Not necessarily, Sir. There might be a way we can lure the extraterrestrial to a suitable location of our choosing, away from dense civilian populations, where we can arrange delivery of a nuclear warhead within a very short time-frame."

The Chief of Staff was intrigued by his advisor's train of thought. "And what way might that be?" he inquired.

"Sir, we have to use what little information we have," the explanation began. " 'I give you instructions soon' - that's what she said to you," The President's face flickered as he was reminded of those disconcerting words. Words that were made a million times more chilling by the cold-hearted, systematic massacre that proceeded them.

The aide's attempt at pretending not to have noticed the leader's momentary flinch was poor: "Well, um, let's assume that her plan is to carry out her stated intention in, er, person..." It wasn't clear whether the hesitation accompanying the word 'person' was due to the speaker wondering if an extraterrestrial could be called a 'person' or whether the cause was the idea of the startlingly attractive, naked, young female form that seemed to suggest she was very much indeed a 'person'.

After the brief pause, the aide attempted to recover his flow. "Assuming that it's going to be like that... ah... face... er... to face... I mean... I think it's highly likely that... given her um... ease with travelling... I mean I think she would go to you, sir, rather than have you go to her... What I'm saying is that, chances are, she's going to show up at the White House."

The President looked slightly confused. "Isn't that why we're all on this train?" he demanded. "You're not telling me anything I hadn't concluded for myself half-an-hour ago. What's it got to do with arranging a tactical nuclear strike?"

"Sorry, sir. My suggestion is that we arrange for a member of the Security Service to await her in the Oval Office and if she makes it that far-"

"Given what we all witnessed at Burpford," the Commander-in-Chief interrupted, "I'd say that there's a strong possibility of the alien making it that far."

"Well, Mr. President, if she does, the Agent will tell her that you are waiting for her in the desert some place - Arizona maybe - he'll show her exactly where on a map, and then-"

"-then we detonate a nuclear bomb as she arrives." the President anticipated.

"We could also be standing by with biological weapons," interjected General Rogers, excitedly.

"And," the President inquired, "what if this non-conventional-weapons assault proves as ineffective as your tank-rockets, General?"

Rogers paused for a moment and considered. But he could not think of anything that could succeed where a nuke and nerve-gas strike had failed. "The next call would be yours, sir," he admitted.

The President did not reply out loud. "Here's hoping I won't have to make that next call," he thought to himself. "Please God this nuke-in-the-desert plan works!"



Since the moment she had suddenly and expectantly appeared in this part of the universe, instantly being exposed to the transforming effects of alien energies, Ria had not encountered any force that could match the power now contained within her beautiful, desirable body. The gravity of a star had failed to challenge her. Instead, she had moved with ease, precisely as she desired, despite its supposedly irresistible pull. The heat of the sun's surface and the vast amounts of radiation spewing forth from within had not caused her any discomfort. Solar flares that could obliterate vast meteorites had engulfed her entirely without leaving even the slightest blemish on her perfect skin. She had exhibited the same, effortless and complete invulnerability under sustained attack from a military's weaponry. And she had overpowered its mightiest engines with utter ease.

And yet, there was a force - a pull of sorts - which could still exert an influence on her. Something which, unlike a star and unlike an army, was powerful enough to overwhelm her. Powerful enough even to dictate her actions.

A force that is capable of controlling a being that could itself defeat the very laws of physics without straining must, surely, be considered the single most powerful force in existence. But no civilisation, no planet, no star could generate that kind of inconceivable might. Such power could only originate from one source: the breathtakingly beautiful former Princess of Prytkon. The sole force that could get the better of Ria was Ria herself.

No external power could challenge her. Only that which came from within: the single mightiest power in existence. Ria's own teenage whims.

Now, the single mightiest power in the Universe had already chosen the city it wanted its beautiful host to conquer. In the clouds above the unsuspecting metropolis, it created a growing sense of anticipation in Ria's mind that rapidly became too much even for her to contain. "Enough observing," she thought, unknowingly conceding defeat to the mightiest power. "Time for action." She could wait no longer. She had to descend to the surface. She had to begin conquering. Now.

In a fraction of an instant, her superhuman, gorgeous bright brown eyes scanned the paths and buildings below, hurriedly looking for an appropriate site to start her conquest. Too excited to delay any further, she decided on the first suitable spot she found: a large, square, open space near the centre of the city. The space, bordered on all four sides by buildings that were grander than most in the town, looked as though it was, in some way, special. A monument of some kind which sprayed water in several arcs, presumably in a primitive attempt at decoration, stood in the centre. There were many pedestrians walking across the area, and the vehicle tracks along each side, between the open space and the buildings, were particularly congested. For whatever reason, this was a place of some significance. She didn't care in the slightest if the reason was geographical, political or other.

There was a typical example of the big passenger vehicles moving - if such slow progress could be called 'moving' - along one of the vehicle paths bordering the space. She counted thirty-one males, including the one at the front operating the controls, and twenty-three females inside. These fifty-four, she decided, would be the first in the city to meet their new ruler.

Ria began her descent from the clouds, her perfect body remaining perpendicular to the on-rushing ground. There was a gap, about two paces long, between the front of her chosen target vehicle and the smaller transporter in front of it. Aiming for the patch of exposed black surface between the two machines, she covered the distance from clouds to ground in the time that the vehicles moved forward a quarter of a stride. She came to a complete, sudden stop, exactly as the undersides of her pretty feminine feet touched the track, right in the path of the big transporter. The phenomenal control and precision she exhibited with her landing was evidenced by the remarkably undamaged surface beneath her soles.

She stood, calm, utterly stationary, slender long arms comfortably by her sides framing her fabulous torso, leaving on display her flawless, flat stomach adorned by her sexy navel and her glorious, big, round breasts, with their perfect, pert, pink nipples. Her lovely feet were planted parallel to each other, and her magnificently-sculptured legs lead straight upwards to her immaculately curved thighs and the neat, alluring patch of dark brown hair on her crotch. Her face, so radiant in its youthful beauty betrayed little emotion. No trace of a smile showed on her closed pouty red lips. Only the sparkling of her bright brown eyes hinted at her inner excitement. Those eyes stared, straight ahead, at the transparent window in the front of the still-moving huge vehicle.

The huge machine had been only a few paces in front of her at the instant she touched down. But that short distance was closing with every moment that passed.



The President was finding it increasingly difficult to disguise his uneasiness. "How long till we get to the airfield?" he inquired of the nearest member of his personal security team.

"We should arrive in a shade under five minutes, Sir." came the efficient reply. "The crew are ready so we should be airborne inside eight from now. Then it's two hours fifty-five flight-time, plus or minus fifteen minutes depending on the wind."

"Thank you," acknowledged the Leader. Hard, usable information made a pleasant change from what his top military advisor had been supplying.

It was more in hope than expectation that he turned to Rogers and asked "General, I take it there has been no news on the extraterrestrial's location?

"My staff are continuing to scan every sensor reading at our disposal, sir," Rogers dead-panned, well aware of the displeasure his teams' failure would provoke.

"In other words, General," the President surmised, disdainfully, "you currently have no idea of her whereabouts." Making plans without information was far from ideal, but he had no other option. "How soon can you have a plane armed and in the sky above the Nevada desert?"

At last! A question that Rogers could answer with confidence. "Inside fifteen minutes of you giving the order, sir," he stated.

"Consider the order given, General," announced the Chief of Staff. Then, turning to the most senior member of the Security team, he issued his commands: "Instruct the White House staff to evacuate immediately except for key security service personnel. Prepare to carry out the plan as we discussed earlier. Let's just hope we can keep one step ahead of this..."

This was no time for hesitation. But the Leader was suddenly unsure of his next word. How could he best describe the phenomenon they were facing? The solitary being that he and his team were convinced they had to run from... The lone hostile whose apparent indestructibility had lead them to plan a nuclear attack... How could he find the right term for the moment... the right term to keep everyone present - himself included - focussed. 'Mass killer'? 'Ruthless invader'? Certainly not 'sexy naked teenage girl'...

No! No... he had to chase the thoughts of her glorious body from his mind or at least try to push them to one side for long enough to complete his sentence. His prevarication would already be evident enough for the people hanging on his words. They needed a Leader who appeared free of uncertainty, not one whose entire thought-process was under threat from images of feminine perfection... Under threat! That was it! The perfect word...

..."threat." The President finished his statement with a sense of relief. "General," he instructed Rogers with regained confidence, "let me know the instant your men track the extraterrestrial again. There isn't much more we can do until we know where the hell our target is."

"Sir, should we take steps to warn the civilian population?" the unsure voice belonged to a member of the Advisory Committee who had hitherto remained silent.

The Leader turned his head to respond to the question. "And start a panic that could cost thousands of lives? We don't even know yet what the alien's intentions towards the general populace are. The less the people know about all this, the better. Hopefully, we can resolve the entire matter before the public even get to know about it."



The radio was on, locked as ever to a 'top forty' station, but the bland lyrics of the songs, the witterings of the presenters and the inanities of the commercial breaks were just background noise. Guilleme wouldn't have been able - if he'd been asked - to repeat anything that had just been announced or sung. His mind was concentrated on his work.

There was a particular skill-set required to drive a commuter bus through the centre of a city. This was particularly true during the morning and evening peak hours. As well as the specialist training involved with manipulating any oversized vehicle, rush-hour urban bus-drivers needed great patience both for inching their machines through barely-moving traffic and for dealing with stressed, tired passengers. And, even at such low average speeds, you had to be constantly alert for unexpected dangers such as other drivers' erratic control and sudden stopping or crazy pedestrians running across the road or naked girls appearing from thin air just a few meters in front of your bus...

What the fuck?!? Instinctively, he slammed on the brakes and braced himself. Where the hell had she come from? He'd been watching the road all the time. This chick had appeared instantly from absolutely nowhere. There was so little time between him seeing her just suddenly there and the moment of inevitable impact. The tyres screeched trying to grip the road surface. Behind him, the sound of his passengers being thrown from their seats, briefcases and bags falling, shouts of shock. They were slowing, but not enough. He could see that. His mind seemed to stretch the moments, but despite that, he barely had sufficient time for three thoughts: 'Why isn't she trying to get out of the way?', 'Why is she naked?' and 'She is utterly gorgeous'.

At the last possible moment, he closed his eyes, an instinctive action as his brain sought to protect him from the horrible sight of her fabulous body being smashed and sent flying. He expected to hear a dull thud that would tell him the terrible moment was occurring. Instead, to his utter confusion, he heard a smash as if he'd driven into the side of a building. The whole bus jerked violently, he felt himself being tossed forward and then slamming into the steering wheel and then, immediately, painfully, being pushed back again. The wind-shield yielded and fragments of glass rained down on him like sharp hailstones. He felt cuts everywhere but the sensation in his chest and stomach was far more discomforting. There were screams and crashes from the passengers too. Then shouts and groans. Guilleme tried to blink his eyes open.

Ria was surprised by how soft the big vehicle had seemed as it impacted with her completely unmoving body. She had expected something so big to have been more solid, but the metal of its outer casing had simply yielded to her magnificent curves as the transporter's momentum pushed the front face of the machine into her. The transparent material in front of the driver crumbled and countless shards bounced harmlessly from her beautiful face and neck. Thick sheets of metal bent and folded, screeching in useless protest as her complete invulnerability and total immovability meant the material was forced to accommodate every nuance of the fabulous shape of her torso. The contest was brief; the huge vehicle quickly coming to a stop as it used up all its energy in an utterly futile attempt to disturb any part of her physical perfection in any possible way.

She was still standing in precisely the same spot where she had descended to the surface. But almost her entire body, from her forehead to her ankles, was buried in the misshapen front portion of the vehicle. She could see right through the twisted wreckage that was piled up against her face, noticing with vague amusement how the big circular controller for the vehicle had been pushed backwards on its mounting so that it now pinned the operator tightly against the back of his seat. The briefest glance revealed he had sustained several broken ribs.

She could hear the commotion and panic inside the vehicle and, peering through the battered male at the front, briefly examined the disarray behind him. The collision, whose brunt she had effortlessly borne, had caused the creatures inside to be thrown from their seats, leaving most of them injured to some degree. Quite a few seemed to be badly hurt. She counted three with severe head wounds who were not moving at all. Eight others had bloody faces, six more were groaning in pain from internal injuries. She hadn't planned to hurt them, merely to stop their vehicle. The unexpected chaos amused her, so she paused for a moment to observe it.

Guilleme was in pain. His face stung where dozens of windscreen-fragments had cut his skin. His hands burnt somewhere against his stomach. But the greatest agony was coming from his chest. Attempting to draw breath, he found the process painful and difficult. Too afraid of what he might see if he looked down, he forced his eyes open and stared straight ahead. He was looking through the empty window-frame. About ten meters in front, he saw the unscratched back of the car he had been following when the girl had suddenly appeared. Whatever he had crashed into, it hadn't been that car.

He was certain it hadn't been the girl, either. The impact had felt like he had driven into a solid steel pillar. At the bottom of his field of vision, he could see piled-up, mangled metal from the front of his bus. There was no sign of any pillar. There was no sign of the girl for that matter. Maybe, he thought with a shudder, she had been obliterated in the collision. But he hadn't been going that fast... And what about the mysterious cause of the crash? He had been watching the road all the time! He clearly remembered the gap between himself and the car in front and the girl just seeming to appear in the road right in front of him. Had she disappeared the same way, maybe in the instant before whatever he'd crashed into had appeared before going on to vanish itself? It didn't make any sense!

The pain is his chest was getting worse. He seemed to be finding it harder and harder to breathe as well. Something was pressing hard into his torso, restricting his lungs. Unthinkingly, he tried to push whatever it was away with his hands, but he found he found them pinned between something very hard and unmoving and his stomach. Increasingly concerned for his physical well-being, his mind began to focus away from the mystery of the crash and on to his immediate situation. The fear of suffocation overcame the fear of seeing something unpleasant and he looked down, hoping to spot an escape.

He saw that it was the rim of the steering wheel pushing into his chest, pressing so insistently that it was denting his torso. The front of the bus had been deformed and condensed, forcing the steering column upwards with the result that the big wheel had been forced into him. Suddenly, he could hardly breathe at all. Panic took over. Somehow, he had to get his hands free. He had to extricate them from their position wedged painfully tightly between the compressed wreckage and his stomach. If he could do that, he could reach the lever that would free his seat and allow it to slide back.

He pulled with every gram of strength he could muster. New agonies flashed through his body. He couldn't be certain but he thought his left hand might have moved a few millimetres. The pain was unbearable, but he had to keep trying to free himself. Another pull. Only the shortage of air in his lungs stopped him screaming. But... Yes! His left hand was, unquestionably, moving. His palm burnt. He didn't even want to think about the wounds he was inflicting as he tried to drag his hand over the twisted wreckage. But at least he had hope of escape. Just a few more excruciating tugs on his hand...



Ria knew that the male who'd been controlling the vehicle could not see her through the crumpled metal that had wadded up and moulded itself around the front two-thirds of her body. Her sparkling, superhuman eyes had no trouble at all viewing the agonised expression on his face. He was barely the length of one of her shapely slender arms from her, separated by a solid mass of bent, compressed transporter. She observed disinterestedly as his painful struggle to free himself became increasingly urgent.

The former Princess of Prytkon had also noticed that way that the big round controller ring was pinning the male so tightly it was almost crushing his chest. The entire mechanism supporting the ring had been pushed towards him by the complete refusal of her magnificent upper-body to yield to the vehicle when it had smashed into her. The metal had tried to dent her perfect curves and failed utterly. Instead, it had bowed, folded up and collapsed in on itself until it couldn't be squeezed any further. But, despite reaching its point of maximum compression, the former front of the big vehicle was still carrying momentum. With its increased density, the newly-formed super-solid lump of mangled metal tried again to flatten her glorious ronditure. Its lack of success was total. Unable to be further condensed, unable to move forwards, the mass of steel had to go somewhere. It had gone backwards, away from the point of impact, pushing the steering column and the wheel fixed on top of it into the male.

If the front of the bus had collapsed just a small fraction more, if the controlling wheel had been forced a tiny bit further back, the creature would have been killed. As it was, he was fighting for his life. Merely the width of her thumb more and the wheel would have been driven fatally into his ribs. Instead, his life had been spared by the minutest of margins.

Ria was faced with a choice. She could effortlessly move backwards and leave him injured but just-about alive or, with the smallest movement of her perfect body in the opposite direction, she could kill him. His very existence was hers to decide. Her power was absolute, and the knowledge of it thrilled her. She could take a step back, removing her unscratched body from the mangled metal and leave the male to fight his way out of his predicament. Or...

She threw her head back, her sexy dark brown hair cascading down her back as she effortlessly pulled her face clear of the compressed metal in which it had been embedded, leaving an imprint of her beautiful features in the wreckage. Slowly she arched her spine, tilting her chin upwards. The huge mass of metal groaned, subjected once again to forces it could not resist as her magnificent big round breasts were thrust forward. The twin spherical indents in the solid material, created by the metal compressing up against her incomparable mounds during the initial collision, grew slightly deeper with the negligible movement of her chest. The entire solid bulk of wrecked vehicle did what it had to in order to accommodate her indomitable torso. It reclaimed the volume it had surrendered to her by moving the big controlling wheel attached to its opposite side.

Ria's sensitive ears picked up the muffled snapping of a few more of the vehicle controller's ribs as well as his stifled yell of agony. Peering through the solid metal obstruction, she saw how the big circular steering device was now pressing into him so tightly it was flattening his lungs and threatening to puncture his flesh. She delighted in the demonstration of her awe-inspiring strength: merely by curving her back she had caused the control wheel to move almost enough to take the man's life! She fixed her gaze on his tortured face; her clear brown eyes seeing through the intervening metal as though it were pure air, observing the male's pain-wracked features with a mixture of anticipatory excitement and conceited superiority.

Nothing that Ria had experienced during her life on Prytkon came close to the electric thrill she was feeling at that moment. Delight, excitement, the tingling fire of arousal and so much more filled her thoughts and her senses. It was the feeling of power. Her power. Everything else stemmed from her endless, unopposable power. The knowledge and certainty of her power, the sensations it brought, the immediate sight and sound of its effects.



He could not understand it. His hand had been coming free from the wreckage. Slowly, painfully as it scrapped against the mangled metal pushing into him, he had been drawing it out. There were just a few more centimetres to go before it would be free. And then, suddenly, the crumpled bulk that was trapping his hand and, more worryingly, pushing the steering column into him so that the wheel was crushing his chest, moved.

It was a tiny movement, no more than two centimetres. But it was a movement towards him, a movement that pressed the mangled front of the bus hard into his hand, recapturing it securely. He hardly noticed however, as the same shifting of the wreckage forced the steering wheel hard into his torso, breaking a few ribs, and squeezing his lungs so that his yell of pain and panic was strangled. It didn't make sense that there could be motion towards him this long after the initial collision.

Now, he could not move at all. He knew he would not last long with his chest so painfully compressed. His only hope now was a quick rescue. Surely someone would have called the emergency services by now... If he could just hold out until the fire department got there... As long as the steering column did not move any further... As long as it did not press any harder into his agonised torso... He might just make it.



The girl from Prytkon looked at the pain etched on the face of her latest prey. She could see how close he was to his demise as she examined his wounds to observe just how near the big round controlling wheel had come to crushing him fatally. All it would take was a little further arching of her back, a tiny thrusting of her magnificent round breasts into the destroyed, crumpled metal... Her eyes remained fixed, studying the male she was torturing. Her luscious lips parted, revealing her lovely teeth as they stretched into an arrogant grin.

She moved slowly. She wanted him to have time to realise what was happening. She wanted to see the horror on his face. She began to push her shoulders back, causing her prominent chest to move outwards just a fraction, no more than the width of a few of her hairs. The metal that was so densely packed around her superhuman breasts creaked and it found itself being mercilessly bullied into submission once again. As before, the mangled remains had no choice but to yield. The few hairs' width ceded were reclaimed at the other side of the mass. The male's chest.

That was enough. Enough to panic her helpless victim. His eyes grew huge in terror. For the first time since she had descended to the surface into the path of the now smashed vehicle, her feet moved. With cruel deliberation, she began to lift her heels, raising herself up onto her pretty toes. Raising her body. Raising her glorious breasts. Pushing them against the remains of the front of the contraption, using them to force the wreckage into the body of the male, breaking more of his ribs, then crushing his lungs and even his heart until she could see it had stopped beating altogether.

Delighted with what her magnificent all-powerful body had done, she chuckled. Her body was still deeply embedded in the metal, so the mirthful shaking of her shoulders caused the entire large vehicle to vibrate in response to the movements of her torso. When she observed this newest, unintended display of her power, the chuckle became a full laugh. This, in turn, meant the jiggling of her body became more pronounced. The result of that was that the whole, big, wrecked people-carrier was aggressively rattled, knocking some of the passengers, who had been struggling to stand after the initial impact, off their feet once more. The fresh yells and groans reaching her ears only made her laugh more, bringing on another round of shaking, unbalancing, clattering, impacting, bruising and bleeding inside the stricken vehicle. Merely by laughing at their helplessness she was wounding them! How... funny!

She might have stayed there, laughing and jiggling the big transporter and the people inside for considerably longer were it not for the sharp bursts of noise from the primitive audio notifiers of the other vehicles around her. There were shouts too, of disbelief and shock. People not in vehicles had stopped as they walked by, frozen in their tracks, to stare at her and the destroyed front of the transporter. She decided it was time to offer them a fuller glimpse of her power.

In a single, fluid motion, Ria came down from her toes, tacking a graceful half-step back away from the crumpled metal. The vehicle shuddered noisily, finally freed from its unwilling, intimate embrace of her torso. In the compacted wreckage, a perfect mould of the shape of her other-worldly bust stood testament both to the unyielding superiority and to the glorious desirability of her body. There was a succession of gasps from the ever-growing number of on-lookers as they struggled to comprehend what they were witnessing. But this was only the beginning.

A tiny, casual swing of her pretty left foot brought her toes to the bottom of the front of the wreck with a terrifying clang. Her easy kick transmitted massive force through her dainty-looking toes, enough to wrench the near end of the transporter from the ground, titling the whole vehicle, sending the people inside hurtling towards the back wheels that remained on the surface. There were screams from the crowd either side of her, but only a few from inside the bus. By now, many of the passengers were beyond screaming.

As the front of the vehicle reached the peak of the lift she had imparted, the remains at about the height of her chin, she leant forward, bringing her hands from her sides so she could grab an armful of wreckage as it started to fall back to the ground. Her palms pressed into the metal, compressing it until she had a secure hold, stopping its fall so that the weight of the front portion of the massive machine rested on her slender, shapely arms. The load was effortless for her, even when she began to turn her feminine wrists, twisting the bulk she was carrying and making the remains of the vehicle creak in metallic agony as she ignored the poor leverage of her positioning to raise the rear portion from the ground.

Now she held the whole massive thing in the air, not above, but directly in front of her, at arms' length. The feat of strength and balance drew more screams and gasps from the numerous banks of clustering onlookers. Many started to run, others seemed to be edging away as they stared. The vehicles all around had come to a halt. She could hear doors opening as people got out, either to stand and stare or to run. There were collisions too, both between pedestrians and also vehicles on the periphery of the scene.

Ria was still standing on the smooth black track intended for motorised devices. All around her was chaos apart from the big, battered transporter vehicle which remained motionless, suspended in the air, held perfectly by her pretty hands. Whilst most were hurrying directly away from her, one male came running along the lighter coloured, slightly raised surface that lay between the vehicle track and the buildings on her left. He stopped when he was a distance of six paces from her flank. His co-ordinated outfit reminded her of the clothes worn by some of the men from Burpford and she assumed he was a member of some kind of civil authority. That assumption was validated when the new-arrival removed a tiny weapon from his belt, and, holding it with both hands, pointed the undersized barrel at her disinterested face. In the brief time she had studied the city before beginning her assault, she had learnt enough of the local languages to understand his shouted words: "Put it down or I'll shoot!"

For a few moments, she stared straight ahead at the stricken vehicle in her hands, completely ignoring the command. She even let the male carry out his threat. She allowed him to activate the trigger on his weapon three times, not moving, not even blinking, as the trio of puny pellets floated towards her.

She was standing in profile to her attacker. The first shot struck her left cheek, crumpling to a disc before bouncing away. The next pinged loudly from her smooth bare shoulder, deforming against her silky skin so that it spun wildly as it ricocheted away. The final little metal projectile tried to bury itself into the inviting perfection of the outer curve of her left breast. It failed entirely, rebounding from her, flattened and defeated, without even momentarily denting her feminine glory. None of the three impacts left even the tiniest mark on her naked flesh.

Ria permitted her assailant a few moments, to allow his slow brain to process the shock of her invulnerability. Still, she did not deign to turn her face towards him. Satisfied that long enough had passed for bewilderment to take hold, she casually swung her arms to the side, causing the big transporter to match her movement, the massive machine lurching through the air. Towards the end of the modest swing, she removed her hands from the crumpled metal she had been gripping and let the vast momentum imparted by the superhuman strength of her long, shapely arms carry the transporter.

The big vehicle rocketed away from her, sideways-on. There was no time for the uniformed shooter to react. In an instant the battered transporter had passed right through where his torso and head had been, its angled trajectory unaffected by the gory obliteration. The bodies inside the machine bounced off the ceiling and the walls and each other as the giant device arced from Ria's grasp. It was still rising, turning slightly in flight when it slammed, with a clang that shook the air, its roof face-on, into the second-storey of a four-floored building. There was a tinkling of windows breaking, then a sound like low thunder. The ruins of the vehicle crashed down to the street, making the ground tremble and cracking the stone surface. It was closely followed by a rain of small bits of rock-like material that had been smashed from the front of the edifice. Then, the destroyed transporter exploded, a huge ball of orange then yellow flame roaring from the wreckage, quickly blackening at the edges. A low rumble made itself heard above the blare of burning vehicle. A few moments after that, the rest of the damaged building collapsed, vast quantities of its stony materials pouring down, burying the exploded machine under a hill of rubble, the debris spilling out onto the vehicle track around Ria's dainty ankles, filling the air with thick dust.

She could see the wounded on the edges of the collapse as they crawled and staggered around blindly, choking on the dense, dirty air, their vision reduced to near zero by the countless airborne particles of building that blotted out the sunlight. Her own eyes had no trouble viewing the scene, observing the bodies among the rubble, the badly hurt survivors and the few less wounded making pathetic, clumsy attempts at fleeing despite their inability to see or breathe in the swirling dust.

The vehicles nearest her had been abandoned, the doors left open as the occupants had bolted. The drivers of some of the more distant machines had tried to redirect their transporters, resulting in a number of minor collisions which had brought the traffic for some distance all around her to come to a complete halt. More and more people were leaving their vehicles, clambering out confused as they were met by people yelling and hurrying away from the scene. As the cloud of dust spread, reducing visibility and clogging lungs over a wider and wider area, so did the mixture of bewilderment, shock and panic. People clattered into each other, some desperately trying to help others, some equally frantically shoving aside their fellow citizens in their wild scramble for self-preservation.

In the distance, a growing number of crescendoing, oscillating sounds could be heard. Ria peered through the smoke, dust and buildings and saw that these noises belonged to various liveried vehicles, no doubt some sort of civil emergency response. The wailing sounds they produced mingled with the screams of the injured and the terrified but there was no chance, she realised, of any of those vehicles getting through the solid lines of abandoned transporters that surrounded her. She grinned, immensely pleased with the scale of the destruction and chaos she had so effortlessly wrought.

Directly in front of her, was a space of open vehicle track, where the giant transporter had been before she'd lifted it up and tossed it aside as though it were no heavier than a small piece of cloth. With an unstable, smoking hill of rubble blocking the pedestrian pathway that ran alongside, and the rest of the track occupied by abandoned vehicles, it was the only free ground in the immediate vicinity. Ria strolled calmly along the empty stretch of track, the ruins of the collapsed building to her left, ignoring the cloud of thick black smoke that was pouring from the huge pile of debris.

A middle-aged man, the clothing on his arm tattered and soaked in blood that was still oozing from an exposed, deep and long gash in his flesh, staggered unwittingly across her path, his eyes half-shut against the acrid fumes. A lazy, dismissive gesture of her left forearm was enough to lift him from his feet and send him hurtling, airborne but almost parallel to the ground, fifteen paces from her side until he impacted with the massive heap of rubble, disappearing as a small landslide of building-fragments trickled down over him.

By then she had reached the end of the small clearing she had made. Left of her, was the huge mound of debris containing the freshly entombed male she had waved away a moment before. In front of her and on her right side were stationary, unoccupied vehicles of the kind that could carry only four or five passengers. She opted for the one to her right, not breaking her fluid stride as she approached it and drove the bridge of her left foot into its underside. The clank of impact was still ringing out as the empty machine lifted from the ground, spinning end-over-end. Her delicate-looking toes imparted sufficient force to send the transporter soaring as high as the third storey of the surviving surrounding buildings.

The small transporter came down, thirty paces from where it had started, front-first onto the roof of one of the big, square goods vehicles, caving in the top of the impacted machine before the two newly-unified transporters erupted in a new fireball that spewed a dozen chunks of torn, twisted and charred metal in all directions. People who had been sheltering between empty vehicles were forced to abandon their hiding places as pieces of debris rained down, eliciting fresh cries of panic. The terrified stragglers ran in every conceivable direction, some covering their heads with their arms against the falling wreckage, others glancing nervously behind themselves as they tried to flee.

Ria paid no attention to the chunks of metal raining down as she strolled off the vehicle track onto the big open square pedestrianised space it bordered. A sharp piece of burning steel crashed down onto her invulnerable skull, bouncing noisily from her, displaying a fresh new dent as it eventually fell for a second time onto the ground with a clang. A woman screamed as she leapt out of its path, crashing into a young man who had been running past. The collision tripped the male and he fell into the female, knocking them both onto the ground. The tangled pair rolled with the momentum of their fall, into the former princess' path, finishing just a few steps in front of her.

The young man had only just began recovering his feet, drawing himself onto his knees as Ria's fluid stride carried her alongside. Only then did the stricken couple realise her position relative to their own, the male's eyes growing huge with shock, the female screaming with terror. The tardiness of the two reactions was matched by their inadequacy as the naked alien bent low, mid-step, her small hand swooping, grabbing the male by his left upper-arm, her pretty fingers clasping his bicep with a crushing, unbreakable grip. In a single, graceful movement, she hoisted him up with her single hand, lifted him from the ground and tossed him over her shoulder without a second glance. He shot away from her, his lips still forming a cry of fear and pain, his limbs flailing helplessly until he hit the pile of rubble some twenty paces behind her. The impact of his fragile flesh and bones on the hard, sharp, compacted ruins was unsurvivable, and his body slid down the lower slope of the hill, dislodging a trickle of debris until it collapsed into a dust-covered heap at the bottom.

By then, Ria had taken another two steps. Now, she found her path blocked by a tall metal pole that had been fixed into the ground. Glancing up and down its considerable height - maybe four times her own - she noticed how it curved at the top where it housed what she quickly deduced was some kind of primitive light-emitting contraption. The whole set-up, she assumed, was meant to cast illumination over the vehicle track and adjacent walkway during the hours of darkness. To the superhuman eyes of the girl from Prytkon, both the technology and the design of the contraption were breathtakingly primitive.

Moments before, she had scooped up and disposed of a fully-grown man without breaking stride or even turning her beautiful face momentarily towards him. By comparison, her brief, contemptuous study of the metal pole and its attachments was a lavishing of attention. She found that the base of the pole, where her hand went to grab it, was considerably greater in diameter than the male's arm had been. But, as she closed her fingers, deforming the thick metal tube to obtain a better grip on it, the dense material felt no less soft than the man's flesh had done.

The pole screeched as she squeezed it in her hand until she was satisfied that she had a firm hold. Then, with the easiest tug of her arm she tore it from the ground. It had been set in some kind of rocky material buried beneath the slabs of the surface. Cracks radiated in all directions from the edges of the hole she had ripped in the paving. A cable which ran under the ground and up into the pole itself was torn in half as she lifted the metal from its station, showering her slender ankles with countless electrical sparks, none of which left any mark on her flawless skin. She had pulled with so much force that the block of material in which the pole had been fixed was still attached to the base. The stony chunk was large and dense enough to double the weight of the whole contraption as she lifted it with her single, petite hand but her single shapely arm did not register any strain. Five large, fit men would have struggled to momentarily raise the bottom end of the pole with its extra rock-like attachment off the ground. Yet Ria's sleek, subtle, feminine muscles bore the mass with complete ease.

She could have held the pole out in front of her like some kind of oversized staff for the rest of time without tiring, so vast was her strength and so limitless her stamina. Instead, she turned her tiny wrist and the power contained within her seemingly-delicate forearm imposed its unstoppable will, making the whole contraption pivot at her grip until she was holding it at right-angles to her stunning body, the curved end containing the illuminating part now some ten paces in front of her, and the still-attached stony block half a step behind her.



Laura watched the incredible scene from her vantage point lying on the pavement. When she had run into that poor young man and they had tripped over each other, rolling towards the terrifying, apparently superhuman girl they'd both been fleeing, she had feared the worst. When she saw the young exhibitionist scooping up her fellow faller as if her were weightless, tossing him away like a crumpled ball of paper, she put her face to the concrete, desperate not to be noticed, and began to pray silently. The next few moments had felt like an eternity. But no hand came to pick her up and throw her.

Eventually, she dared to lift her head enough to take a look. To her relief, Laura saw that the terrifying nude girl had walked past her and was now a couple of meters away, her attention seemingly occupied by a lamppost. She felt her hopes for survival beginning to grow. Then the bitch had ripped the post out of the ground as though she were plucking a flower. Laura watched in stunned terror as the young woman adjusted her grip until she was holding the detached street-light like a giant lance. The concrete blob in which it had been set was still attached to the base. She barely had time to notice when the rough chunk of solid cement started to move. The scream that began to form in her throat as she saw it swinging towards her never found voice.



With the big pole comfortably in her hand, Ria decided to put it to use. She could hear the scared breathing and the thumping heart of the woman on the ground a few paces behind her with such precision that, without bothering to look, she knew exactly where the female's head was. The tiniest movement of her wrist swung the giant metal tube in her hand, the front end sweeping in front of her, making a loud swooshing sound as it carved through the air. The pedestrians who would have been within reach of the curved end of the pole had already evacuated the area, otherwise the sweep of the metal tube would undoubtedly have taken more lives. As it was, the far lesser movement of the portion of post behind her was precisely enough to bring the stony block attached to that end into full and instantly fatal contact with the woman's skull.

The second thud that Ria heard, after the contact of block and skull, was that of the female's lifeless corpse impacting the ground.

Now, she was done with the big metal pole. She wondered if there might be one final use for it and cast her bright brown eyes imperiously over the open space in front of her. The ground appeared to have had been completely abandoned. But as she lifted her gaze slightly, she saw that the windows of the buildings all around were full of stunned spectators. In some places, especially where the panes of transparent material were smaller, there were individuals staring at her, but behind some of the larger windows, small crowds were jostling for a view. Ria found herself delighted to have an audience. She resolved to ensure that she would remain the centre of attention.

The former princess began turning her dainty wrist once more, raising the big metal pole in her unbreakable grasp towards its original, vertical, orientation. She failed to notice that the laws of leverage were against her as she easily manoeuvred the heavy tube, not needing to use her free hand at all as she first turned it upright and then brought her hand towards her body, aligning the post with the centre of her torso. Carefully, she pushed the tube between her big, round breasts. Her cleavage was not wide enough to accommodate the full girth of the pole. As she continued to press it towards herself, it was quickly obvious that her magnificent mounds would not be ceding to the thick metal. With the immense pressure she so effortlessly generated with her hand bearing down, the post itself had to yield to the fabulous contours of her chest, groaning as it deformed to fit between the alien girl's glorious bosoms.

Ria pushed the big tube mercilessly into her cleavage until she was satisfied that it was completely wedged. Once she had achieved this, she removed her hand from the pole completely and briefly let it hang casually by her side. The tall, heavy post stayed in position as she did so, held fast by her beautiful bosoms. She planted her hands on her shapely hips, her fabulous chest thrust towards her audience. A section of the tall metal contraption had been pinched to half its normal width by her unyielding, otherworldly curves as her stunning breasts effortlessly and proudly, even boastfully, supported the huge weight.

Ostentatiously, she swivelled slowly at the waist, her hands remaining on her hips as she turned her glorious body first to the left, then to the right and then back to centre. The huge pole moved with her, the illumination part swishing through the air high above her, the crushing grip of her chest exerting total control as she showed off her feat to the amazed observers in the windows around her. She could hear the gasps of amazement, of awe, of terror and of lust from behind the dozens of windows around the three sides of the square clearing where the buildings were still standing. Her supremely sensitive ears could distinguish the mixture of emotions within each sharp intake of breath and she revelled in the reaction.

Without conscious thought, her fingers began to slide from her hips, slowly caressing her flat, smooth belly, both hands moving inwards towards her deep, sexy navel. Her fingers continued their leisurely migration, tracing along her perfect skin, now descending until her hands met as her fingertips brushed the top of her perfect groin. Her forearms were now touching the outer curves of her chest. She could feel the contrast between the strength of her own arms barely making contact with the outer parts of her breasts and the weakness of the thick metal pole jammed between the inner parts and the dual sensation thrilled her.

Still acting on almost dream-like instinct, she began to bring her arms together, hugging her chest, pushing her big breasts towards each other, transmitting unfathomable amount of force through each of her fabulous round mounds. The inner curves of her bosoms, pressed against the metal tube, retained their perfect shape even under the unstoppable pressure of her pleasurable squeezing. Instead, it was the pole that had to change shape. Helpless to resist the power of her body, it gave out a tortured squeal as her breasts pinched it ever thinner. And then, the metal reached the point where it could not be compacted any further. Still, she continued to hug herself, closing the space between her bosoms, increasing the pressure in her glorious cleavage until the trapped squashed metal began to heat, becoming red hot, then yellow then white. Then, an instant before her breasts finally touched together, it surrendered entirely, its atoms desperately escaping her impossibly sexy, crushing power by splitting away as minute particles of gas.

Ria came out of her reverie just as the pole was severed completely in two by her chest. The lower half, with its rocky blob still attached, fell towards her feet. She bent her right leg, lifting its toes up to meet the lump of stony material, volleying it upwards and away from her. It spun rapidly through the air, precisely along the trajectory she had chosen in the instant before applying her apparently-casual kick. She had targeted a third-floor window which was about seventy paces away from her in a direct line. The small group of onlookers crowded around the large transparent pane had only just started to dive away as the broken pole crashed through. Those fortunate enough to avoid the flying metal pole and the big chunk of rock stuck to it, were showered in sharp shards of transparent material.

Meanwhile, the top half of the post, no longer held by her body, had begun to topple like an axed tree. Her right hand came up to catch it before it could tilt too far, her fingers severely denting the metal where they gripped. Without looking, Ria flicked her wrist, releasing the pole to her side. It flew from her, about ten degrees short of vertical, its flightpath an almost straight line away from her flank, barely rising as it travelled at remarkable speed until it hit the side of a previously undamaged building. The metal crashed through the stony facade, pieces of displaced material cascading down to a growing pile on the ground from the edges of the new hole. Still, the post's momentum was not spent, and it carved a rough vertical channel along a few paces' worth of the division between the second and third floors of the edifice, sending debris flying in all directions as it ploughed through. Inside the two affected storeys of the building, dust and debris choked the panicked inhabitants. Despite the distance, the girl from Prytkon had no difficulty hearing the terrified shriek of a woman as she screamed "Oh god! He's dead! They're both dead!" Ria grinned. She had not even bothered to pick a particular target for her throw.

Around the large square area, the observers in the windows were now beginning to move back into the rooms behind. Some appeared to be running. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled as she looked right through the front of the buildings, seeing how many of the people inside were rushing down staircases, heading for exits that lead not to the open space where she was, but out onto streets on the other side of the surrounding constructions. No-one was coming out of the doors immediately around her. The ground in front of her was now devoid of life, anyone with the ability to still move having now fled. She could see the flow of people on the far side of the adjacent building.

Ria was surprised by the lack of people in her vicinity. Did all of them really believe they could flee without surrendering to her? She resolved to show them otherwise. Casting her eyes over her surroundings, she chose the building which still held the largest number of occupants and began to walk determinedly across the abandoned urban clearing towards it.



They were nearly at cruising altitude, headed north towards what the public believed was a long-abandoned airstrip in the wilds of Alaska. None but the most trusted government workers knew of the secret base deep under the ground beneath the runway where they would be landing in a few hours. It had been constructed, decades earlier, to cater for a Class 1 National Emergency, but no-one involved in its construction or upkeep over so many years could ever have imagined the actual nature of the present emergency. They might have envisaged a leader escaping a massive thermonuclear bombardment, or perhaps an out-of-control pandemic of some horrendous disease, but not a single, unarmed, naked, young girl from the stars.

Through the jet's windows, nothing but night-time cloud could be seen. The Chief of Staff stared out at the impenetrable darkness for a moment. On the desk in front of him lay a series of documents, each in its colour-coded folder, indicating its level of secrecy and the access level required to view it. There were military reports detailing the lost squadron of fighter jets and the attack on Burpford and National Emergency Procedure documents, detailing plans for evacuation of individual towns and cities as well as entire regions and there were contingency plans for unexpected battle both on home soil and abroad. He had read, briefly, through each and every file. But there was nothing that had given him any fresh insight into the situation he was faced with. The leader knew he had to make key decisions - huge decisions - in the next few minutes, and he was having to make them based on precious little information. If only they knew a little more! Just a few extra facts to guide his judgement. What did the alien intend? And, above all else, where the hell was she?

"Sir," the voice of one of his most trusted Security advisers interrupted his thoughts, "I have confirmation that the evacuation of White House staff is almost complete. The Security Service personnel are now in place."

"That's good work," commented the leader. "Pass them my thanks. Keep me updated on any further developments. It's imperative that we can convince the extraterrestrial threat to go to those exact co-ordinates in Nevada. The future of the world depends on it."

No sooner had the Security man nodded in acknowledgement when the familiar call of "Mr. President!" announced that General Rodgers was hurriedly walking over from his seat in a separate part of the plane.

"What is it, General?"

"Sir, we think we know where she is."

The President wasn't sure if he should be scared or relieved. But he was sure how to find out which was the most appropriate. "Where?"

"Barcelona," Rogers answered. "In Spain. A building has collapsed, a bus and some cars have been destroyed and local police and media are getting hundreds of desperate calls about a naked girl killing people. Our people are on their way to the scene to verify."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed the Chief of Staff as he realised the implications of the location. This was not some isolated military base. "We can forget about the general populace remaining in the dark," he voiced. "This will be all over the world's TV screens within 5 minutes." Now, he knew he had no choice but to resolve the whole matter as quickly as possible. General, is that plane ready over Nevada?"

General Rodgers glanced momentarily at his wristwatch. "It'll be in position in two minutes, sir."

"Good. General, inform your colleagues that they need to be ready to launch Operation Back Yard at my command."

Operation Back Yard, outlined in one of the documents lying on the table before him, was the latest version of a plan to evacuate the populations of all the major cities and urban centres in the United States and to disperse those populations in the surrounding areas. It was designed for deployment when an all-out incoming nuclear attack was imminent, with the aim of shaving a few million off an already-unavoidable death-toll.

"Operation Back Yard, sir?" Rodgers queried. "With all due respect, the alien isn't even currently on US soil..."

"And by the time she is it may be too late, General. It's my decision and I say we get ready for Back Yard. I need constant updating on progress."

"Yes, sir." Rodgers knew how to respond to an order.

"Let me know the second you get anything from any source in Spain, whether it's ours or anyone else's."

"Of course, sir," promised General Rodgers.

"God help us all," muttered the President.



Ria had covered the sixty paces to the building she had selected at a steady, leisurely pace, giving time for the few remaining faces at the windows to read her direction and then spread further panic and terror once it became clear that she was heading towards them. Shouts of "She's coming this way!" and "Everybody out the back!" reached her ears through the intervening walls and air. She could see the chaos within as a stream of people filled the stairways, jostling to pass through a tiny exit that was located at the far end of a narrow corridor.

Only about half of the crowd had made it through the exit by the time Ria had walked over to the front of the building. She chose to ignore the large, ornate double doors that were slightly to her right, opting instead to approach the wall beside them and, with a simple kick of her pretty bare foot, to smash a rough hole right through it. Bits of material burst out from the point of impact, into the building, catching some of the people struggling to get to the rear exit, causing wounding and panic in equal measure. Ria marched through the new aperture, hardly adjusting her stride, her face smashing through the thick external wall where the hole she'd kicked proved slightly too low, debris flying from her beautiful features, to the sound of terrified screams mingling with groans of pain.

There was a line of people who had been waiting to access the narrow corridor that lead to the far exit. Ria's sudden entry sent them into renewed panic, some trying to force their way into the crowd blocking the narrow passage that lead out to the street behind the building, others trying to make their way back towards the stairs, their path obstructed by still more still heading down. A few seemed to be frozen where they stood, staring in shock as she advanced, her calm, graceful movements a direct contrast with the chaos. With a sweep of her arm she swatted three grown men off their feet, sending them sailing into an interior wall where they impacted with a series of sickening damp crunches.

A young woman who was standing nearby began to scream. Ria took a step towards her and silenced her shriek by taking a tight, but not yet fatal, grip of the terrified female's neck. "Let her go!" cried a middle-aged overweight male, trembling as he approached, selflessly trying to protect the captured woman. The girl from Prytkon rewarded his bravery by taking an identical hold of his neck. Then she hoisted the pair off their feet, holding each of them by the throat at the end of one of her long, slender outstretched arms. She gave them both a tiny shake that made their limbs flail.

Ria bent her left arm, bringing the young woman's horror-filled face towards her own. Her brief exposure to the local language was not yet sufficient to have developed a perfect command, but she felt confident that she would be understood.

"Say me where is the commander of this territory!"

The dangling woman moved her lips but no sound emerged. Realising that her gentle hold was enough to prevent all attempts at speech, Ria opened her fingers very slightly, fractionally loosening her grip on the female's neck so that she could talk.

"What?" she spluttered.

By jiggling her dainty wrist Ria was able to violently shake the woman, making her arms and legs fly about as if she were nothing more than a child's toy. The female screamed. Ria stopped shaking her and repeated her demand. "Say me where is the commander of this territory!"

"I.. I don't understand what you wa-" spluttered the terrified woman. A tiny clenching of Ria's fingers crushed the fragile neck in her grasp, silencing her forever with a horrific crunch. The girl from Prytkon manoeuvred the corpse in her left hand alongside the still-live male hanging from her right hand. Once she had let the male take a good look, she tossed the dead woman away and pulled the trembling man towards her gorgeous face. The sweat from his forehead mixed with fresh tears from his eyes and soaked his fat cheeks.

"Say me where is commander of this territory or I make you also dead," she informed him, coldly.

"C..C...Commander?" stammered the male.

The movement of Ria's fingers was barely perceptible but the crunch of the bones in the fat man's neck collapsing beneath the pressure exerted by her dainty, feminine digits was unmistakable. As was the way his head flopped horribly to the side.

She disposed of the body with a casual flick of her hand and announced to the panicking, sobbing, shaking crowd: "I will make dead all peoples until one people says me where is the commander of this territory!"


Conceptfan, Feb. 2015.