Conceptfan's Shorts

No.3 - "Leena's Boys"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public. I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works. Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Parking lot in front of Barry's Gym, Crampton, Friday p.m.

Jeff walked out into the cool night air, looking forward to watching the shows he had set his VCR to tape while he was working out. It was his regular evening ritual; ninety minutes of gym after work while other folks were in front of the primetime viewing. That was why he had such a great physique, why he got great-looking girls most weekends. Although for reasons he couldn't work out, they never seemed to stick around after Sunday night. As far as he was concerned, he looked great and that should've been enough. He strolled towards his car, admiring the all too brief glimpses of his reflection in the side-mirrors of the vehicles he passed.

He was startled by a woman's voice which came out of the darkness behind a parked pickup. "Mmmm. Nice butt." Jeff spun around to see the owner of the voice. She stepped out of the shadows into the artificial orange light, smiling as Jeff's jaw dropped. He'd never seen anything like her. She was tall - almost six foot. She was dressed in only a tight white T-shirt and a pair of tiny red shorts. He drank in her long, shapely legs, her round thighs and her narrow waist. His gaze lingered over her splendid, huge breasts, awed by the way they stretched out the fabric of her shirt, the big nipples straining erotically. Then he saw her face, her bee-stung lips, her clear eyes, her flawless complexion and her long light brown hair. What a babe! He needed to think of a line - a good one - and fast.

"Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven, angel?" he asked.

"No," she said. "And it was a spaceship, not heaven." This totally confused Jeff.

"Can I get you a drink?" That was the best he could come up with. She didn't answer, but she did walk towards him, so that was O.K. The closer she got, the more beautiful she looked. Jeff stared at her chest. "So, er, where are we going? Yours or mine?" he asked, confidently. She was only a few feet away from him now.

"Mine." she said. Her hand flashed out towards him, so quickly he barely saw it. Suddenly, everything went black.


Crampton Police HQ, Sunday p.m.

For months, four officers, a sergeant and the town's only detective had been working full-time on the series of mysterious disappearances that had shaken their small, formerly quiet community to its foundations. Weeks of painstaking interviewing and searching through the victims' homes and possessions for a clue had yielded almost nothing at all. Nothing, that is, other than the fact that all the disappeared were attractive young men who had been unaccompanied when they were last seen.

The town's lake had been searched by out-of-town frogmen who had brought a truck-load of equipment with them, but other than a rusty car chassis and a few illegally dumped oil-cans, nothing had been found. Lengthy questioning sessions with the families and friends of the missing men had failed to find any connection. There were no matching contacts listed in the men's address books. In short, there was nothing to link the various victims together, other than their ages, sex and the fact that they had all vanished off the face of the earth.

The investigation had become increasingly urgent with each new disappearance. Now, a day after the seventh report of a missing man, the whole town was panicking. The local police team had been supplemented by two senior detectives from the nearby city and the story was beginning to feature in the national papers and TV.


Outskirts of Crampton, Monday a.m.

Leena was running out of food. And now that she had seven young men to feed, it wouldn't be long at all until she was completely out. She had to do something. There was no point going to all the trouble of moving out here to this crummy nowheresville and building up a nice little collection if they were all going to get weakened from hunger. No, she needed to keep up what little strength they had. She was going to have to pay a little visit to the store.

But how could she buy enough supplies for seven men without arousing suspicion? She'd done so well to avoid leaving even the tiniest clue so far, it would be a shame if all her hard work was to go to waste. And she really didn't want to just let them go, or leave them to starve - they were such a promising group. There was only one thing for it. She would have to "visit" the store when it was closed - at night. That would remove the need for explanations, and it would save her quite a bit of money too. It was a superb plan, so why wait? She decided she would do it that night. That left the rest of the day to fill. Plenty of time to spend with her boys.

She strolled out into the back yard and walked up to the six-foot-high back fence. A quick check to make sure none of the neighbours were watching and then, with a casual standing jump, she vaulted the barrier into the scrub behind. She paused for another glance to confirm she was unobserved and then broke into a gentle jog, her long slender legs carrying her at a speed in excess of forty miles an hour. Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at the edge of the old abandoned stone quarry. She stood at the edge of the huge dip that had been carved out of the rock over decades so that it resembled a giant's bowl, more than fifty yards across and twenty deep.

Once again, Leena looked around to be certain that no-one was watching. Then she leapt off the edge of the rock bowl, landing on her feet sixty feet below with just a tiny bend of her knees. A couple of steps brought her next to an enormous round boulder, more than a yard in diameter, that lay on the bottom of the quarry. She reached for the huge ball of rock with her feminine hand, giving it a gentle shove. With a groan, the boulder rolled about a yard from its station, revealing a large circular hole in the rock below. From the depths below, the glow of oil lamps was visible. A shuffling sound, accompanied by human whispers rose to meet her ears. She grabbed the boulder with both hands and jumped down into the pit, pulling the big lump of rock back into place as she did so.

Two hours later, the boulder was moved aside once more and Leena reappeared from the pit. Low male groans could be heard as she leapt out onto the quarry floor before they were silenced as she rolled the enormous stopper back into place. Then in a single bound she soared sixty-five feet upwards to land gracefully on the edge of the giant bowl. Without looking back, she began to jog back home, covering the ten miles in a quarter of a mile and arriving as fresh as she had left. Noticing some blood on her T-shirt, she stripped and changed and then sat down and waited for night to fall so she could carry out her "shopping" plan. "Those guys definitely need some sustenance" she chuckled to herself.


Crampton Police HQ, Tuesday a.m.

At last they had what might be a lead. It looked they could, finally, be getting somewhere. The first clue had come to light in what was being referred to as the most baffling case in the department's history. For the relatives of the victims, these were desperate times. But now, there was hope of a breakthrough.

A local food store had been broken into overnight, and a large amount of tinned and frozen stuff taken. Robbery not being common in their little town, the store's owner had left a sum of cash in the register, but the thieves hadn't even tried to open it. Whoever was responsible was only interested in food - and lots of it. Was someone trying to feed seven hidden young men? An unusually thorough forensic analysis on the crime scene ensued, but it seemed to raise more questions than it answered.

The steel back door had been forced, but not by normal methods. It had somehow been completely ripped off its hinges. Despite lengthy searches, no trace of the door had been found. It was as if the criminals had taken it with them. No door, no fingerprints. There were prints all over the inside of the store, but the whole town shopped there regularly. On the cash register and the back door frame, only the owner's prints could be identified. The floor however, was a different matter. The owner recalled how he had scrubbed the linoleum as always last thing at night after closing. So any footprints had to belong to the felons.

The police knew there had been more than one robber because they had pinpointed the time of the raid to within five minutes. No single person could have carried so much food out of the store in less than three hundred seconds. But when they analysed the floor, what they found was as puzzling as everything else about the case. Aside from the owner's, they found only one other set of footprints. Not from a shoe or a boot, but from a naked human foot. A small, almost certainly female foot.

A forensic specialist was called in to analyse the prints. After several hours of careful study, he reported that the impressions had to be fake. As he explained to the exasperated detectives, the size of the foot suggested its owner was a woman approximately five foot ten inches in height. But such the weight of such a person - especially a person carrying half-a-ton of food - would have made a much firmer print; the marks on the floor were created by an extremely light step, far more consistent with a small child. Furthermore, there was no trace of any imperfections on either the left or the right foot; adults had marks and corns and other blemishes.

So, either the theft had been carried out by a single child with huge feet and the ability to shift enormous weights or someone had played a very, very clever trick on them. And the mystery did not end there. The trail of footprints leading out of the store lead to the road, but there was no sign of any car tracks were they became undetectable. How had the robbers moved hundreds of pounds of food off the scene within minutes without a vehicle?

The investigative team spent a whole day scouring the surrounding area for clues. Fifty yards away, in some thick bushes, they found one. A can of sweetcorn. The price sticker on its lid revealed that it had definitely come from the burgled store. It seemed more than likely the thieves had dropped it there during their escape. At least it was something to work with. Back at the station, they took out a local map and drew a line from the store through the spot where the can had been discovered, continuing the line to the edge of the map, just short of the old rock quarry. Somewhere along that line, they were confident of finding more clues to the robbery and, if their theory was correct, to the disappearances as well.


Underground Cavern, Old Rock Quarry, Tuesday p.m.

Gary stirred the vegetables in the pan on the oil stove, his badly bruised face still appearing handsome in the half-light of the subterranean chamber. A few yards away, Hugh strained in vain as he tried for the thousandth time to shift the boulder that blocked the only exit. The crudely-dressed cut above his eye hadn't begun to heal yet, and from time to time a drop of blood fell onto the rough, dusty floor. He turned to Gary and angrily asked "Why don't you stop trying to fatten y'self up for the bitch and come and help me?"

"We gotta eat, ain't we?" came the reply. "'Sides, you know as well as I do that rock ain't shifting without a crane."

"Well you might wanna spend the rest of your life as a sex-slave in this shitty hole, but I sure don't."

"Shit, guys," interrupted Frank as he limped towards them from the depths of the cavern, "we gotta stop fighting a work out a plan to get us outta here. We need to build a weapon or something."

"A weapon!" Gary spluttered. "We'd need a fucking nuke!"

Hugh spat. "We gotta do something. I'm gonna go crazy stuck down here with you guys. That's if my dick don't fall off first." They fell silent, listening to the sound of Larry washing in the freezing artesian pool and the other three men snoring at the other end of the enormous underground chamber.

After a while, Larry joined them. "What're we going to do, guys?" he asked. "There's seven of us now, for Christ's sake! I mean, if the cops can't trace seven missing men..."

"The cops!" Hugh laughed. "D'ya seriously think a pair of handcuffs is gonna stop superbitch?"

Frank groaned. "You know what I think? I think we gotta build us a tunnel outta here."

"You ever carved a tunnel through solid rock? What're we gonna use for tools? 'Sides, I don't know 'bout you, but I can hardly even walk, never mind dig a friggin' tunnel!"

"We gotta do something, man."

"Yeah. We gotta eat, so we don't die. Get the others. That new guy - Jeff - he got pretty roughed up yesterday. She had him against the wall 'till he was screaming. He'll need something in his belly."

"I'll get 'em." said Larry, walking over towards where the thin plastic mattresses were strewn about. "Hey guys!" he called. "We got food!" There was a collective moaning from the ground as the sleeping trio roused themselves.

"Is she back?" asked Jeff, hoarsely, his voice full of fear.

"Relax, pal. She ain't here, but we got something to eat."

A short while later, all seven men set around the stove, shovelling down the hot food. Jeff ate on his knees, his backside too bruised for him to sit on. "How long are we going to be here?" he asked, weakly.

"Fuck knows." said Gary. "I've been here for weeks."

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" Jeff sobbed.


Outskirts of Crampton, Tuesday Evening.

Leena was watching TV when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to find a tall, thin police officer with a clipboard standing on her porch. "Good evening, ma'am" said the officer, looking up from his clipboard and staring at the points of her breasts which threatened to burst through her T-shirt at any moment.

"Can I help you, officer?" asked Leena. She didn't bother to smile. She knew he wasn't looking at her face.

"We're making some routine enquiries in this area, ma'am." he told her chest. "There was a robbery at the grocery store last night, and we have reasons to believe the perpetrators might have come this way. You wouldn't happen to have seen anything unusual, ma'am?"

"Hmmm..." said Leena. "Last night, you say... Don't think so..." She studied the young cop's face. She'd seen worse. And his body didn't look bad either. She imagined he'd have plenty of stamina too. But... a cop? Well, why not!

"Actually, officer," she said mischievously, "I did it."

"I'm sorry, ma'am?"

"I did it. I robbed the store. And I've got the missing men in a hole in the old quarry outside town. Here, I'll show you." She reached out for the policeman, putting a long, slim arm around his waist, quickly lifting the tall man completely off his feet.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Hey! He-" his words were cut off when she used her free hand to tear a strip off his shirt and stuffed it into his open mouth. With his cries muffled, she stepped back into the house and closed the front door. There, she adjusted her grip so that he was tucked under her arm, his hands pinned to his side, his chest pressed up almost painfully against the side of her huge breast. His legs thrashed about in the air, but her hold remained fast.

Leena carried the cop into her garden, leaping over the back fence with ease and, using the night as cover, began running towards the quarry, her load not slowing her down in the slightest. Trapped by her arm, the officer was thrown around violently as she jogged, but all his efforts to free himself were wasted. When she reached the quarry, she raised her arm, dropping the young man to the ground as if her were a bundle of clothes. Bending over, she reached for his chin, lifting him effortlessly back to his feet. Now that his hands were free, he quickly removed the gag from his mouth and drew his pistol from its holster.

"Hold it right there!" he said, pointing the barrel at the centre of her fabulous chest.

"Ooh. Please don't hurt me.." said Leena sarcastically.

"Put your hands in the air and step back." the cop instructed. She responded by reaching for his gun too quickly for him to react, grasping the barrel between her thumb and forefinger. Bending forward, she pulled the weapon towards her face, bringing the policeman's hands with it. He tried to pull it away from her, but with no success. Frightened now, he squeezed the trigger. He saw the burst of light, heard the bang, saw something flash on her face and then heard a sound that could only have come from a ricocheting bullet hitting the ground behind him. Still holding the gun between her fingers, she smiled.

"That was nice," she said. "Why don't you try again?" and she leant further forward until the end of the gun was almost touching her forehead. When nothing happened, she used a finger on her other hand to force him to pull the trigger. The kickback made the cop yell in pain. Even in the dark night, he could see the mark the bullet had left on her hairline. She rubbed it off with a finger as she easily tugged the weapon out of his hands. Placing the barrel theatrically into her mouth, she fired off a couple more rounds before slowly, erotically, biting the gun in half. She spat out the three mangled lumps of metal before reaching out with one hand for the stunned cop. Lifting him off his feet by his collar, she jumped down to the floor of the quarry twenty yards below.

The policeman screamed as they fell through the air. She laughed, landing gracefully, still holding her latest prisoner off the floor. With her free hand she rolled the boulder aside, revealing the hidden chamber beneath. "You won't get away with this!" the cop said bravely, but she just laughed again, jumping down into the cavern with the policeman held in one hand while she pulled the round rock back into place with the other. They landed in the underground chamber, Leena on her feet, the cop in a bundle on the ground. Scrambling to his feet, he became aware of frantic movement in the cavern. People, obscured by darkness, were backing off towards the far walls.

The officer could hear sobbing, pleading sounds. He tried to run himself, but her hand flashed out, grabbing him by the shoulder and holding him fast. He lashed out at her, striking her face, her big breasts and her slim waist, but she just smiled at him. Turning her face to the deep recess of the cave, she called out; "Come on out boys and meet your new friend." The sobbing continued, but there was no movement. "OK, then." she said cheerfully. Looking back at the struggling man next to her she said "They're playing hard to get. Isn't that sweet!"

"What.. what do you want from me?" he asked her.

"Oh, we just like having a little fun down here." she replied. "Look, I'll show you. You won't be needing these."

As she spoke she began to tear his uniform off his body, strip by strip. Her fingers snapped through his leather belt as though it were tissue paper. Very soon, he was completely naked. Then she pushed him down onto the hard, rough ground and held him immobile by resting the toes of one bare foot on his stomach. He writhed around, sitting up and biting her leg with all his strength. His teeth barely even dimpled her soft, smooth flesh as she effortlessly held him fast. Paying him no attention, she pulled off her T-shirt, revealing her magnificent, huge, firm, round breasts and their enormous proud nipples. Still trapping him with her toes, she pulled down her shorts, showing him her neat brown pubic hair. Then she removed her foot so that she could step out of her lower garment.

Before he could move, she pinned him down with her toes once more. She made a show of studying his limp sexual organ. "I hope that's no indication of its size when it's happy." she said.

"You're going to serve life for this." the cop said, insulted.

"Don't change the subject," said Leena. "Show me what a big boy you are." She removed her toes from his chest, bent down and grabbed him with one hand under his shoulder. Then, she stood up, yanking him violently back onto his feet, so that he was facing her, her nipples just inches from his muscular chest. "Let's see how much of a man you really are," she said.

"You can't do this. I -" She silenced him by grabbing his shoulders and pushing him down before pulling him towards her until his face was pressed against the inside of her massive breasts. He placed his hands on her hips and tried to push himself away, but even though he strained until his muscles throbbed, he remained exactly where he was. He began to pound at her flat stomach, but with a similar lack of success. He managed to turn his face slightly to the side, and, opening his mouth, he bit down on the soft, warm flesh of the inside of her enormous breast. This, at least, provoked a reaction from her.

"That's nice." she said, approvingly. Taking her left hand from his shoulder, she transferred it to the back of his neck. She began to pull his head away from her cleavage. He tried to sink his teeth deeper into her, but she drew his head back easily, breaking off one of his front teeth in the process. He moaned in pain. With her hand on his neck, she pulled his face to within a fraction of an inch of her own so that her breath caressed his lips as she spoke. "Don't you like girls?" she taunted. "I could have sworn you were staring at my tits earlier. Let's see if we can't get that little worm of yours to stand up and show me some respect."

As she finished speaking, she pushed his head down towards her chest once more, this time, brushing his face to and fro across her superhuman breasts, whilst her free hand stroked his member. "That's more like it," she said, now forcing his head deep into her incredible cleavage once more. The hand on his penis ceased stroking and gripped lightly, until, very quickly, he became fully erect. She pulled his head free of her chest and kissed him violently on the lips, drawing all the air from his lungs and flicking off another of his teeth with her tongue. She let him gasp down some oxygen as she whispered erotically, "Well, it's not much, but it will do."

She placed her hands on his hips and before he could react, lifted him off his feet and laid him, not particularly gently, onto the rocky ground. In an instant, she was on top of him, her hands pinning his wrists down as if he was wearing steel clasps, her legs holding his in place just as surely. Her gorgeous face loomed above his, her long, silky hair falling across his cheeks, its beautiful scent filling his nostrils. His vision was filled by her huge breasts which hung over his chest, her enormous nipples brushing his skin, sending tingles of excitement through his entire body despite his anger, his confusion and his fear. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his almost vertical shaft, pressing her breasts down on him, their points digging painfully into his flesh.

"Stop!" he cried. "You're hurting me." She responded by bending her head lower and silencing him with an aggressive kiss, incidentally increasing the pressure of her chest against his. Then she began to pump her hips, taking him in and out of her, smashing his backside against the rough ground with each thrust, squeezing the air from him each time her breasts slammed against him. He came almost immediately, unable to resist the supreme eroticism of her unearthly body, but she continued to ride him, ignoring his screams of "I'm done!" and "Please! No more!", not slowing the powerful movement of her hips until, with a groan, he lost consciousness. She stood up.

"Pathetic!" she muttered. "He'll have to learn to do a lot better than that to please me." Then she turned towards the men huddled at the far side of the cavern, calling out "Right! Who's next?" There was no reply. In a single bound, she leapt the thirty yards, landing amidst the cowering, whimpering group. Instantly, they began to move away from her, but her hands were too quick, grabbing Larry's arm with vice-like strength. She released his arm, only to push him with one finger up against the cold, hard wall. Pinning him there by leaning into him with her firm breasts, she exhaled hot breath into his face until his cock was hard. She pushed his shoulders down and, standing on tip-toe, slid herself onto his shaft.

Even before she had fully taken him inside her, Larry was cuming. "What's wrong with you guys?" she asked in an annoyed tone, bending her knees to ride up and down on him anyway, her nipples scraping up and down his broad, muscular chest, bruising his flesh. She was leaning a little too hard into him and soon his legs gave way beneath him. She let him drop with a dull thud onto the rocky cavern floor before she turned to see where the others were now trying to hide. Spotting Gary crouching nearby, she ran towards him, arriving before he had time to see her coming and react. She lifted him with one hand under his armpit while the fingers of her other hand massaged his member to readiness.

Gary was shorter than the others and she was able to take him where she stood, holding him with her hands on his hips, lifting him into and out of her insatiable sex like a giant dildo, throwing his body around as if he were made of rags. He also showed better control, holding his orgasm for quite a few seconds until she began to move him at incredible speed and he shot his load into her, moments before passing out when his head slammed against her chest with the force of a boxer taking a hay-maker on the chin. She let him fall at her feet.

Jeff was next; he tried to make himself invisible by lying on the floor. Leena merely leapt gracefully to land sitting on his chest, bending forward to kiss him deeply, her tongue forcing his to the roof of his mouth as her nipples brushed his chest. Then, she adjusted her position, so that she rode him with her back perpendicular to his, her long legs working like pistons long after he had cum in violent spasms, until he too fell unconscious. She then tripped Hugh, stroked his penis to hardness with her toes, and then, straddling him, lifted him bodily into her with a hand on each of his buttocks. She pulled him in and out; his head, arms and legs thrashing about wildly for a few minutes and then, when he was of no more use to her, she removed her hands and dropped him between her feet.

That left three men. She grabbed the first, a stocky red-haired amateur boxer, by his hair and rubbed his face violently across her breasts. Then she forced him onto his knees and made him lick her eager sex, trapping his head between her thighs. That ended all to soon for her when she squeezed a little to hard, putting him to sleep, his face falling onto the rock floor as he rolled off his knees. A second later, the penultimate member of her harem was pressed into service when she lay on her back, placed her hands on his hips and drew him into and out of her at a frantic pace until the constant collisions of their chests knocked all the air from his lungs.

Her final victim was forced to pleasure her with his back pressed against the wall, his knees bent and shaking as she pushed down on his shoulders and furiously pumped her legs, slapping him - gently by her standards - for time to time to keep him awake for as long as possible. When he collapsed in a heap, she lay down on the cave floor, letting her fingers finish the work that eight virile young men could only start, her back arching when she finally achieved her own orgasm, her backside and head splintering the rock beneath her.

A few moments later, Leena stood up and washed the traces of the men off her body in the pool, the freezing water not bothering her at all. She dried by spinning rapidly on the spot a few hundred times before she recovered her clothes and slipped them on. The entire orgy had lasted less than a quarter of an hour. It had left her feeling slightly disappointed. She had thought that eight young men would be enough to satisfy her, but their puny stamina had once again failed to match her expectations. What was she to do? Build herself a harem of twenty? Now that was an idea. But not here. Not now she'd kidnapped a cop - the whole town would be crawling with Feds any moment. She wouldn't be able to keep her secret much longer. It was time to move on, to start a new collection somewhere far, far away from Crampton.

Leaving her boys sleeping off their exertions, she one-handedly moved the huge exit-blocking boulder aside and leapt out into the quarry, as full of energy as when she had arrived. This time she left the cavern entrance open. She'd let them all find their own ways home. After all she had work of her own. It was going to be a challenge gathering up twenty men.


Conceptfan, Dec. 2001.