What is Conceptfan and EvilSuperGirls.com About?

Welcome, friend!

evilsupergirls.com is dedicated to everyone who likes the idea of evil, sexy, superhuman young women and wants to read about their adventures. My characters possess fantastic strength and invulnerability, not to mention a host of other amazing abilities (as well as great looks) and they enjoy spending their time showing off their remarkable powers. Why? Because some of us like that kind of stuff!

A bit about myself. Basically, I've been a fan of this genre for as long as I can remember. I love the concept (I'm a "concept fan") of stunning young women with superpowers. Don't ask me why, but the whole idea just rings my bell, floats my boat and boards my bus. Especially "evil" supergirls.

I get excited at the idea of supergirls who love to use their extraordinary abilities for their own, often cruel, amusement. In a nutshell, I'm turned on by superpowered women who dominate and destroy. Again, don't ask why...

In my stories, all the main characters are girls who are super and evil. It's as simple as that. (Right about now, I ought to say that, in order to show just how super and evil the girls are, many of the stories on this web site contain violence and bloodshed. There's also quite a bit of sex in some of the fiction, too.)

If you're still interested in reading my stories, please click on the links in the menu at the top of the page to explore the site. Click on Stories to go to my writing. Be sure to come back regularly and check the Updates section to see what's been added. Please feel free to get in touch and send your comments, criticisms and suggestions by clicking on Contact. And, lastly, check out the Links to some other pages you might like.

That's about it, except to say I hope you enjoy my stories!