A Little Bit of Fun

A couple of bored teenaged girls from another dimension illegally "borrow" a transporter band to come to Earth for kicks. Once there, they discover that they have seemingly unlimited powers, much to the cost of any Earthling who is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

Index of Chapters

Prologue Lyda and Tara have a chat and make a plan.

Chapter 1 Lyda and Tara pay their first visit to Earth and find it's even better than they dared hope. For them, that is, not the Earthman they meet.

Chapter 2 The girls return to have a little bit more fun, wiping out an entire police unit in the process.

Chapter 3 Lyda and Tara pay a third visit to Earth, finding time for a little outdoor excitement. While they're at it, they write off a squad car, and its occupants.

Chapter 4 Back on Earth once again, the girls enjoy themselves with a bulldozer and play their own version of tennis.

Chapter 5 Lyda and Tara find that a car, a bus and loads of tough guys make fun toys... for a while.

Chapter 6 A taxi, an ambulance, two police cars and half-a-dozen men briefly amuse the girls until they find something more stimulating to do with themselves.

Chapter 7 More cars, another ambulance, a fire-engine... it's a bad day for vehicles and their occupants as Lyda invents a brand new sport.

Chapter 8 The military arrive on the scene, just in time to become part of the girls' game.

Chapter 9 The game continues with Tara taking a turn.