Lorren's Playthings

As the sole survivor of a genetically enhanced interplanetary invasion force, Lorren finds herself stranded on Earth. She's been bred for fighting, but she'd rather make love than war. Trouble is, her physical superiority and out of control libido mean that she sees all Earthmen as toys existing only for her amusement.

Index of Chapters

Chapter 1 The Nivan invasion of Earth goes disastrously wrong, leaving Lorren alone in a new world. She meets her first Terran but he proves no match for her incredible sexual appetite.

Chapter 2 Lorren plays sexual politics with a couple of young men, leaving them in no doubt that she's the one who has to be satisfied, not them.

Chapter 3 Lorren interrupts some soldiers at work and finds them something better to do - please her.

Chapter 4 Lorren comes to town, has fun with a would-be attacker and enjoys an unusual workout at a gym.