Milena's Diary

She was just your everyday niece of a top mafia boss until the day she met a genie in a cave. Now she's a superhuman sex bomb. Unfortunately for her enemies, she likes to keep scores. Fortunately for us, she also likes to keep a diary.

Index of Chapters

Part 1 Milena tells us how she became super, dealt with a hit squad and experimented with her new powers.

Part 2 A tree, a speeding car and two cops are no match for Milena as she continues to try out her new abilities.

Part 3 Milena goes to discuss issues with her Uncle, and discovers that he's hiding at least one big secret. She finds herself facing a small private army. Poor army.

Part 4 Milena indulges in a bit of marine sport. Sport for her, that is, not the ship and its crew that she meets.

Part 5 Milena finds out just how super she is - a definite disadvantage for romance. But there's an uplifting ending (uplifting for Milena that is.)

Part 6 Milena learns to use her new abilities, takes a break to do some forestry work and then has fun at the expensive of the military.

Part 7 Milena gets what she wants from the men in her life on land, at sea and in the air.

Part 8 Milena tries her hand at furniture removal and finds out how easy it is to strike a good bargain when you're superhuman.

Part 9 Milena attends an unusual business meeting where her invulnerability and super-strength are put to the test and found to be more than adequate.