Plan 8 From Outer Space

Lisa's a bad girl and that's why they locked her up. Far beyond Earth, a plan is hatched that will transform her in ways she'd never imagine. But some things never change. After all, why should an aggressive, angry teenage delinquent learn manners just because she's suddenly superhumanly beautiful and powerful?

Index of Chapters

Prologue An explanation from the Universe.

Part 1 We meet Lisa. By the end of the chapter, she's already got blood on her hands.

Part 2 Lisa's hands get a lot more bloody as she finds out what it means to be a superhuman girl surrounded by normal men.

Part 3 Lisa's still angry, which is bad news for everyone she meets. Very bad news, in fact.

Part 4 Being used for target practice does not improve Lisa's mood. Her hands get covered in oil as well as yet more blood.

Part 5 Lisa gets really dirty and really angry. And really, really destructive.

Part 6 Lisa vows to chase after all those who made her angry. But the list of targets keeps growing.