Randolph and Kim

He's a brilliant scientist with serious problems relating to the rest of the human race. Especially women. When the government snubs his greatest discovery, he decides to keep it for himself - even though he has to wait until he's sixty-five to use it.

She's the spoilt neighbour brat with an amazing body and a complete lack of respect or morals.

He hates her. He lusts after her. Then, he accidentally zaps her with his ray...

Index of Chapters

Chapter 1 Meet Randolph.

Chapter 2 Randolph fires his ray, Kim sunbathes.

Chapter 3 Randolph confronts Kim.

Chapter 4 Kim goes to town.

Chapter 5 Kim goes home to change.

Chapter 6 Kim meets her friends.

Chapter 7 Kim vandalises her school.

Chapter 8 Randolph interrupts Kim's family discussion.

Chapter 9 Kim visits her friend's house.

Chapter 10 Kim visits another friend's house.

Chapter 11 Kim meets with her school counselor.