Empress Ria

Exiled from her home planet Prytkon after the overthrow of her father the Emperor, Ria finds herself stranded in an unknown part of the universe near a small, but inhabited, blue-grey world. Will her newly discovered amazing abilities enable her to fulfill her destiny and follow in her father's footsteps?

Index of Chapters

Foreword Ria is exiled from her homeworld.

Chapter 1 Ria destroys a meteorite and adds a whole new meaning to "sun-bathing" as she discovers her new powers.

Chapter 2 Ria enjoys her first encounter with an inhabitant of her new home, but the experience is not exactly mutual.

Chapter 3 Ria starts to learn the lingo and finds that four well-armed military men are no challenge for her.

Chapter 4 Ria discovers another new ability and finds herself having fun as a squadron of Air Force jets tries to stop her.

Chapter 5 Ria finally makes it to Burpford Base where she wreaks her special kind of havoc inside the Command Centre.

Chapter 6 Ria meets the Commander of Burpford and gives him a taste of her fantastic power.

Chapter 7 Ria takes on the rest of Burpford Army Base.

Chapter 8 Ria indulges her passion with a submarine.

Chapter 9 Ria visits a city for the first time and shows off her power.