Conceptfan's Shorts

A collection of self-contained one-off short stories that don't fit into the other series. Featuring all kinds of superhuman evil females, including alien invaders, sexual predators and cold-hearted killers.

Index of Stories

No.1 - "Hostile Takeover" Governments change. Sometimes the people vote for new leaders, sometimes rebel forces seize power, sometimes the military. Sometimes a beautiful alien girl defeats a whole nation single-handedly...

No.2 - "The Groupie" Being a famous rock star might mean you can have your pick of a hundred willing girls, but being a supergirl means you can have your pick of famous rock stars whether they're willing or not.

No.3 - "Leena's Boys" Leena's got a lot of boyfriends. The only problem is that the police can't find where she's hidden them. Not that Leena seems to mind about little details like that.

No.4 - "Beaten Up" An invented true story of the time I saw a beautiful girl on a train. Things get more interesting when she almost kills me. Several times…

No.5 - "Beautiful Monster" If the monster is asleep, why would you wake it? Because that's the staple of the Nineteenth Century horror story. This one's set in the jungle. Beware: there's plenty of gore...

No.6 - "Get Conceptfan ("Beaten Up": The Remix)" Thanks to an imaginary genuine e-mail, fans of Short no. 4 can now get to read her side of the story. Meanwhile, all I get is a reminder of invented pain.

No.7 - "Monika and the Ring" Written for the SGI Workshop 1.1, this is a story about a female pirate, inspired by the comic-book character Red Monika. Yo ho ho and a bad supergirl!

No.8 - "The Gift" This one was for SGI Workshop 1.2 (Theme: "Ubergirl vs. Army). Guess who wins the fight? Just to let you know: this one's quite bloody.

No. 9 - "The List" Very short story (1,000 words) about a girl seeking (and getting) revenge. Or, as she calls it, "closure". (Written for SGI Workshop 2.1)

No. 10 - "Clara's Destiny" Her parents send her to Earth as a baby when their planet is doomed. She grows up with superpowers. Her destiny is to protect and save the people of her new home. Isn't it? (Written for the SGI Workshop 1.6)

No. 11 - "Candlelight" Very short story (1,000 words) about, a young woman and some candles. (Written for the SGI Workshop 2.4)

No. 12 - "Be Careful Where You Point That Thing" Very short story (1,000 words) in which a strange device has unexpected effects. On a girl... (Written for the SGI Workshop 2.6)