Teuser's Formula

Maverick biologist Sam Teuser has spent months developing what he thinks is the ultimate love potion. But he has no idea what he's about to unleash on the world as he starts testing his formula on random, unsuspecting women.

Index of Stories

Part 1 Teuser gets thrown out of his laboratory and drowns his sorrows. With his old Professor looking for him, he finds his first guinea-pig. Meanwhile, she has a mission of her own.

Part 2 Things go from bad to worse for Teuser, the Professor makes a startling discovery and Ivana has a strange evening. Meanwhile Lynne orders a pint of milk.

Part 3 Ivana surprises her landlord and Gary behaves badly. Elsewhere, Teuser has another rough night and Lynne gets her milk.

Part 4 Ivana is as hungry as ever and Teuser's luck shows no sign of changing, unlike Lynne's.

Part 5 Ivana, Lynne and Clare are insatiable. So is Teuser. Things look bad for him, but worse for Gary.

Part 6 Teuser rests as Ivana goes shopping, Claire goes to the gym, Lynne helps Gary to bed and we meet Kelly.