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Fictional stories of beautiful young women with superpowers and VERY bad attitudes...
Most recent update: Friday 13th May 2022

Hi, I'm "Conceptfan". I write fetishistic stories about superhuman girls that look like fashion or glamour models and have powers including superstrength, invulnerability, superspeed, supersenses, superbreath, x-ray vision and flight.

These are not typical superheroines.  These are violent, cruel girls on power-trips; dominating, humiliating, harming and causing havoc, purely for selfish reasons. They have different origins and motivations, but all of them are sexy, ultra-powerful and "evil".

For more about my character preferences and this website in general, please check out the About page.

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If you're not sure, then please be aware that most of the stories on this site contain depictions of sex and violence. This site is not for minors, the easily offended or for anyone who doesn't find this type of fiction appealing.

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