Lorren's Playthings

As the sole survivor of a genetically enhanced interplanetary invasion force, Lorren finds herself stranded on Earth. She's been bred for fighting, but she'd rather make love than war. Trouble is, her physical superiority and out of control libido mean that she sees all Earthmen as toys existing only for her amusement.

Chapter 1

She had been bred for obedience like the rest of the secret invasion force. She was the result of the same genetic engineering, the same customised technology and the same training. Like the others, she was vastly stronger than the average Nivan. Like the others she was vastly less vulnerable than the average Nivan. But there the similarities appeared to end. Whilst the rest of the group had lived up to every expectation, things had not quite gone to plan with Lorren. Not enough for her to have been seen as a danger or removed from the group - at least not at first.

The group had been developed by Niva's top scientists with one purpose in mind: the successful invasion and occupation of Planet Earth. They had worked for centuries trying to find a way to improve upon the already remarkable physical abilities of the Nivan race. At the same time, other experts were involved in research aimed at counter-acting those characteristics which were seen as unneccessary in the ideal soldier. One of these characteristics was individualism, not as pronounced a trait in Nivans as in Terrans, but an unwelcome concept nonetheless. Another was the legendary Nivan libido, a well-known distraction for even the most dedicated representative of the Homeworld.

The idea was to create an army of perfect warriors; strong enough to defeat any enemy, resistant to almost all weapons, completely loyal and interested only in carrying out orders. It was agreed that a thousand such soldiers would be created and sent to Earth with an invasion plan. All seemed to have gone well with the breeding plan. Five hundred males and five hundred females were created. A timetable for the invasion of Earth was drawn up and a ship was prepared to transport the warriors. In order to speed up the process, it was decreed that the soldiers' training would be completed while the voyage was underway. So the ship left Niva carrying Lorren and the other nine hundred and ninety nine specially developed fighters, together with a crew of engineers and combat trainers.

The problem with Lorren was that the genetic engineering had affected her differently from the others. The technicians were aware that she displayed a tendancy towards individualism that was totally absent from her colleagues. She was quite a bit stronger than most of them too; new advances in technology improving her musclar efficency greatly so that she possessed superior strength despite a much less pronounced musculature. She had also proven far more resistant to the scientists' attempts to harm or hurt her. This was why she had been accepted for the mission, even though there were doubts over her reliability and willingness to obey orders.

Unbeknown to the experts, however, there was another crucial difference between Lorren and the others. Whereas the scientists had been able to drastically reduce the sex drive of the invasion force - almost removing it all altogether in fact - Lorren's libido was even greater than that of an "ordinary" Nivan. She had become aware at an early stage that her yearnings were contrary to the wishes of the technicians, and did everything she could to hide them. Had anyone discovered her nightly ritual of prolonged, fervent masturbation, she would surely have been excluded from the project. But, she kept her secret well. Until that is, the ship was approaching Earth's orbit.

It happened like this. Lorren's sexual burning had not abated during the voyage. She had made a few subtle attempts to find out if any of her male colleagues were available for sex, but she found them all utterly disinterested. The genetic engineers had performed their task well. Eventually, she realised that she could no longer satisfy herself with her fingers alone. One evening, she followed a pair of crew members into an isolated area of the ship. Making sure she had not been followed, she cleared her throat to get the men's attention. When the surprised two males turned around to look at her she smiled at them and instructed them to remove their clothes.

At first they attempted to resist her suggestions, but when she removed the top of her uniform, neither could hide his arousal any longer. After all, Lorren was beautiful, even by Nivan standards. Soon, they were crouched either side of her, each caressing a large, firm breast in his two hands while his mouth worked over a nipple. Lorren had never experienced such pleasure before; it stimulated every fibre of her being, making her desparately want more. She placed one of her hands on the back of each man's head and gently pushed the two men against her chest.

Suddenly, the pleasant sensation that they were generating stopped. Lorren looked down and saw that despite her care, she had squeezed the crewmen's skulls a little too hard. Neither man was breathing. She could see dark bruises already forming on their faces where she had pressed them against her soft, feminine curves. She would have a lot of explaining to do for this - particularly as she had kept her rampant desires secret for so long. They might even exclude her from the mission, or worse, send her back to Niva for punishment. The thought made her panic.

Looking around, Lorren's keen eyes came to rest on a waste disposal chute. In her moment of desparation, she figured that getting rid of the evidence was her best chance. She stood up, using her right hand to get hold of the two men by the collars of their uniforms. The pair of large, wide, muscular corpses dangled from her casual, one-handed grip as she strode towards the chute. Then she tossed the two bodies in and pressed the "dispose" button. There was a brief whooshing sound and then silence. All Lorren had to do now, she thought, was to return to her quarters unnoticed and the matter would remain forever unresolved.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the huge ship, the Chief Officer turned away from the observation monitor he had been studying for the past five minutes. Flicking a switch on the control panel in front of him he spoke quickly and authoritatively into a high security communicator then returned to his former position in front of the monitor to observe his team at work.

It was all over in seconds. Six fellow soldiers burst in on Lorren. Before she could react, they grabbed hold of her arms and legs. Even so greatly outnumbered, she put up a fierce fight, but eventually she was wrapped tight in a sheet of strength-draining material and dragged her to a nearby airlock.

Lorren was thrown unceremoniously into the tiny pressure chamber and the huge thick door was slammed closed and sealed behind her. Even as she began to take stock of her situation, she heard the Chief Officer's voice through a loudspeaker: "This mission is too important to be jepordised by the stupid behaviour of a oversexed girl. You will be held in this airlock until our invasion is underway and we have sufficient time to deal with you. You have betrayed the trust of the whole of Niva. Why didn't you inform us of your sexual desires previously? You have failed us all."

So, Lorren sat down to await her fate, not a little afraid of what the Chief Officer might have in mind for her. She wondered if the invasion would be successful, or if there would be some delay before her punishment was decided. She knew that escape from the airlock was impossible, especially given the unique material that covered her whole body. She was powerless to do anything but wait for someone else's judgement to be passed on her.




As it happened, the Chief Officer never had the opportunity to even so much as consider her case. It was the hour of the final briefing before the invasion. Every soldier on board was assembled in the main hall at the heart of the vessel. Every single one except Lorren, of course, who was imprisoned in an airlock on the far side of the ship. The rest of the craft was populated solely by technicians and engineers, temporarily in charge whilst the soldiers directed their attention to more important matters.

The briefing was well underway. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the ship from Lorren, two young, inexperienced technicians were manning the engine room. They had been promoted at short notice to replace the men Lorren had unintentionally killed a few hours before. Neither had a great deal of experience with equipment on that scale, and they were ill-trained in interpreting the computer read-outs the enormous engines produced. They discussed the possibility of requesting help from someone experienced but neither of them dared disturb the invasion briefing, so they resolved to move to plan "B": do nothing and hope for the best.

What actually happened was the worst. The technicians' ignoring of vital warnings and a fault in the ship's design combined to cause a chain reaction within one of the engines. In a fraction of a heartbeat, the reaction had reached such proportions that the affected engine became critical and exploded. This triggered a series of explosions in the other engines. The two newly-promoted technicians were dead even before the second explosion. The force of the blasts ripped through the ship, tearing it to shreds. Air rushed out into the partial vacuum of space, instantly killing every other non-soldier on board.

The genetically enhanced soldiers in the central hall were scattered in every direction and thrown out into space. Some survived for as long as twenty revolutions of the cloud-strewn planet beneath them before finally succumbing to dehydration. But all of them, trainers, officers and a painstankingly developed invasion army of nine-hundred and ninety-nine specially bred young fighters were fated to die without ever touching the surface of the planet they were designed to conquer.




There was only one survivor of the disaster. A solitary female, sealed in an airlock. It was all a matter of chance. The heat of the massive explosions in the engine room instantly vapourised all the strength-absorbing material that had been covering her skin. The sudden release of pressure when the force of the blast tore open the airlock forced her away from the craft so fast that she was propelled much closer to the blue and white planet than her doomed shipmates. By sheer luck, she was thrown so near to the cloudy world that she became trapped in its gravitational field. She, Lorren, who had been excluded from the invasion, was to be the only crew member to touch Earth.

She fell helplessly towards the thick layer of gases surrounding the planet. Soon the friction began to warm her skin. Very quickly, her body was glowing red with heat. Even in her state of shock, Lorren could not help but enjoy the wonderful warm sensation. She watched the clouds flashing past her and looked down at the world below her. It was then that she realised she was truly alone. As she thought of the others on the ship, her mood was not one of remorse or grief, but rather one of relief. Relief that she did not have to face justice for her indiscretion with the two engineers. Relief that she was free from the iron discipline of the Nivan command. And relief that she had not shared the same fate as the rest of the crew.

Lorren examined her new home as it rushed up to meet her. She had studied so much about the Earth in preparation for her role in the invasion. That plan was finished now, but she hoped to be able to use her knowledge to her advantage. She knew how weak the Terrans were, how fragile and how powerless. She knew she was stranded amongst them, far from the reach of the Nivan command. There was no-one on Earth who could throw her in an airlock or force her to accept their judgement. There was no-one to make her board a spaceship as part of an army, and there was no-one to prevent her having sex if that was what she wanted.

In fact, having sex was exactly what she wanted. She smiled to herself even as she rocketed downwards. She had just become the sole genetically improved Nivan on a planet whose inhabitants were weaklings even compared to the puniest unenhanced Nivan. She had been genetically engineered specifically to ensure that the most powerful weapons on this world would not harm her. A world that was home to billions of males. Surely not all of them could be as ugly as the ones she had learnt about on the ship. Surely some of them would be able to satisfy the never-ending hunger in her loins.




Lorren's fall was broken by the Pacific Ocean. She hit the water with such force that a thirty-foot high tidal wave raced a hundred miles from the point of impact. She sank deep into the ocean before recovering control and returning to the surface. With immensely powerful strokes she began to swim, unsure in which direction the nearest land lay. Her pace was similar to a Terran speedboat, but her stamina was beyond anything on the planet. Before two hours had elapsed, she had spotted land. She had truly arrived on Earth.

Lorren leapt gracefully out of the sea onto a deserted golden beach. In the distance she could see a group of trees - the ones she knew Terrans called "palms". She had swum over a hundred miles in just over two hours, but she wasn't even a little tired. Slowly, she walked towards the trees noticing that there was not a single Terran anywhere to be seen. The bright yellow sun made her skin tingle delightfully. She felt wonderful. Reaching the palms, she removed her uniform and lay down on the sand to fully enjoy the sensation. She felt herself filling with power.

She couldn't help but touch herself. Finally, she was free to feel her enhanced body without having to hide her sexuality. She began to fondle her massive, firm, round breasts, caressing them with enough force to crush Terran steel. Soon she was lost in her reverie, her right hand drifting away from her chest down her stomach, stroking her pubic hair and then touching the edges of her sex. With her other hand, she increased the pressure on her breast whist she used the fingers on her right hand to pleasure herself. For the first time in her life, she felt no fear of discovery. She began to intensify her efforts.




Brad often came to this deserted part of the beach to get away from it all. He'd drive down in the pick-up, change into his swimming trunks, splash about for a while and then dry out on the sand. No-one ever bothered him here; it was the only place he could be truly alone. He parked the truck back on the road, about half-a-mile away. Lorren would have heard his engine, but her mind was elsewhere. Taking his sports bag from the passenger seat, Brad changed there and then, by the side of the road. Then he headed towards the sea, looking forward to the feeling of salt-water on his skin.

He couldn't believe his eyes at first. There was someone in the trees. That was unusual enough, but it was nothing compared to his next discovery. The person in the trees was naked. And it was a chick. A young chick. And she was naked. And she was breathtakingly stunning. And she was playing with herself. He couldn't stop himself getting a little closer to examine her in greater detail. She had magnificent arrow-straight jet black shoulder-length hair. Her eyes were the clearest, brightest blue he had ever seen. The rest of her face was a vision in its perfection, her nose ideal, her lips full, red and beautifully shaped. In her excitement her mouth was slightly open, revealing two rows of flawless regular gleaming teeth.

But her face had to take a back seat to the body. Her legs, so long and slender, so shapely. Her hips, straight from his happiest fantasies. Her washboard stomach so flat, her navel so alluring. There was not the meerest hint of a blemish anywhere on her silky, toned flesh. But what caught Brad's attention and held it like a prisoner, were her breasts. He'd never seen a pair this large and round that were as firm as these appeared to be. She was lying on her back and yet they still stood proud on her chest, as if they had secured an exemption from the laws of gravity. Each boasted a big, triumphant pink nipple at its centre, pointed straight at the sky. Every little thing about the girl was utterly, utterly magnificent. Brad felt his body responding to the remarkable vision in front on him. He knew that his shorts could not hide his arousal, but he continued to stare at the incredible girl.


Meanwhile, Lorren was so involved in her masturbation that she did not even notice the boy's presence. Suddenly though, she became aware that she was no longer alone. She stopped her frantic fingering and looked up. She immediately saw the male's muscular chest and arms. Even his face wasn't too bad, by non-Nivan standards. Then she noticed the bulge in his shorts and couldn't help wondering to herself "Is that as big as it gets? These Terrans must be inferior in every way!" But, the male's arrival was too good an opportunity to pass up. She sprang to her feet and approached him.

Lorren loved the way he seemed to be in awe of her body. It made her feel even more powerful than she already did as the sole Nivan on Earth. Soon she was standing only a few feet away from him. She could hear his accelerating heatbeat, she could even smell his readiness for her. She wasn't sure which of the many Terran languages this male knew, but she decided that verbal communication wasn't neccessary. His body betrayed his desires and they matched hers exactly. She didn't need to discuss that with him. And she certainly didn't need to ask his permission. After all, she was a specially-developed planetary invader and he was just a Terran. She could take what she wanted from him and he could do nothing to stop her.

She reached out and hooked a finger inside the waistband of his swimming trunks. He did not move; his eyes revealing an inner state of shock. A little tug of her hand snapped the elastic in half and tore the shorts enough for them to fall to his feet. The male was completely exposed in his full state of arousal. Lorren glanced at his throbbing organ, barely able to hide her disappointment. She knew Terrans were soft. If he was this small when fully erect would he be able to satisfy her at all? She briefly considered stroking his shaft to see if it would expand any further, but changed her mind when she saw how close he was to orgasm. She'd not even touched him yet.

There was no point delaying any longer. She reached down with her right hand, grasping the back of his thigh, just below his buttock. She remembered to be gentle with him, but he immediately snapped out of his trance and yelped in pain, arms trashing around in a state of panic. A few times his clenched fists smashed into her arms and stomach. She had to concentrate to even feel the blows. Twice, he struck a breast, temporarily denting the flesh a little, making the mound bouce almost imperceptively. That feeling, and the sight of his impotence against her, only increased her lust.

She relaxed her casual grip on his leg even further until his grimace vanished. She placed her other palm flat on his back between his shoulders then in a fluid moment she lifted his legs off the ground, supporting his weight with the hand on his back, tilting him until he was almost horizontal. The look of utter shock on his face nearly made her laugh. He began to trash out at her again, striking her face. Lorren felt as if he were stroking her with a feather. She could see bruises already starting to form on his fists. She smiled at him as he continued his pathetic struggles, making his erection throb a little more, despite his obvious fear. He was so easy to control!


A fuse blew in Brad's brain when the girl jumped to her feet and approached him. She looked even better standing. The way her huge, round tits bobbed just a little with each step almost brought him to orgasm. It was as if he had lost the ability to move or speak as his mind struggled to cope with the sight of her. She came really close. He felt paralysed, utterly struck by her beauty. Then she tore his shorts off him like they were made of tissue paper. How did she do that? Before he could start thinking about it she had grabbed the back of his leg. It felt like he'd fallen into a beartrap. Her fingers were soft and feminine, but they gripped him so tightly he screamed.

He tried to make her release his leg by hitting her. He pounded her arms and stomach as hard as he could. It hurt. Him. Not her. Her skin was as smooth and warm as the women in his fantasies, but it felt like she was made of iron underneath. She didn't react at all to his blows whilst his hands were becoming a mass of pain. Then he managed to strike her breast a couple of times. It was softer than her abdomen, but only slightly. Her flesh seemed to give for a fraction of a second before he encountered that steely underlayer once again. The breast bounced only a tiny bit under his hardest blow. She seemed to be enjoying it.

Then she finally loosened the vice-like grip on his leg. She was still holding him far to tightly for him to move his leg even a fraction of an inch, but at least he was no longer in agony. But then she put her other hand behind him and lifted him off the ground like he was made of polystyrene. There wasn't a hint of strain on her face as she bore his big body on her open palm, holding him almost horizontally in front of herself.

He recovered from his shock and hit out at her. He could only reach her face, but he knew that he was smacking her pretty hard. But his hands were on fire, and she wasn't even blinking. Then, he noticed that she was actually smiling at him, even as he punched her face again and again. The sight of her perfect teeth sent a quiver of desire through his body that overruled his fear and pain and made his manhood throb once more. He stopped hitting her and tried to catch his breath. She had picked him up like a child's toy. She utterly ignored his best efforts to hurt her. She terrified him. And yet she was so beautiful, so sexy, so graceful, so confident, that he burned with lust for her. What the hell was she? 


Eventually the Terran gave up his feeble efforts to resist her. He was panting as though physically exhausted. Lorren could not believe how pathetic he was. She knew she had to be extremely careful with the male. She didn't want to break her new toy. At least not before she had played with it for a while. Gently, still holding him in front of her, she moved her feet apart and passed his lower body between her legs, aligning his pulsating organ with her own eager entrance. Then she began to lift him into her. To her disgust, he was too soft to enter her fully. With a great effort, she concentrated on loosening her inner muscles until finally, she was able to push his entire length in.

She could hardly even feel him in there. He was so small and so weak. But there was something in the lightness of the sensation, as though he were teasing her inside, that almost excited her. Suddenly, she felt him tensing down there. There was no way Lorren was going to allow the Terran to climax before she was ready. Instinctively, she tighted herself a little. The boy's reaction was to scream. Quickly, she released the pressure slightly, but not enough to allow him to orgasm. Still holding him with one hand between his shoulders she adjusted her grip so that the other hand cupped a buttock and his body was straight, perpendicular to hers.


The incredible girl held him as if he were weightless. He saw her opening her legs. He was too shocked and exhausted to resist when she effortlessly manoeuvred him between her knees. Christ, was she raping him? Yes, she was. She had positioned his bulging erection beneath her. She was lifting him towards her. It hurt. She was incredibly tight, but she continued to push him into her. Surely it had to be painful for her. But her angelic face revealed not a trace of discomfort. Little by little, she was forcing him inside her.

For a second, he thought that he was going to cum, but suddenly his organ exploded in pain as if it were being crushed in a circular steel vice. He heard himself yelp and the pain subsided. But the pressure on his shaft was still sufficient to prevent his orgasm. It was as if she had perfect control over some super-strong muscle in there. Maybe she did. Everything else about this girl defied belief, maybe her vagina was magical too. He felt her hand leave his leg and cushion his ass as she lowered his shoulders until he was lying flat, between her legs, his shaft buried inside her up to the hilt.

There was no doubt about it now. He was actually being raped. He couldn't believe the ease with which she was handling his 200 pound muscular frame. And she seemed to be deliberately stopping him from cuming by squeezing him inside her. Was this girl from another planet or something? He looked up at her amazing blue eyes and her calm, gorgeous face. She looked human enough to him. And her tits! Those two big, full, round mounds riding so arrogantly high - they were human too. But the way her internal muscles gripped him, the way she was holding him like he weighed nothing to her, the way his punches had failed to hurt her...


Lorren kept her tight inner grip as she began to lower and raise the young man out of and into her. If she put all her mental effort into it, she could detect the sensation of his shaft rubbing against her. It was pleasing to her, but it wasn't enough. She began to increase the speed of her thrusting, moving the Terran's whole body with ease. He was nothing more now than her sex toy and she used him accordingly. She could feel a tiny orgasm growing inside of her as she thought of the absolute power she held over this big, "strong" male.

Faster and faster she plunged him into her, his arms and legs flailing wildly. It was so hard to gain any pleasure from him without killing him. She wanted him unharmed for at least as long as it took her to reach satisfaction. She continued to shake him up and down until she felt her minature climax approach and break.


Christ, what was she? And what was he - her dildo? She had started pushing and pulling him in and out of her. She was still so tight that he couldn't cum despite his desparation to do so. She was throwing him about like he was just some toy, her strength still amazing him. She quickened the pace and his limbs began to fly about of their own accord. He had no control even over his own body. All the control belonged to the incredible girl. Her arms moved even faster. His arms and legs became a blur, his head spun. Finally, she must have gotten what she wanted because she threw her head back and let out a low moan. 

As her inner muscles relaxed, his face contorted and finally he released his load in a dozen violent spasms. He had never cum so hard in his life. It was as if his entire essence was being sucked out through his exploding organ. He knew she had been using him like a toy purely for her own pleasure, but it had still felt better to him than even his wildest fantasy.


"Yet another disappointment", thought Lorren. She had loosed her grip on his shaft, hoping his ejaculation would enhance her weak orgasm, but she hardly felt him at all. This Terran was pathetic. All he had done was to stimulate her enough to make her want more and then he had failed to provide that "more". He was hardly even worthy of being her toy. She removed her hands from underneath him and simply let him drop onto the sand beneath her. He lay there, gasping for breath, his face fixed in an expression of relief. She looked down at him contemptuously.

After a few moments, his exhausted organ began to deflate. Lorren could not believe it. Could this male be finished already, after he had raised her hopes and then given her so little? She could not accept that. So she raised one dainty foot and carefully stroked his penis with her perfect big toe as she stood over him. Immediately, he became erect once more. His puny organ was red and sore. His face showed the discomfort he was in, but he could not stop the blood flowing into his hardening shaft. Once again she smiled at him, and once again his manhood responded to her.


When she dropped him onto the sand like a piece of garbage, Brad assumed she was finished with him. But the way she stared down at him let him know that she was disappointed he wasn't offering her more. Too bad for you, he thought, I've got nothing more to give. But then she began to caress him with her flawless foot making him hard again when he wouldn't have believed it possible.

Every pulse of his blood made his organ feel as if it were on fire, but he could not prevent it continuing to inflate. When she smiled at him, he became fully erect once again. His groin ached, but his shaft betrayed him. Even that was utterly beyond his control now. Even his most personal physical reactions seemed to be hers to manipulate to her whims. Brad was truly scared now. He wondered what she had in mind for him. He feared what she might do if he was unable to fulfill her needs. In a moment of panic, it occurred to him that her desire might be as inhuman as her strength, that he might never be able to satisfy this incredible girl and that she might kill him in the process.


Lorren saw that the male was ready for her again. She noticed the fear in his eyes too and it amused her that she had so easily made him erect despite his terror. Looking down at the feeble Terran lying helpless on his back between her long straight legs reminded her of her power over him. The thought was enough to stimulate her own sexual appetite. She began to bend her knees, lowering herself down towards his throbbing penis. Panic spread across the young man's face; he seemed to be in dread of what she might be about to do. He started kicking his legs, trying to move himself away from underneath her whilst still lying on the sand.

Lorren crouched down. The Terran had managed to move a yard or so away from her. She had to stretch forward a little to get a hold on his ankles. She could see his frantic efforts to move his feet, the jerking of his hips and the strain on his face, but all his efforts proved useless against her casual grip. Remaining on her haunches, she shifted her feet apart and gave the male's legs a little tug so that his whole body lifted momentarily off the sand as she yanked it into position between her legs. Then she pivoted her feet ever so slightly until her heels were pressed against his side, holding him in place, despite his increasingly desperate struggles.


Brad saw that the girl was lowering herself towards his painful erection. Instinctively, he tried to escape, "walking" himself, still prone on his back, away from her. He got his legs out from under her in time, but she was able to grab on to his ankles. She didn't seem to be putting any exertion into it, yet as much as he fought, he could not budge those ankles even a tiny bit. Then she pulled at him suddenly and his entire body jerked as she slid him between her feet once again as if he were nothing more than a sack of sawdust.

He felt her heels digging into his ribs on either side. With just the edges of her delicate femine feet, she was easily preventing him from escaping. He tried to wriggle free, putting all his strength into it, but her hold was unbreakable. Beads of sweat began to break out on his forehead. He was utterly powerless against this girl. There was nothing he could do to stop her doing whatever she wanted to do with him. He couldn't even deflate his ever-ready organ; even that was well beyond his control now.


Keeping the male in place between her heels, Lorren lowered herself until the tip of his wholly unimpressive erection brushed against her pubic hair. The incredibly delicate touch of the fragile Terran flesh reminded her just how careful she had to be with this creature. She relaxed her inner muscles as much as she could, and slowly impaled herself on him, re-tightening a little when she felt him ready to orgasm once again. Just being inside her seemed to bring him to the brink of release, even now when he was frightened and in pain. Even when he had orgasmed once already just moments before. He truly was pathetic. 

Lorren began to pump her long, strong legs, rythmically taking him in and out of her, keeping the internal grip on him to prevent him cuming until she was fully ready. She increased the pace, trying to squeeze more enjoyment from his small and delicate organ. From somewhere, the Terran found a new burst of strength. He tried to sit up, getting about halfway there. That was enough for him to be able to reach her. Gritting his teeth, he began to strike her face, alternating between his left and right hands. Lorren though this was much better. She enjoyed his featherlight touches as she continued to ride up and down on him.

From the tears in his eyes and his irregular breathing, she could tell that he was in pain, great pain probably, but she wasn't about to stop now, when he was finally doing something for her. She cupped her breasts, stroking them gently, using only about a hundred times more force than the Eathman's blows as he repetitively struck her face. Soon she felt a second orgasm rising from deep within her, much larger than the first. Continuing the powerful movement of her legs, she bent her head down closer to him, bringing herself more within his reach, hoping to encourage him to hit her harder.


Brad was in agony. He was being raped him for the second time in ten minutes. This time, he was lying on the sand, with her holding his entire body in place with her beautiful heels while she rode him, her fantastic legs moving up and down like pistons in an engine. His organ burnt inside her, but in spite of the pain, he was yearning to cum once again. Just like the first time however, she was doing something inside to stop his release, gripping him with hidden, supernatural muscles. In a final attempt to ease his situation, he sat up as far as he could and started smacking her face with one hand then the other over and over again.

His hardest blows didn't even make her blink. Meanwhile, he could feel the bruises already beginning to form on his hands, only increasing his pain still further. The girl continued to rape him, her legs not hesitating even an instant. Unbelievably, she leaned her face towards him as if she were deliberately making it easier for him to hit her, like she enjoyed it or something. In sheer desperation, afraid that she would crush his organ or his hips completely, he pounded her face repeatedly with both his fists together as if hammering on a huge oak door, ignoring the ever-growing pain in his hands.


This was much better! The Terran had started to pummel her with both his fists. If she concentrated enough, it was almost like being gently caressed by an Nivan. She felt her orgasm bubble up to the surface. She released her inner hold on him, trying to feel his pathetic ejaculation. The pounding on her face stopped as the male lost control of his body. The miserable trickle inside her was just enough to send her over the edge. She threw her head back, thrusting her magnificent breasts outwards and moaning in her pleasure as she continued to ride him, making sure she extracted every drop of enjoyment from the Terran beneath her.


At last she seemed to be stopping. He felt the grip on his shaft loosen and was surprised by the strength of his own orgasm. He had never cum twice in so short a space of time before. The girl arched her back and moaned, still bouncing up and down on his inflamed erection. The sight of her fantastic tits pushed forward and jiggling drew a final burst of ejaculation from him, making him cry out in both pain and pleasure. Finally she stopped moving. As he panted for breath, bruises already beginning to show on his hands, groin and hips and unbearable waves of soreness pulsing through his organ, he thought he would pass out.

He was far to exausted to speak, let alone move his arms or legs. Besides, what could he say to the stunningly beautiful girl who had just finished painfully raping him for a second time in a few minutes? The girl who now sat on him, looking as fresh and relaxed as when he had first laid eyes on her. Christ, didn't she even get tired? His body was covered in sweat and bruises. Hers was still perspiration-free, still smooth and flawless. What the hell was she?


Lorren nearly laughed when she looked down at the Terran. He was clearly too weary to move. Two short bursts of love-making - in which she had done all the "work" - and he appeared on the verge of falling into unconciousness. There was no way she was going to allow him to do that. She was just getting warmed up now. Just beginning to see how she might get pleasure from this pathetic creature. The second time had been so much more enjoyable than the first, maybe a third would actually satisfy her. There was only one way to find out.

She stood up, letting him slide out of her. She stepped around his prostrate body and lay down on the sand beside him. The male made no effort to escape this time. His breath was rasping, his broad, muscular chest rising and falling dramatically. Could he really be that physically exhausted? His miserable little organ was already flaccid once again. How did such a pathetic creature even manage to stay alive? But that was not her concern. Her only interest in him now was whether or not he could bring her to a third - hopefully conclusive - orgasm.

Lying alongside the heavily-breathing Terran, Lorren propped herself up on one elbow and turned towards him. She saw that his eyes were half open. He was on the verge of falling asleep. She placed a hand on either of his shoulders and shook him as gently as she could. He yelled out in pain once again. All she was doing was making sure he was awake. Was he truly that delicate? At least his eyes were fuly open now. He was trying to speak, but no words came out. She began to worry that he would not be able to perform for her anymore. She had to act now before it was too late.


Brad was vaguely aware of the girl finally getting off of him and standing up. He was far too tired to move now. All he could do was try and catch his breath and hope that she would now leave him alone. She walked around him and lay down next to him. So, it seemed she did need to rest after all. He felt his eyes begin to close, and surrendered to the feeling, longing for the promise of recovery held out by sleep. The next thing he knew his upper arms were being crushed inwards and he was being viciously shaken as in a violent earthquake.

He opened his eyes. He should have known. His heart sank. The girl was shaking him awake. She was not finished with him yet. He felt like his brain was about to be jolted loose. The pain of her iron grip on his already bruised arms was intolerable. Instinctively, he screamed. She stopped shaking him and loosened her hold. Not for the first time, relief spread through him. He was completely awake now. She was leaning on her elbow, her gorgeous face studying him, her expression clearly one of disappointment. What did she want from him?

Every inch of his being ached, none more so than his bright red organ. It lay fully shrivelled across his thigh. Surely she couldn't want anything else from there? He thought he would die if she did. Besides, he was convinced that he would never achieve another erection again in his life. The pain was too great. His penis was agonisingly sore. His testicles were throbbing and achingly empty. His groin and his hips were covered in blue and green marks, evidence of the batterings he had recieved. He wanted to tell her to leave him alone, to beg her to have pity on him. His lips moved, but his throat was too dry and his breath too short to produce sounds. He could do nothing but lie there. He was utterly at her mercy.


So, the Terran was now too weak to even speak. She was not prepared to wait for him to recover; her two orgasms had left her with a strong need for more. She would have to do everything for herself, including getting him erect once more. In one graceful move, she rolled herself over him, placing one of her hands on either side of his head and one foot on either side of his legs. She bent close over his face so that their noses were almost touching. Once again, he tried to speak, but without success. It was as if he had lost all power of movement. She hoped his penis was still responding.

Turning her head slightly, she lowered her lips to his and kissed him briefly, as gently as she could. A low groan eminated from him. Once more, he made a futile effort at talking. Looking down, she saw a slight spasm in his limp organ. Encouraged by this, she kissed him again, this time longer and harder. She saw his arm lift a little off the sand and crash back down again. His organ spasmed again and raised itself a tiny bit. Another kiss, more passionate than the last. The arm slapped twice on the ground. The organ grew a little further. She was deinitely on the right track.


His worst fears were confirmed. She wasn't lying beside him anymore, she was directly over him, supporting herself on her hands and toes. She brought her face so close to his, he could feel his panting breath trapped between them. He wanted to beg her to stop, whatever she was doing. The pain in his penis and testicles was so great, he feared he would die if she tried to take him again. But he was unable to make any noise leave his body. Then, she kissed him softly, her firm lips pressing against his for an indescribable second, a kiss more exciting than any he had ever imagined in his fantasies. Immediately he felt a stab of pain as his battered organ responded to her.

He tried to cry out, to move, to strike her - anything to make her stop. All he managed to do was emit a soft moan. Then she kissed him again, longer this time, making his penis jump a bit, the agony filling his head with stars. Summoning all his strength, he was able only to slap his hand on the ground. The only effect that had was to make her press her lips against his again, much stronger than before. His mouth felt numb under the pressure of her kiss, but he failed to notice, so great was the throbbing of his now undeniably re-inflating organ. The best resistance he could offer was to slap his hand on the sand twice more. No! She can't make him stiff again! She can't rape him a third time! Please... no!


Lorren ran her tongue lightly across the Terran's cheek. He winced in discomfort and she could see yet more dark marks apprearing on his skin. She slid her tongue between his lips, easily parting them, until she felt his clenched teeth. She probed a little bit harder and felt the barrier give way. Now she could taste his blood. It was the first time she had sampled Terran blood. She quite liked it. She let her tongue run freely around his mouth, dislodging a few more teeth in the process. His hand was now pounding on the sand. She could see water collecting in the corners of his eyes. Eventually, she withdrew her tongue from his now bloody mouth and glanced down at his organ. It was half-way there now.


Christ! Now she was licking him. Only it felt like someone pressing soft, warm stone against his face. He could feel his cheek bruising even as she lightly passed the tip of her tongue over it. Then she was parting his lips. He fought to keep his mouth closed, but he was powerless to stop her separating his sealed lips. Her tongue was pushing painfully against his teeth now. Brad was using every ounce of strength he could gather to clamp his jaws together, to try and keep her out of his mouth, to try and stop her doing as she pleased with him.

Suddenly he was overwhelmed by a new pain in his gums and his mouth was full of blood. His teeth! The incredible girl had knocked them out with just her tongue! Now she was exploring the inside of his mouth. He tried to push her out with his own tongue, but hers pushed his aside as though it wasn't there. He tried to scream, but her lips were sealed over his, his tongue was forced to the side and no sound came out. Despite the tremendous discomfort in his gums, the blood trickling down his troat and the terrible aches and bruises all over his body, he knew she was getting him hard again.

Each beat of his heart send a wave of blood into his organ and a shot of pain through his entire body. Her tongue continued to wander about inside his mouth, knocking out a few more teeth, causing him further agony. All he could do in response was to slap his hand on the sand once more. He felt tears welling in his eyes when she finally withdrew her tongue. Blood dripped down his chin, his penis throbbed horribly. Still unable to speak he watched in horror as the girl glanced down at his half-extended organ and then back at him, smiling slightly.


Lorren knew now that she would be able to take the fragile Terran a third time. She just had to finish the work of making him erect again and he would be hers. She gently lowered herself towards him once again until her large pink nipples brushed against his chest. She moved forward to allow herself to stroke the male with the points of her breasts. There was more banging of his hand on the ground. She leant into him, allowing her big, round, firm breasts to flatten ever so slightly against his muscular chest. The pounding of his fist on the ground became more frantic. She ignored it, dragging her breasts up his body towards his chin.

She continued to rub herself upwards over his body. The top of her breasts met his chin, forcing his head backwards until she heard the sound of his tendons stretching. Tears were streaming from his eyes. Not wanting him dead before she had taken what she wanted from him, she adjusted her chest so that her breasts rested on his cheeks. Beneath her, she felt his manhood approach its full length. She raised herself a little, so that her nipples hung just a fraction of an inch above his face, and then lowered herself once more, breasts either side of his nose, smothering him completely in her huge warm cleavage. That was enough to get him totally hard once more. She smiled. Males were so easy to control.


Brad realised that nothing could stop the girl raping him a third time. There was nothing he could do to prevent her making him erect; despite the terrible pain she had inflicted all over his body and the agonising ache of his abused sexual organs, he was powerless to resist her inhuman strength and her unnatural sexuality. She had stopped extracting his teeth with her tongue, but now she was lowering her fabulous tits onto his chest. Her nipples pressed painfully into him, making him wince, but he was helpless. More as a reaction to the pain than an attempt to get through to her, he pounded the ground beside him once again.

Christ, what was she made of? She pressed her massive breasts against his chest. They felt so soft at first and yet so incredibly firm as they flattened just a little against him. Suddenly, there was no more give in them and Brad felt the two heavy mounds squeezing the air from his lungs. He smashed his fist repeatedly into the sand. She was going to kill him with her great big, gorgeous tits! She started dragging them up his chest. It was as if two minature steam rollers were being driven on his torso. The pressure was unbearable, but still his penis betrayed him, getting ever harder.

Her breasts reached his chin, pushing his head back. He tried to resist, but she seemed to be effortlessly stretching his neck with her wonderful mounds. He began to cry, partly due to the pain and partly due to the helplessness of his situation. He could feel the back of his neck stretching beyond comfort; he could hear something give back there. Brad feared she would decapitate him. At last she stopped, removing her chest from under his chin. But she just altered her position, and lowered himself onto his face, soft warm feminine flesh resting on his cheeks. He felt another spasm in his organ as he responded to her.

Then she lifted herself up again, so that her breasts were hanging just above the centre of his face. From where he lay, he could see nothing but the two huge, glorious, pendant mounds. His penis twitched accordingly. He knew that the reactions of his organ were only encouraging her, but there was nothing he could do - he was being double-crossed by his own body. She was in complete control and he had no choice but to let her have her way. The burning sensation in his groin told him he was almost erect again. She was going to succeed at what he thought was impossible; she was going to rape him for a third time.

He knew now for certain that she would not be denied. His spirit sank to a new low as he realised that the girl would go on using him until either she was satisfied or he was unconcious. Or dead. He had to fight her - not physically, because she seemed to have inhuman strength, but in some other way. He had to win the battle for control of his body, he had to prevent himself becoming stiff for her again. But the girl just bent over him, her two magnificent breasts pressing painfully into his face again. He was being smothered by her; his nose buried in her cleavage, so that his nostrils were filled with her unbelievable perfume, his vision completely filled with her flawless flesh. How could he ever think he could resist her? A broken man, he began to sob. He was completely erect now. She had won.


She lifted her chest off the Terran's face. Weeping softly, the pathetic creature stayed motionless as she lay down on her back beside him. She reached over and wrapped the fingers of her hand around the top of his arm. Casually raising her arm, she lifted his body off the sand. He dangled from her grip, making no effort to resist. What a pathetic creature. She dropped him on top of herself. His eyes closed for a moment as the impact of their chests knocked all the wind out of him. She wondered how much longer the fragile male would last. She decided not to waste any more time.

She placed a hand on each of his hips and, relaxing her internal muscles, she lifted him up and guided his organ into her. She pushed him in until he screamed. Then she began to pull him in and out, slowly at first, enjoying his moans of pain every time she slammed his groin against hers and his chest into her own. She increased the pace and the moans stopped and a look of horror and pleading came to his eyes. Her power over him excited her and she moved him in and out of her even faster. The fear on his face intensified. She could feel her orgasm developping and accelerated the movement of her arms still further. His eyes rolled until she could hardly see his pupils.

She let him have his pitiful ejaculation, continuing to thrust him in and out of her. His eyes were closed now, but she increased her pace once again. Finally, her climax came. She threw her head back and pushed him in deeply, letting out a scream as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. Her body began to buck wildly, and her eyes shut as she let the wonderful feeling fill her being. Perhaps these Terrans weren't so useless after all. It was two full minutes before she regained enough self-control to open her eyes once again.


When the girl released his face from the prison of her cleavage, Brad knew she would soon be forcing him inside her again. He must have blanked out for a moment, because suddenly she was lying beside him. Then her fingers were on his arm and his mind filled with terrible agony yet again. She was lifting his whole body with her one-handed grip, letting him dangle like a child holding a doll. Then she let go and he fell onto her body, onto her incredible breasts. It was as if he had been hit in the chest by two battering rams. He couldn't breathe for an instant or two. He thought he was passing out, but the sensation passed.

She grabbed him by the hips. Brad already knew what was about to happen to him, but he was too numb now to react. She lifted him up - it still amazed him the way this slim girl tossed his large frame about as if he were made of polystyrene. Then she plunged him into her. She pushed him in even further than the previous two occasions - so far in that he thought she would crush his pelvis against her steel-hard body. From somewhere deep inside of him a scream rose to the surface. The effort of producing the cry hurt his battered body terribly. Even as the sound left his lips, he knew that she would ignore it.

With her hands still gripping his hips like a vice, she began to push and pull him in and out of her. Each time she slammed him into her, her let out an involuntary moan of pain. His pelvis crashing against hers, his upper body smashing against her unearthly breasts - Brad felt like he was being repeatedly punched by a heavyweight champion. Did this beautiful bitch want to kill him? Her only reaction to his obvious agony was to smile a little as she upped the tempo of her thrusting. She was using him as her dildo. He was her toy.

The continuing impacts of their chests drove all the air from his body. No sound would leave his open mouth. Panicking for oxygen, his eyes bulging, Brad was really scared. She just moved him ever faster. It was as if his terror was turning her on. His vision became black. In a wave of sickening fear, Brad suddenly realised that his life was in real danger. The girl increased the pace even more.

What the fuck was she? He was more scared now than ever before. And yet she still somehow had the ability to control his sexual organs - to bring him to an orgasm for the third time in fifteen minutes. He hardly felt himself cuming, he was so numbed by pain, shock and fear, but he was vaguely aware of the fluid passing from him. But she didn't stop violently shaking him around. Her grip on his hips became even tighter. He felt his head becoming heavy. He stopped hearing anything except the thumping of his heart. Images of his childhood flashed into his mind and then... nothing.


As Lorren finally came down from her peak and opened her eyes, everything was red. Looking at her hands, she soon saw why. In her excitement, she had completely pulverised the Terran's pelvis in her hands, the shattered bone piercing his skin. A few bloody shards of rib protruded from his strangely hollow upper body, his hard muscular chest crushed by her large, soft, feminine breasts. His mouth was smeared in blood from his toothless gums. Disgusted with the fragility of her former "lover", Lorren tossed the corpse away. It landed in a repulsive heap fifty yards away.

Lorren walked to the sea to wash herself clean. The pathetic male had at least brought her some pleasure before crumbling in her arms. It had taken her three attempts, but she had managed to squeeze satisfaction from his weakling body. She put her uniform back on, realising as she did that she would need Terran clothes to hide on this planet. She was going to be here for awhile. Suddenly the idea of spending time amongst the Earthlings appealed to her. Fragile or not, they did have their uses.

She started walking away from the beach, in search of a settlement where she might find more Terran males. If she was careful, they would make great toys for her. She passed the bloody remains of the first Terran she had encountered and smiled to herself. There were plenty more males on this planet. She could afford to accidentally break a toy or two.


Conceptfan, Nov. 2001.

Chapter 2

Lorren had been on Earth for a day and the warm afterglow of her first sexual experience was beginning to fade. She had left the corpse of her first "lover" far behind her and was now walking along a deserted highway, knowing that it would eventually lead her to a settlement where she would find more Earthlings. She was anxious to get there. More Earthlings meant more males which meant more toys for her to play with. Her introduction to sex with Terrans had left her wanting more. The cravings she had hidden all her life were stronger than ever now and no longer needed to be repressed.

She was free at last from the tyranny of the Nivan Command. Her life had revolved around working for the glory of her homeworld. Now she was ready to play. She just needed a toy. A Terran male. To amuse her. To entertain her. And to satisfy her. The more she thought about it, the greater was the desire that burnt inside her. She thought of her first encounter, remembering how she'd overpowered the large muscular male with just the softest, most feminine parts of her body. How she'd used him for her pleasure until his fragile Terran body had succumbed to her vastly superior strength. She longed to experience such a feeling of power once again.

Ed put the sports car up a gear, enjoying the wind running through his hair. They only had the car for the day, so he decided to make the most of it. There was a whoop of delight from the passenger seat as his best friend Chuck showed his appreciation of Ed's driving. Chuck had to admit it: Ed had been right about this road being empty at this time on a weekday. They hadn't passed another car for nearly twenty minutes. The road was theirs, they had a borrowed sports car, the weather was beautiful, all they needed was a girl and this little post-graduation outing would be complete.

Lorren snapped out of her erotic daydream when she heard a distant mechanical sound. She assumed it was the noise of the primitive engine of a Terran vehicle. Her keen ears soon identified that the sound was heading towards her and quickly enough she spotted the device on the horizon. It was indeed a Terran vehicle. Her eyes zoomed in to reveal, to her delight, two youthful male occupants. She smiled. She wouldn't have to travel to the next settlement to find more fun after all. There were two toys headed straight for her and two would surely prove better than one had done earlier. She stepped out into the centre of the road and waited for her newest playthings to come to her.

"What the?..." said Ed as he spotted what looked like a person standing in the middle of the road. Chuck saw it too.

"Is that a chick?" he asked. Ed let the car slow a little.

"It looks like a chick." he answered. And then a few moments later as they got a little closer he added: "A babe."

They were less than a hundred yards away now. Ed honked the horn but the figure made no effort to get out of the way. He slowed the car a little more. Now they were close enough to see her figure.

"Jesus H Christ!" choked Chuck. "She's incredible."

"She's unbelievable" Ed agreed.

Ed squeezed down on the brake, bring the car to a stop only a couple of yards in front of the mysterious girl. He tried not to let his mouth hang open as he stared at her unusual jet black swimsuit and the flesh that it revealed. Chuck was also completely taken by the flesh. It was so perfectly moulded. Those elegant legs, the round hips, the flat stomach, the beautiful face, the wonderful large, firm breasts straining against the thin material of her costume which left most of the deep cleavage visible. Neither of them had ever seen anything like it before. She was absolutely perfect.

Lorren was a little disappointed. Neither of the two males looked particularly attractive, certainly not by Nivan standards. But, she considered, they might be able to entertain her for a while. She could tell from the way they were staring at her body that they were unaccustomed to being face to face with a female like her and their crashing heartbeats revealed their intimidation in the presence of her beauty. In a sense, she realised, she already held a degree of power over them. She smiled. She would have some fun with these two after all. She would tease them a little. She took a couple of steps towards the front of the vehicle until her long, smooth legs were almost touching it.

It was Ed who first came to his senses when he saw the beautiful girl approaching the car, her fantastic body looking even better in motion than it had stationary. Perhaps he was trying to impress his friend with his coolness in such a situation, or perhaps he was trying to make the same impression on the stunningly desirable stranger. Either way, he returned the girl's smile and leant around the front window of the open car to greet her: "Hey babe. Do you often stand in the middle of the highway or did you make an exception for me?"

They spoke English! That was one of the languages she had learnt in training for the failed invasion of Earth. And one of them, Lorren noted gleefully, was a little bit arrogant. She decided to play along. She put on her most vulnerable voice, quite a challenge for someone who is almost utterly invulnerable. "Oh no, I've never done it before. But you have such a beautiful... vehicle." She wasn't going to lie. Nothing about the boy was beautiful as far as she was concerned, but she went on anyway, "and you two look such big, strong men."

"Jesus Christ!" thought Chuck, "is she coming on to us?" Even in his catatonic state with his eyes fixed unmovingly on the girl's big cleavage, he was unable to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this. Without averting his gaze, he asked the girl "So - do you want to go somewhere with us, babe? There's plenty of room on my lap." and he patted his thighs with his hands to illustrate the point. Ed clearly approved of this tactic, chiming in with:

"Yeah, hop in. Let's go somewhere and have us a party!"

So, they had fallen for her game. Lorren was already beginning to enjoy herself. "Oh," she said, getting in to her role now, "I'm not sure I could handle two big, tough men like you." She saw both of the males swallowing hard in response to her remark. She heard their breathing and their heartbeats becoming more rapid. Finally, the one who was controlling the vehicle replied.

"Don't worry we'll be real gentle with you." he said.

"Oh yeah. Real gentle." reiterated his friend.

"You promise not to hurt me?" Lorren asked, perhaps overdoing it a little.

"Sure babe" the first male answered. "Get in!" She decided to accept the invitation in the most effective way possible. She lifted her right leg and lowered it seductively, knee bent, onto the hood of the car, holding that pose for a moment. Then, lifting her other foot, she stepped up onto the vehicle, her ankles now at the males' eye-level. Two steps brought her to the windshield. Inside the car, the two boys stared up at her figure in a state of awe. She raised her right foot and manoeuvred it gracefully over the shield, making sure both her new friends got to appreciate the length and shapeliness of her leg.

Then she lowered her pretty bare foot carefully onto the passenger seat between the thighs of one of them, brushing against him and making the bulge in his clothes at his groin twitch a little. Then she slowly brought her other foot into the vehicle, planting it on the floor between the non-driver's feet. He looked up at her - not as far up as her face, but as far as her chest at any rate. She heard his heart thumping with excitement. The driver, meanwhile was looking at his friend, his jealousy written clearly on his face.

Chuck couldn't believe his luck. This girl seemed to be offering herself to them on a plate. She used her long legs to climb onto the hood of the car, then she was actually walking on the car! She stepped over the windshield and lowered her foot right near his throbbing cock. As her heel brushed his thigh through his jeans, he felt a surge of electricity run through his body. She climbed fully into the car, her toes still just inches from his hungry member. Looking upwards, he found his vision filled by the curves of the undersides of her fantastic breasts. He found himself panting.

Now in the vehicle, Lorren made herself comfortable by turning slightly to the side and sitting down - as she had been invited - on the passenger's lap, with her legs stretched out across the driver's thighs. She smiled as she felt one erection pressing into her buttock and another brushing her ankle. "So, where are you taking me?" she enquired, provocatively.

"Wow!" thought Ed - she actually was sitting on Chuck's lap. And her lovely legs were resting on his own knees. And she wanted him to take her for a ride. "Well," he decided "we'll take her for a ride alright." Then, out loud, he replied to her question: "Somewhere where we won't be disturbed." That seemed to please her. She smiled. Ed struggled to put the car in gear and drive on, distracted by the exposed flesh of the girl sitting across his and Chuck's laps.

Lorren was beginning to get herself excited by the situation.Distractedly she began to massage the driver's genitals through his jeans with her toes so that his control over the vehicle became erratic. At the same time, she shifted her rear slightly, rubbing her impossibly round, firm buttocks against the other young man's organ. Her sensitive nostrils filled with the smell of male arousal. She knew she was irresistible. She thrilled with the sensation of power that coursed through her body.

Enough was enough! Ed couldn't take much more of this without exploding. He couldn't concentrate on his driving, couldn't wait until they drove to a motel. Seeing the landscape flat all around, he pulled off the road, driving about a hundred yards from the asphalt. That would have to do for privacy. He couldn't stand to wait another second. He glanced at the girl; she seemed unperturbed by his choice of stopping point.

Why had he stopped the vehicle here? Lorren couldn't understand it for a moment, but she finally realised what was happening. The Terran had reached the conclusion that he could not wait any longer for sex with her. It was time for the next step of her little game. She pressed her toes slightly harder into the driver's groin, watching his body tense in heightened arousal. Next, she put her arms around the passenger's neck, and turned her upper body towards his. She brushed her lips and chest lightly against his. Then she shifted her feet onto the ground, and leaned forward to gently kiss the driver, allowing her breasts to touch his chest too.

Standing up, she stepped on the driver's seat, foot between his legs, and climbed out of the car. Without looking around, she knew they were burning with lust for her, desperately longing for her body. She could hear the heavy breathing and the franticly beating hearts behind her. The two males were like sexual time bombs, ready to explode at her word. So, for her own amusement, she didn't give that word. Instead, she turned and faced the men in the vehicle. "Well, I'm going now. Goodbye, boys" she said, turning again and beginning to walk away, making sure that her rear moved to maximum effect with each step.

Chuck was delighted when Ed decided to pull off the road. He couldn't wait either. Then, the girl had kissed him, letting her big nipples touch his chest through his shirt, making fresh waves of desire crash through his body. The anticipation was almost unbearable. It wouldn't be long now; surely, not long now. She climbed out of the car, and then, inexplicably, she said goodbye. He couldn't believe it at first. She couldn't do that. He wanted her so badly. Hadn't she let it be known that she was willing? Hadn't she sat in his lap and rubbed her beautiful ass on his cock? Hadn't she kissed him, let her breasts touch him? What the hell did she think she was doing?

Ed was angry too. He also felt that he had been deceived, that the girl, by her actions, had somehow promised herself to him. And now she was just walking away - as if nothing had happened between them, as if she hadn't been massaging his erection through his jeans with her lovely toes. The thought that she might now disappear as suddenly as she had first appeared was unacceptable to him. He felt that she owed him something. And the way she was walking, her ass moving so invitingly...

As she slowly walked away, Lorren listened to the two accelerated heartbeats. She knew they would be staring at her rear and she made sure that she was putting on a good show for them. She wanted to drive them wild with desire until their self-control broke. She wanted them to try and take her, to believe that they could, for even an instant, possess her. Then she could reveal her true nature to them and make them utterly hers and use them for as long as they held her interest. But first, she would let them believe for a while, build them up in order to knock them down. It was all a game. She was playing with them. What else was she supposed to do with toys?

Chuck's jaw hung open and he watched the girl hypnotically. She was as perfectly beautiful from behind as she had been from in front. He burned for her; had to have her. How dare she leave him now? She had no right - it was the man who decided how far a couple should go, not the woman. She couldn't just get him all turned on and then leave him alone. She had responsibilities. She'd made him horny, now she had to do something about it.

Next to him, Ed was drooling as he watched her ass, thinking that his pants were about to burst at any moment. How could she look that good, get so close to him and then walk away. He couldn't let it happen. He needed her now so badly. He had to stop her just leaving his life. He wanted her, wanted her now. Without truly knowing what he was doing, he stepped out of the car and jogged after the girl. He caught up with her and grabbed hold of her arm as tightly as he could.

She heard the driver getting out of the vehicle and approaching her rapidly. Although she could hardly even feel his weak grip on her arm, she pretended that it was enough to make her stop in her tracks. Listening to the heavy breathing beside her, she knew what was on the male's mind. She suddenly realised that he was pulling down on her arm, trying to force her down to the dusty ground. She relaxed her legs and let him push her down onto her back, feigning surprise. "What's going on?" she asked, her voice dripping with fake innocence. The other Terran came running over to stand by his friend, the pair of them towering over her as she lay prostrate.

Ed didn't really know what he was doing. He was mad with desire for this girl. He found himself forcing her down. He pulled on her arm, shocked at first when his efforts came to nothing. Then, suddenly, he was able to push her down easily. He thought nothing of it as he looked down at her unbelievable body laid out at his feet. Soon, Chuck was by his side. The knowledge that his friend was with him gave him new confidence in his actions. He began to unbutton his jeans, and noticed that Chuck was following suit, their hands made clumsy by their nervousness and excitement. He could feel his heart thumping in his ribcage.

She had to supress a laugh when the two males removed their lower garments to reveal their extended organs. She was still getting accustomed to how small these Terrans were. She played along, not moving when the one who had been driving the vehicle flopped down over her, his hands hungrily grabbing at her breasts, trying to extract them from her battle uniform. Disappointedly, she noticed that he was far too weak to manage it. She wriggled about, pretending to struggle against him, but secretly working herself out of her costume.

As soon as her chest was free, the other male joined in, falling to his knees and reaching for a large, round mound. Soon they were jostling one another, rubbing their faces across her breasts, sucking her big nipples, fondling her roughly. Their aggresive touches felt deliciously light to her. Then, the one who had first grabbed her arm changed his position, manoeuvring himself between her legs. She pretended that his pathetic efforts were sufficient to prise her knees apart and remembered at the last moment to relax her inner muscles as the ungainly Terran "forced" himself into her.

Chuck watched in fascination as Ed started trying to get a hold of her breasts. She was struggling, but somehow, Chuck managed to get her costume off her, revealing those fabulous tits in all their naked glory. He couldn't help himself. He pushed his pal aside as he dove for her, pushing his face into those amazing boobs, sucking on her huge nipples. Then Ed was climbing on top of her, opening her legs. He moved out of his friend's way, but kept his hand on one of her breasts, clinging to her perfection, marvelling at her firmness as his fingers tried but failed to dent her wonderful flesh.

Ed was overcome by lust. He thrust himself deep into her, lost in a feeling of ecstasy as his most sensitive part was enveloped in her soft warmth. His senses filled with her wonderful scent, the smoothness of her flawless skin, the sight of her unbelievable body. He wanted the experience to last forever, but he was far too aroused by her. He managed barely four plunges into her before he began to shudder with the most uncontrollably violent orgasm of his life. Involuntarily, he cried out in his pleasure. He pulled out of her, utterly drained and rolled over on to his back to catch his breath.

He didn't feel exactly bad inside her, but Lorren couldn't help but wish he was a little bigger, a little less soft. She had to admit though, that with the other male fondling her breast, putting all his concentration and strength into a single mound, the feeling was definitely enhanced. But then, just as she was beginning to appreciate the sensation, the first man reached his orgasm. Without her using her inner grip to control him, he'd been unable to last more than a few seconds. And she barely even felt him cuming, although from the look on his face, he'd obviously found his release a particularly intense experience. These Terrans! They never failed to disappoint her.

Fortunately, as the spent male rolled off her, his friend seized the opportunity to take his place, almost jumping between her knees, his hand never leaving her breast and he hungrily plunged his own member into her. She kept herself relaxed, even though she could tell by his eyes that he was unlikely to delay his ejaculation any longer than the other one had. She didn't want to give the game away. Not yet at any rate. This man was slightly bigger than his colleague and she enjoyed the feathery feel of his thrusts more. It was still not enough - not nearly enough - to satisfy her, but it was getting better.

Just then, he let out a low moan and stopped thrusting, merely lying on top of her and shaking as he came. Once again, she almost failed to feel his jet of spermatozoa inside her. Once again, it arrived far, far too soon. Once again, he immediately rolled off her prostrate body on to his back, lying the other side of her to his friend, his eyes closed and panting as though he were on the verge of death. Lorren decided that she'd had enough. She'd let the two males have their fun, allowed them to believe that they, with their pathetically weak, soft bodies, could dominate her. Now it was her turn. They might have thought that they had raped her. She would show them the true meaning of rape.

Ed was exhausted. The beautiful girl had been everything he'd hoped she would be. In fact, she'd been so good, he'd barely manage to last ten seconds inside her. But what a ten seconds! He felt completely empty now, as if he had released an enormous amount of trapped pressure. It was only then that he thought about the manner in which he had come to penetrate her - the way he pushed her down to the ground after she had said goodbye. But he brushed aside his guilt by recalling how she had led him on, making him hard with her toes, kissing him so gently on the lips. Maybe she had been teasing him, but he had shown her who was in charge of the situation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the beautiful young woman, Chuck was still struggling for breath, an aching feeling slowly spreading through his groin. He was still enjoying the afterglow of his ejaculation, still remembering the unbelievable feel of her large breasts. He'd always enjoyed taking the upper hand in his relationships with the opposite sex and this situation had certainly provided him with the ultimate in that respect. Sure, it was her who had made the first move back when they'd first seen her on the highway, but it was Ed and him who'd finished it off. She was learning not to start what she didn't want to complete, he thought. Just then, his reflections were interrupted by a voice. To his great surprise though, it wasn't Ed who spoke.

Lorren sat up and glanced down at the two males lying either side of her. They look utterly finished. But then she remembered her first encounter with a Terran. He, too, had seemed unable to continue more than once but she had been able to squeeze quite a bit more pleasure from him. She was sure there was still plenty of play-time left with this pair. "Why have you stopped?" she taunted them. "We haven't even started yet!" As she spoke she reached down and placed one of her hands on the back of each man's neck. Then, remaining seated, she effortlessly lifted their heads off the ground.

They began to struggle against her, using their hands to attempt to remove her arms. They pushed back against her palms with the heads, neck muscles bulging. They bit her forearms, their teeth closing on her soft warm, perfect skin with all their might. They began pounding her face with their fists, yelping in pain as their big, hard masculine hands smacked futilely against her infinitely tougher skull. Nothing they tried had the slightest effect on her holds on them. Their struggles became increasingly frantic, but remained utterly ineffective. Lorren smiled. This was much more like it.

Chuck was startled to hear her voice. He was even more shocked by her words. His eyes snapped open and to his shock, he saw that the girl was sitting up between him and Ed, trying to lift them both up. What was going on? Did she want a fight - this slender young woman against two reasonably well-built guys? Suddenly he found she was pulling his head up towards her. He made his head heavy to stop her, and was surprised to find his efforts unsuccessful. He brought both his hands into play, fighting to remove her hand from his neck, but for some reason, he could even move one of her fingers with all of his strength.

Ed, meanwhile was also struggling in vain against the girl. He was able to turn his head slightly to the side, enough to clamp his jaws down on her arm. Her skin smelt wonderful. It was so smooth, so warm, and yet his teeth could not penetrate it, no matter that he put all he had into the task. All the while, she was lifting him and Chuck further and further off the ground and towards her. They were almost sitting up now. Ed punched her in the face. It was if her perfect complexion had been painted over steel. Her face felt soft to the touch and yet when he started pounding it with his fist, he managed only to bruise his hand. He looked at the incredible girl. She was smiling!

Lorren pulled the men's heads, against their will, inwards towards her chest. She stopped, holding them dead still, their noses just a fraction of an inch from each of her nipples. One of them tried to lean forward, mouth open, teeth bared as if he was about to bite her. She dug her fingertips slightly into the back of his neck, holding him in place. He yelled in pain. "Not yet." she said, ignoring the scream. "Only when I want it."

"What the fuck are you talking about, bitch?" spat the other male. He attempted to drive his fist into her stomach. Although he yelped as his knuckles made contact with her flat abdomen, she hardly felt the blow at all. Nonetheless, she squeezed his neck as she had done the other man's, extracting yet another yell of discomfort.

What was she doing now? She was pulling his head towards her tit. He was so close now, his breath was becoming trapped in the tiny space between his mouth and her mound, picking up her incredible, subtle scent and filling his nostrils. Ed decided to teach her a lesson and jabbed his head towards her, intending to sink his teeth painfully into her softest flesh. Suddenly, his neck exploded in pain. It was her hand, gripping him, her slender fingers like an iron vice, holding him fast, preventing him from moving his head even a hairsbreadth. Through his agony he heard her taunting him.

Chuck also heard the taunt, but with his own face stuck so close to the girl, he didn't see his friend try to bite her or her reaction to it. He was extremely ill-at-ease with this girl attempting to take physical charge of the situation. He shouted something defiant at her and punched her belly. It was like hitting a brick wall. He couldn't hide his pain as his fist met her diamond-hard stomach. Then she was crushing his neck with her fingers, displaying strength that was impossible - utterly impossible - for a girl with her physique. He cried out in agony. His mind filled with a new sensation: fear. What the fuck was this girl? What did she want?

Lorren wanted satisfaction. There was no way she was going to get it from these two at the moment, with their penises as limp as wet paper. It was time to put them "in the mood." Keeping her firm grip on the two necks, she pulled the male's faces towards her until they were pressed lightly into her large, firm breasts. She heard two muffled moans. How pathetic these creatures were! If she eased off the pressure any more she'd hardly even feel the contact. If she increased it, she ran the risk of crushing their skulls to powder. She opted instead for caressing herself with their two faces, rubbing their rough skin gently over her smooth round mounds.

Glancing downwards, she saw that her actions were beginning to have the desired effect; the male's organs were already re-filling with blood. Her attention briefly diverted from her chest, she didn't think to look when she felt an extremely pleasant new sensation in her right breast. She merely continued stroking herself with the two men. She did avert her gaze towards them, however, when she heard one of them screaming. To her surprise, she saw that half her chest was splattered in blood. She soon discovered why. The male she was holding to her right breast was gasping, his mouth full of blood.

He was missing most of his front teeth. She pulled him away from her chest, bringing him up to her face and kissing him deeply, enjoying the taste of Terran blood, her lips muffling his cries as her strong tongue pressed aggressively against his wounded gums. She broke of the kiss, but kept his face just inches from hers, noticing the tears forming in his eyes as she asked him mockingly "What's wrong? I thought you liked it rough." Before he could answer she moved him back down to her breast once more, pressing his face against her warm rounded flesh, smiling with satisfaction as she observed both his and his friend's growing erections.

When she started rubbing his face on her wonderful tit, Chuck was filled with conflicting emotions. To begin with, being pressed up against this incredible young woman's chest was the most erotic experience of his life. So smooth, so round, so unbelievable firm... But he didn't feel right allowing himself to be moved around according to a girl's whims. And it was beginning to hurt. Then it became almost painful as the unyielding mound battered his face, bruising him. As she brushed his mouth over her huge nipple yet again, he resolved to regain control of the situation. He parted his teeth and bit down with all his might on a big chunk of perfect flesh.

His jaws barely made any impression in her. He couldn't understand why she wasn't screaming in agony, why he wasn't tasting her blood. Instead she continued to move his head about as though it was an inanimate object. He tried to dig his teeth even further into her breast, if not to hurt her, then at least to anchor his head. She chose that moment to change the direction in which she was rubbing herself with him. He did not loosen his bite. Her big mound simply knocked his teeth out of its path. Half a dozen of them were torn out of his gums, making him shout with pain. The battle between teeth and breast was over before it could properly begin. The girl continued to caress herself with his face as though nothing at happened.

When she did finally look at him, her reaction was to yank him up and kiss him, the pressure of her lips crushing his painfully. Her tongue entered his mouth, pressing on his damaged gums with a force like a steam-iron. His eyes watered, but he couldn't scream, her mouth sealing his entirely. And yet, despite himself, despite his agony, despite his anger and his fear, he found himself becoming aroused by her overwhelming sexuality. After the kiss, she spoke to him, her lips still so close to his, her breath washing over his face as she taunted him. He didn't like dominant girls. But this girl... She pulled him back down to her wonderful breast and continued to rub his face against it. He felt himself growing hard.

They were ready for her now. She kept the one with the wounded mouth at her breast, adjusting her hold on him so that his head was trapped between the crook of her arm and her blood-splattered mound. The other she pulled away from her chest, laying him down on the ground. Immediately he tried to move away. She swung her long leg over his, pinning him immobile, despite his frantic struggles. Then, she adjusted herself so that she was almost sitting on him, all the while keeping the first male's face pressed against her breast, carrying his big body with her as if it was weightless.

Lorren began to lower herself slowly over the prostrate man's erection. She relaxed her inner muscles, but not as much as she had done when he had first penetrated her. This time, she wanted it to hurt him a little. This time, she wanted him to know that she was in control. She saw his face contort in a grimace and continued to impale herself on him. He tried to sit up, but she pushed him down with her free hand on his chest, ignoring his efforts to resist her. She started to ride up and down on his shaft, her powerful hips smashing against his on each downward stroke. The hand on his chest held him immobile, and the other male, trapped by her arm, bounced around like a big soft toy, his face bruising as her big breast bashed it repetitively.

Ed found himself being pulled away from her tit and laid on the ground. He began to gather his legs in preparation for standing, but her slender shapely leg flashed out and no matter what he tried he couldn't shift it an inch. Her long smooth leg was like a steel band, trapping his legs. She sat up on him. She had Chuck still pressed to her other breast, holding him fast. It looked like he was bleeding. Christ had she done that with her tit? Now she was lowering herself on to his cock. It hurt. Somehow, she was now much tighter than she had been before.

He tried to sit up. She pushed him down with one hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He tried to move her delicate, feminine hand, but nothing he tried had any effect on her. He started to feel worried. She started pumping. It was agony the way her pelvis crashed against his. He could see Chuck being tossed around in her arm. What the hell was this girl? He was in terrible pain and yet the way she seemed to be gripping his shaft so tightly inside as she rode up and down on it was blowing his mind. He suddenly realised that he was about to orgasm.

The male was already on the point of ejaculation! She was disgusted and tightened her vaginal grip on him to prevent his release, continuing to ride him, increasing the pace slightly, her hand still pinning him down despite his moans of protestation. His friend meanwhile was flying around franticly in her other arm, the marks beginning to show on his face where he was being slammed against her chest. She upped the tempo of her thrusts, her long legs pounding like pistons, her crotch smashing down on the male beneath her who was starting to weep either from the pain she was inflicting or the pressure in his loins. Finally, she reached a small climax, releasing her inner hold on him, allowing him to ejaculate pathetically inside her.

Without pausing, she removed her hand from the man on the ground, transferring her grip to the back of his head. Before he could even catch his rasping breath, she had lifted his face to her free breast and had begun stroking herself against him. At the same time, she lowered his companion from her other mound and laid him on the ground. He had received too many blows on the head from her generous bosom to resist as she gracefully straddled him and guided her now eager sex over his involuntarily erect member. Seeing his face contort in discomfort, she relaxed her inner muscles slightly, ensuring that her grip down there was still firm. Then, she began to ride him.

Just as he was about to shoot his load, Ed felt something squeezing him inside her impossibly tightly. How the fuck did she do that? She was stopping his orgasm as she began to pound ever faster, making him hurt more and more and yet also making him increasingly desperate to cum. He tried to shout, but could only groan. She moved faster still until, at last, the vice-like hold on his shaft was released and he ejaculated. But no sooner had his last spasm died down, then she was picking him up and jamming his face against her unbelievably firm tit again. He was vaguely aware that she was now on top of Chuck, but his senses were filled by her huge breast.

She was moving up and down now, presumably screwing Chuck. He felt his own body being thrown around wildly like a child's doll. From time to time, her bouncing mound smashed against his face with a force that would impress a boxer. His cock ached. His face was battered and he was being tossed around like ice in a cocktail shaker. What the hell was going on? Her movements grew more rapid, the blows on his face became even more violent. She started rubbing his mouth roughly over her big hard nipple, cutting his top lip as her breast pressed it into his teeth. His screams were muffled by her smooth warm flesh.

Meanwhile, Chuck's eyes were nearly popping out of his head. He'd never experience sex so aggressive, so violent, so painful and yet so.. erotic. He realised that Ed was probably now having his face bashed by her breast and that she had merely swapped them around and continued pumping. He couldn't help himself. Something about this girl was irresistible. He was about to ejaculate. Neither he nor Ed had planned this; she was bringing him - painfully - to orgasm against his will. She was using them both. Christ, she was raping them! The thought terrified him and yet at the same time, he found himself building up towards ejaculation. Despite everything, he was about to cum and he was helpless to prevent it.

"So," thought Lorren, "this one is as useless as his friend. He can't please a woman by himself either." She gripped his shaft with her vagina a little harder than she needed to prevent his release just for a moment to teach him a lesson. He screamed hoarsely. She adjusted her inner hold a little and rode him faster, pressing the other male to her breast as she did so until she heard the crack of his nose breaking. Soon enough, her own orgasm broke and she allowed the male beneath her to ejaculate weakly within her. Then she violently pulled herself off him, leaving him gasping for air and aggressively pulled his companion off her breast, admiring the new crookedness of his features which she had caused with her softest flesh. She almost threw him down on the ground to lie semi-conscious alongside his pal.

Chuck might have been helpless to prevent himself cuming, but it seemed she wasn't. Something inside her crushed his cock, making him yell in agony. Then it eased slightly, but not enough to allow his long-for eruption. The incredible, terrifying girl simply continued to bounce up and down on him, making so many different parts of him hurt. She clearly didn't care as she sped up her thrusts. He thought he would pass out, but then whatever supernatural force had gripped his shaft relented and he was finally free to ejaculate. She got up suddenly - too soon, as if he had just insulted her. He watched, shocked as she yanked Ed from her tit and just seemed to chuck the big guy down onto the ground next to him. What the fuck was she?

She stood over the two supine men, towering above them, her hands on her hips, an angry expression on her face. "Is that the best you can do boys?" she asked contemptuously. "Two big strong guys can't even satisfy a little girl like me?" She bent over them, putting their upper bodies in her shadow, her fabulous breasts hanging lusciously, high above their faces. "Don't you have anything to say for yourselves?"

"Go.. away.." spluttered the one she had taken first, his voice distorted by his busted nose.

"I'm not going anywhere 'till I'm finished," she said, menacingly, "and I've hardly even started."

"Oh my God" thought Ed. What does she mean she hasn't started? Couldn't she see that they had nothing more to give? Why wasn't she exhausted? What the fuck was she? She was sitting down between them now. There wasn't a single mark anywhere on her flawless skin. He and Chuck were bleeding, their faces and groins terribly bruised. She was so beautiful, so sexy, but so strong, so.. so.. frightening. Something told him he had to get away from her. He tried to sit up. Clearly, Chuck had the same idea as he too was struggling to raise his head. But she merely extended the middle finger of each hand, ostentatiously using her single digits to push them both back down to the ground. Neither he, nor Chuck could shift her slender fingers, even with both of their hands. What the fuck was she?

Sitting down between the two of them again, Lorren spread her legs, resting her delicate feet on their chests, keeping their backs pressed to the ground against their weakening wills. With her hands now free, she bent forward and grabbed a flaccid, red-raw organ in each palm. She began to stroke them gently, ignoring the two sets of protestations. "Oh come on," she said, genuinely exasperated. "You can't expect to please me with these pathetic worms."

"Leave.. us.. alone" groaned the one with the broken nose.

"No." she replied, defiantly. "You were quite happy to use me for your pleasure earlier. Now, it's my turn." and she tugged a little on each of their penises, making them both roar in agony. Each of them brought his hands up to try and break her grip. Each failed. She started caressing their organs more determinedly.

She bent down over the one with the broken nose and kissed him aggressively, enjoying the roughness of his damaged lip. She felt his member responding in her hand to the kiss, so she pushed her tongue into his mouth, effortlessly pushing his own tongue out of the way as she explored him. She was on to something now - he was definitely starting to get hard again. Breaking off the embrace, she leant over the other male and pressed her lips hard against his, once again tasting the blood from his battered gums. Her tongue soon followed, its powerful, aggressive movements making him squirm in pain, but nonetheless producing the desired effect in his organ.

Ed was shocked when the girl pinned them down with her feet and grabbed their cocks. She was caressing them, as if she was trying to make them hard again. She couldn't! He was in agony. He had nothing left there for her. But then, she bent over him, kissing him so deeply, awakening his sleeping libido as her tongue overpowered his. He felt a stab of pain as blood rushed into his battered penis. "No!" he thought. "She couldn't - she couldn't rape me. Not again." Even as those thoughts rushed through his mind, another spasm rushed to his brain from his organ, letting him know she was succeeding. He had to fight her somehow. But she was so beautiful, so sexy...

Chuck was defeated. Like a boxer who had just lost an epic encounter, he was too drained to put up a fight. He knew she wanted to take him again. He knew it would hurt him terribly. But he also knew that there was nothing he could do to stop her. Physically, she had battered him into submission with her pounding groin and her bouncing breast. Mentally, she had destroyed him by making love to him against his will. As she kissed him, making his bleeding mouth burn with pain, he knew that despite the agony he could not resist her. She was forcing him to desire her, purely so that she could take him for her own pleasure. Her soft fingers continued to massage his throbbing organ and it continued to rise for her.

Lorren began to stroke the two penises more rapidly. Glancing down, she saw that both men now were crying. They were so pathetic. She knew she had broken their spirits. Now all she wanted from them was personal fulfilment. She released their rapidly stiffening members and laid down on the ground between them. She hooked her left ankle around Broken Nose's just in case he had any ideas about slipping away while she was busy with his friend. Sitting up slightly, she put her hands on Busted Gum's hips, squeezing him tightly around the middle as she lifted his large body completely off the ground seemingly without effort. Lying down again, she held him at arms length above her, lifting her arms to position his organ above her mouth.

His flailing hands made weak attempts to hit her, but she could tell his efforts were merely token. Ignoring them, she lowered him until her soft warm lips enveloped his almost-ready erection, touching it lightly with her tongue until it was completely hard. She pulled him out of her mouth and repositioned him over her body before dramatically lowering him and then thrusting him violently inside her. He yelled in triple agony: the pressure of her unearthly vagina on his sore organ, the impact of his bruised hips smashing down against hers and the crash of his chest on her breasts which drove the air from his lungs. She merely pulled him out and shoved him back in again, causing even greater pain.

When she lay down and picked him up by his hips as if he were made of polystyrene, Ed was almost too shocked to fight back. He made a lame attempt at hitting her, but it came to nothing. He was in unbelievable pain now, yet even so, when she took him in her warm mouth, her soft tongue playfully touching his most sensitive of parts, the eroticism of the moment was not lost on him. He instantly achieved a full erection, the battered flesh of his organ feeling as though it was on fire as it stretched.

Chuck had no option but to watch what was happening to his friend. Her slim ankle locked over his was as strong as an iron chain. He could not move away for all his trying. He saw her suck Ed to hardness and then aggressively push him inside her as if he was just a plastic sex toy. He winced as he saw his pal's chest slamming into her deadly breasts, knowing that soon enough, it would be his turn. Part of him wanted to avoid that threat, to make his own erection collapse so that she'd have no interest in him. But the very sight of her taking his friend, her incredible power, her indescribable sexuality - everything about her - made his burning organ more ready for her.

She started slowly, pulling the male into and out of her at, what she considered to be, a Terran pace. She saw fresh marks forming on his body where it made contact with hers, but paid no attention as she began to increase the pace. Once again, she soon had to use her inner muscles to stop him climaxing before she was ready. She sped up the thrusting, noticing that his arms, legs and head were flailing about wildly as he surrendered all control over his body to her. He began to scream. She was too close to her own orgasm to stop now, however, shaking him about even more violently as her own release finally arrived. She heard one of his ribs crack as she slammed his body down on hers, her soft breast proving far harder than his bones.

She didn't bother waiting for him to enjoy his ejaculation inside her, but yanked him violently out, tossing him aside so that he landed in a heap five yards away, his fluid still flowing from his bright red penis, his body now covered in bruises, his breathing dramatically rasping. Without even looking to see where he had landed, she had already grabbed Broken Nose. Seeing he was already ready for her, she thrust him in. She didn't bother starting slowly, but immediately began shoving him in and out of her, shaking him about like a piece of paper in a hurricane.

Neither did she bother delaying his release until hers, but merely let him cum inside her and continued to thrust him in and out, despite his shouts of agony. This was going to be her best orgasm yet. Her hands moved so quickly, they would have been a blur for any observer. She heard the snap of a couple of ribs as he bounced of her chest but continued unconcerned. Then there was a much louder crack as she slammed his pelvis against hers for the final time, unleashing a feeling within her that she never knew she was capable of. She held him tight to her as she shook with her orgasm for nearly a minute, until she had regained enough composure to pull him out of her and drop him, unceremoniously, face first onto the ground beside her.

He lay unconscious, his body covered in dark bruises, his face contorted by pain. But Lorren's sensitive ears could easily detect his awkward, laboured breathing. Getting swiftly and effortlessly to her feet, she glanced over at the other male who'd also served her as a toy. He also look pretty badly battered. She'd studied a little Terran physiology and medicine whilst training for the invasion that never was. What she had learnt told her that these two had a fairly good chance of survival if they were taken into care within the next few hours.

As she replaced her uniform and strolled back towards the road, she wondered what the chances were that help would arrive in time for them. Not great, she concluded. But they weren't particularly good toys anyway. She was confident she would find better ones. What did she care if the two she had just broken could be fixed or not? With a glow of satisfaction spreading from her centre, she headed along the highway that led to the promise of a population centre where she knew she would find many, many more playthings.


Conceptfan, Nov. 2001.

Chapter 3

Lorren was still feeling the glow from her encounter with the two young males as she walked along the highway that she hoped would lead her to the nearest population centre. Where better to find some new "toys" to play with. True, so far she had found Terran men to be both weak and incredibly fragile, but she had realised that, given a little encouragement and coercion (two things she was uniquely qualified to supply), they could provide her with some amusement and a fair amount of sexual pleasure too. It was just that they didn't seem to last very long. Too often some bit of them just "broke" - usually when things were beginning to get interesting.

Even as she thought of the problems involved in coupling with the natives of her new home, Lorren was aware that, as the sole member of her species on the planet, she found herself in an extraordinary position. To begin with, her shapely, slender, youthful body concealed sufficient strength to overpower the combined force of thousands of Earthmen. Then, there was the fact that her genetics had been specifically developed to ensure her invulnerability to their weapons. In addition, by Earth standards, her appearance and her natural, genetically tuned scent seemed to give her automatic sexual control over most males.

She had been bred to conquer the planet as part of an army. That army had been destroyed in a terrible accident which had left her as the sole survivor. Alone. Unknown in the world she had been designed to vanquish. She could take whatever she wanted. She was free of the restrictions laid down by the rulers of her home-world. She was free of her obligations and responsibilities to the grand, disastrous plan for the invasion of Earth. She was free of the possibility of defeat, free of the threat of harm. She could take whatever she wanted. And what she wanted was men. To please her. Whether or not they were ready or willing.

She quickened her pace, the thought of sexual adventure multiplying her desire to reach the nearest town. She paid no attention to the continuous wire mesh barrier that seemed to run parallel with the road she was following about twenty paces to her left. Then, her enhanced eyes spotted a distant wide bend in the highway. The road seemed to have been built so that it circumvented the area of land behind the fence. Lorren wasted no thoughts on the significance of this piece of Terran planning. All that concerned her was that the quickest route between two points is a straight line. If the highway wasn't following a straight line, then she wouldn't follow the highway.

It never occurred to her that the barrier had been constructed for a specific purpose or that major roads don't usually take detours around such large areas of seemingly barren semi-desert land. Neither did she think of applying her training and following the wire mesh for a few hundred paces to where she would have been able to read the sign that read "Danger. U.S. Army Firing Range. Keep Out." In fact, Lorren had already forgotten most of what she had been taught prior to the doomed attack on Earth. She only wanted to get to the nearest town as soon as possible. And she only wanted to do that so that she could get her hands - and a few other bits of her anatomy - on some men.

She strolled up to the wire fence, placing her hands on her hips and thrusting out her impressive chest in the manner of her species. Her long, shapely legs quickly covered the short distance to the barrier until her perfect naked foot carved though a small portion of the fence, her delicate-looking, feminine toes effortlessly tearing through the metal. Then, for a brief moment, her body was pressed up against the mesh. The galvanised steel moaned in protest as it was stretched to its limit by her thighs, her head and, most of all, by her big, round breasts.

At that instant, there was an almost human scream to her right as an iron post designed to support the fence was torn from its concrete foundations. Unsupported, the heavy cylinder toppled to the ground, carrying a huge section of misshapen mesh with it. Lorren continued to walk as the barrier tumbled before her, her stride not even interrupted as the soles of her feet bent the fallen metal with every step. She didn't even pay the collapsed fence the courtesy of a backwards glance as she left it, battered, behind her to stride confidently into the unknown.

After a short while, her superhuman hearing picked up the sound of distant, sharp explosions mingled in with some sort of fast, repetitive, clapping-like noise. This time, she did recall her training, recognising the sound of Terran military weaponry. She tensed for an instant but not because she feared for her safety. She had received a limited exposure to some Earth weapons and they certainly hadn't harmed her. In fact, although she hadn't been able to confess it at the time, she had, in a strange way, actually enjoyed the experience. No, Lorren was not concerned about the ammunition. She was far more interested in who might be using it. She knew that the Terran military, unlike her world's armies, was dominated by males.

If there were soldiers nearby, chances were that they would be men. Young, fit men. Just what she was looking for. Perhaps she would be able to make a small detour herself to have a little fun before she finally got to a population centre. She could play around a while here first. She cocked her head, carefully identifying the direction the sounds were coming from. With her enhanced senses, it didn't take her long to pinpoint the source. There was nothing more to do now but see if there were any toys worth playing with. Turning slightly, she headed off that way at a casual jog, travelling no faster than an average Terran land vehicle.

The test target was a tiny, solitary brick building located right in the middle of the firing range. It was supposed to represent an enemy command centre, or safe-house or whatever. It didn't matter: they were supposed to blow it up and that was that. Private Gene Smith squinted into his binoculars. At this range, it was almost impossible to see the target, even with the high-powered lenses. Nonetheless, he called out some figures to his colleague beside him who made corresponding adjustments on the instrumentation panel in front of him. After a while, Smith concluded "That should be it. Sarge."

Sergeant Thomasson studied the controls. He knew that he and his men had been given a rare honour when they had been asked to test out the device, the latest word in armour-piercing long-range artillery. It was supposed to be more accurate, powerful and far-reaching than anything that had preceded it, as well as being much easier to operate in the field. For this last reason alone, Thomasson was eager not to screw up. He checked his calibrations for a final time, marvelling at the incredible new weapon, its specifications and the way it had been mounted on a small truck leaving room for him and Smith to stand by its side. Then, he pressed the two big red buttons in front of him.

Lorren soon spotted the little building as she jogged. Her alien eyes allowed her to see that it was devoid of life inside. Not only that, but it contained none of the usual Terran paraphernalia within - no furniture, wall or floor coverings. Unable to fathom the purpose of the tiny edifice, she was intrigued enough to alter her course and start sprinting towards it. The speed of her run matched that of the vehicles Earthmen used for sport, the friction of the wind heating her skin to near-lethal temperatures for a Terran, but she hardly noticed as her long legs effortlessly ate up the ground beneath her. Seconds later, she was standing by the strange structure, her silky flesh now cooled, not a trace of perspiration anywhere on her body. She wasn't even breathing hard.

It was then that she noticed something approaching through the air. It was small, cylindrical and moving at speed. Once more, some scrap of training made its way to the front of her mind: it was a weapon! Some sort of missile. With eyesight and judgement far superior to any Earthling, she quickly calculated its flight path. The thing was going to come down only a few paces away from her. Had someone spotted her and launched the weapon so quickly? Surely that was beyond Terran ability and technology... Then, she realised. She had not been the intended target.

Whoever had fired the missile had wanted to destroy the little building beside her. That was why it was unoccupied and undecorated. Its entire purpose was to be destroyed. She understood what was happening. The military on her planet often tested their equipment on specially constructed targets. It seemed that the same type of thing was going on here. She was standing right in the hot zone of a weapons testing area! Nonchalantly, she glanced skyward to observe the powerful-looking missile as it shot towards her.

An Earthling in her position would have been terrified for his life. Lorren, however, was merely mildly curious. She was confident in her belief that no Terran weapon could harm her, but she wanted to know who had fired this particular one. She hoped it was a man. She stared at the main part of the thing. The shape of the long, straight, metal cylinder stirred something deep within her. She watched it dip in its flight, heading ground-wards. If it had been aimed at the little building, it hadn't been fired accurately. A lousy shot. How typical of this planet. She strode the dozen paces away from the concrete target to stand directly in the missile's path and waited.

Private Smith followed the shell until it was too distant to see even with his field glasses. Then he moved his gaze on to the concrete construction that was serving as their target. He had to adjust his position slightly to see the explosion when the shot finally hit. He was surprised by the size of the fireball that rose up from the dusty ground about fifteen yards from the target. This new toy certainly packed a punch. Although the little building was still standing, by squinting through the powerful lenses, he was pretty sure he could see quite a bit of damage to the exterior wall nearest the point of impact.

The force of the blast must've been incredible. They'd missed by quite a bit, yet they'd still knocked a hole in a thick concrete wall. The entire area was cloaked in dust now. Smith watched through his binoculars, waiting for the powder to descend so that he could get a clear view of whatever damage they had caused. By his side his sergeant had grabbed another set of field glasses and was also studying the target area. "That's some bang we made..." he observed. "...but we missed badly. About thirty-five feet to the left should do it." He made some adjustments on the control panel in front of him, then leant over the side of the truck, calling to the three men standing on the ground below.

"Better get ready to do some major cleaning-up, boys." Thomasson told the trio of low-ranking men. "We're gonna reduce that target to dirt." He straightened up again, preparing to fire the second shell.

Lorren stood in the rapidly growing shadow of the missile as it whooshed ever closer. She made no attempt to avoid the incoming weapon, holding herself perfectly still as she had been taught to do many years before. She let it land right at her bare feet. Instantly, she was enveloped in a ball of fire. Huge, white-hot chunks of metal torn from the rocket by the powerful blast smashed into her naked legs and her exposed belly, bouncing harmlessly away from her flawless, invulnerable body. One particularly sharp piece of shrapnel struck her thin, brief battle uniform right between her thighs. The impact bent the lump of steel over on itself. There was no mark on her or her uniform, but the intimate contact sent a tidal wave of excitement through her whole being.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. When she had faced Terran weapons in training, she'd never been able to admit to these forbidden sensations. And, furthermore, she'd never been hit in such a delightful way. The piece of jagged metal had felt even better to her than any of the weak Terran phalluses that had touched her there. She wanted another. Badly. Looking to the side, she noticed that the strange little target building had barely been touched by the explosion, partly because of the inaccuracy of the strike, but mostly because much of the blast had been expended - futilely - on her lower body.

She smiled. Something told her that whoever had fired the weapon would keep firing until the target had been destroyed. That suited her. She knew the exploding metal projectiles could not hurt her - they could only give her pleasure. She only had to ensure that the missiles failed to destroy the concrete building and surely the mysterious weapon operator would keep sending his little gifts her way. The very thought of more explosions thrilled her. The way the hard metal smacked against her skin was almost like a lover's touch. The heat of the boom was a passionate embrace. The sensation in her body afterwards was... Her train of thought derailed as she spotted a second rocket heading her way. A new grin stretched over her beautiful face. She was learning to love this planet.

Missile number two had been much better aligned than its predecessor. Whilst it wasn't on course to actually strike the concrete target, she calculated that it would hit the ground only a few paces short. Close enough, she figured, to do significant damage. That was not what she wanted. Target destruction would mean end of weapons testing. She had to figure out a way she could protect the little building whilst making sure that she derived maximum pleasure from the impending bang. There was only one thing she could do. She bent her knees slightly beneath her, her eyes locked on the approaching projectile. Absent-mindedly, she licked her lips in anticipation of the next few moments.

Thomasson stared at the isolated target through his binoculars. The shell he had just fired was now too small, too distant and too rapid for his eyes to follow. Instead, he just watched the little building, expecting to see it engulfed in flames at any moment. What he saw was something else entirely. He couldn't be sure, but he thought that he had spotted something moving incredibly quickly away from the target in the instant before the shell exploded. Far stranger than that, though, was the nature of the blast itself. After the first, huge explosion, he was surprised to see a far smaller fireball second time around. Not only that, but the shell seemed to detonate before it hit the ground.

There was much less of a dust-cloud this time, too. It cleared quickly, letting the Sergeant and the Private see that the target remained intact. Somehow, the shell had exploded too soon. The thing was supposed to go boom only on impact. Something had gone badly wrong. As the smoke and debris dissipated, Thomasson scoured the area through his high-powered lenses. Suddenly, his jaw fell open. "What the fuck?!" he exclaimed.

"What is it Sarge?" Smith inquired, taken aback by the other man's obvious shock. Thomasson stood silently for a moment before he turned to the Private. The two men on top of the truck faced each other in silence for a second. Ten feet below and to their left, two more low-ranking men craned their necks to look at their commander, waiting to hear whatever he had to say. Finally, the Sergeant spoke.

"There's... there's someone out there." he said.

Lorren was lying on her back on the dusty ground, her eyes closed. She was panting. So intense was the thrill she had just experienced that it actually took her a few heartbeats to recover from it. All around her lay tiny pieces of the second projectile's metal casing. Her exposed belly revealed a slight red glow which rapidly faded as she climbed gracefully back to her feet. She brushed a few strands of long raven-black hair away from her gorgeous face. Fully upright now, she faced the direction from which the two weapons had come. There wasn't a scratch anywhere on her, neither on her skin or her skimpy outfit. She tilted her head skyward, hoping for a third present from her unknown benefactor. If it came, she'd deal with it as she had the last one. That had been terrific.

She'd just followed the thing's path as it came at her, straightening her knees to spring towards it at the last moment. The superhuman muscles in her long, shapely legs propelled her to about four times her height. As she reached the apex of her leap, she opened her arms, welcoming the incoming weapon as if it was a long, lost friend. She had judged her jump to perfection. The missile struck her in the dead centre of her chest, right between her big, round breasts. The remarkable superficial softness of her bosom absorbed some of the force of the impact, delaying the rocket's detonation by a fraction of a second.

A fraction of a second was an aeon for Lorren. In that tiny space of time between the first touch of metal against her chest and the moment there was no more yield in her breasts and the steel met the infinitely harder underlying muscles, she wrapped her arms around the bulk of the missile. She hugged it tight against her body, letting it explode right there in her cleavage. The huge blast was contained by the slim girl's perfect flesh. Shards of while-hot steel moving faster than the speed of sound smashed into the inside of her feminine mounds, rebounding from breast to breast. Some bits were still pinballing around inside her cleavage as she came back down to the ground, her feminine feet gracefully absorbing the shock of descent from such great height.

The pleasure of finally feeling her breasts properly "caressed" by the exploding steel (as opposed to the feathery touches of Terran flesh) was matched and surpassed by the wonderful sensation generated by the phenomenal heat of the blast. Sufficient to melt portions of the metal casing of the weapon, the momentarily astronomical temperatures of the explosion warmed her perfect, invulnerable skin to incandescence and felt to her like the fiercest, most passionate embrace. She fell to earth with her arms still in position to enfold the weapon even though it had already ceased to exist.

When the heat faded and her flesh regained its usual tone there was not even so much as a tiny bruise anywhere on her remarkable body to show that she had just hugged a detonating powerful weapon. Her slim, sexy body simply absorbed the vast energy of the missile. It had not hurt her. It had not marked her. It had merely given her a sexual thrill. Seconds later, she was back on her feet, unaffected in every way bar one: her normally unquenchable libido had been stirred into a ravenous hunger. She'd had her foreplay. It was time for the main event. Her superhuman eyes scanned the direction from which the two rockets had come. There was definitely something out here, but even she was too distant to see details. She would have to get closer.

Thomasson stared in utter disbelief at the definitely human-shaped form standing in front of their target. How the hell had anyone got in there? One thing was for certain, if that second shell hadn't been faulty, whoever it was would be dead by now. He squinted into his binoculars, trying to make out some detail of the mystery person. Suddenly, the figure began to move. With the distance involved, it took a few seconds for him to realise that it was walking towards him. Something wasn't right. He quickly realised what it was. Someone who'd just found themselves in the middle of a weapons test and had just survived a shell exploding right near them wouldn't just pick themselves up and walk calmly towards where the thing had come from.

Whoever this joker was, Thomasson had a bad feeling about it. He leant forward over the side of the launch-truck and addressed the three men standing on the ground below. "Thomas and Davis! Go and get whoever the hell that is out there and bring 'em back here. Double quick! Fernandes, you stay here and keep a look out for any trouble. I got a feeling something weird is going on here." Two of the men headed off marching with purpose to intercept the stranger. The other perked up, looking around, scanning for anything out of the ordinary. The sergeant returned to his prior position next to the control panel, watching the approaching intruder through his lenses. Private Smith stood at his side similarly holding binoculars to his eyes.

Things became much clearer for Lorren as she walked. First, she soon was able to discern that the mystery object in the distance was some kind of vehicle. She presumed that the two missiles she had enjoyed had been launched from the platform attached to it. Almost immediately after that, she became aware of two figures approaching her from that direction. A hundred paces later, she was close enough to them to make out their uniforms. Fifty more steps, and she could see their faces. They were men! Young, fit-looking males. The yearning bubbling inside her reached fever pitch as a broad grin of anticipation spread across her stunning visage. She quickened her walk towards them.

It was quite some time later before Thomas and Davis began to realise that the stranger was mostly naked. Soon, they saw that it was a female. As the space between the two soldiers and the intruder decreased, they became aware of her youth and then her beauty. "Jesus fucking Christ!" Davis murmured to his colleague. "She's a babe."

"You're right there." Thomas concurred. "That's gotta be the hottest looking chick ever. It's gonna be a real pleasure to accompany her back to base."

"I'd rather accompany her to bed."

"I'd fuck her right here if the Sarge wasn't watching."

"Yeah. Man, just look at those tits." The two men fell silent, staring at the girl and in particular, the area where her briefest of outfits left much of each of her breasts and all of her wonderful cleavage visible. They hardly even noticed her beautiful face as they got to within twenty yards of her. Thomas was practically drooling. Davis was the most professional of the two, but even as he addressed her, his eyes never left her chest.

"This is a restricted area, Ma'am. It's extremely dangerous for you to be here. If you could please come with us, we'll escort you to safety." There was no need to get heavy, he figured. There was nowhere she could be concealing any kind of weapon on her fabulous body, and besides she was just a slender, young girl and they were two big, fit soldiers. He and Thomas stood still and waited for the angel to reach them.

From this distance, she didn't need superhuman vision to see the two males' erections. She was pleased that they were ready for her and unsurprised that her physical appearance had inspired such a reaction. She was getting used to Terran men getting hard the moment they saw her. It was just another wonderful thing about being stranded on their planet. She could hear their increased heartbeats and their quickened respiration. She could even smell their arousal. These two, she was happy to note as she walked up to them, were already under her power. Two new toys. She stood dead still, her long arms hanging by her sides. "Come here." she instructed.

"Ma'am it's dangerous here. Please come with me." the taller one replied, his gaze resting unmovingly on the deep, inviting valley between her mounds.

"Come here." she repeated.

"I have orders to escort you out of this area, ma'am. We don't want to have to use force."

She scoffed. "Force? You barely have enough strength to breathe!"

Private Thomas had done nothing throughout this exchange but stare at the girl's glorious chest. But her taunt sparked him into life. He was not accustomed to being ridiculed by women. Certainly not by a girl so young. He unfastened his pistol holder and ostentatiously withdrew his army-issue special. Waving it vaguely in her direction, he said "OK. Enough joking. Come with us." He was startled by her reply.

"No." she said. She was not about to take orders from a Terran male. "You come here." The one with the tiny weapon seemed to become angered by this. He fired his noisemaker at the air. She assumed it was supposed to be some kind of warning. The short man confirmed this immediately afterwards by saying "Now, come with us or I'll shoot a bit lower next time."

"I wish you would." she taunted. He obliged by using his weapon again, showing surprising skill for a Terran as he steered his little metal pellet only the width of a couple of fingers above her head.

"Don't make me put a hole in your pretty face, lady.", the shooter threatened. She just smiled. But, he didn't aim for her face. His next shot was at her shins. She barely felt the gentle tap against her bare leg as the tiny missile bounced off her. She showed no reaction to it. Her assailant was clearly shocked. "What the...?" he exclaimed. Then he raised his aim, his jaw dropping open as another projectile failed to do anything to her, this one pinging from her hip to land fifteen paces away on the dusty ground. Again, she did nothing.

Thomas couldn't believe it. He'd shot her twice. Had heard the impact of his bullets on her lovely skin. She hadn't even blinked. What the hell was she? He was beginning to get nervous now. He only had two slugs left in his chamber and he wasn't going to let this girl humiliate him. He was going to hurt her. He was going to make her do as he told her. He would hit her somewhere painful. Like.. like right there. In the middle of one of her great big round, fabulous tits. Surely she couldn't be bullet proof there as well. He took aim, trying to disguise the involuntary shaking of his hands. At the last moment, he relented, resolving to give the girl one final chance to co-operate. After all, he considered, her breasts were too lovely to get all shot up.

"This is your last warning." he said, squinting along the barrel of his pistol. "Come with us now or I'll shoot".

"You've already shot me twice." the girl replied matter-of-factly. Thomas was stunned to silence by the truth of it. He glanced nervously at the intruder, hoping against hope now that she would obey his instructions.

"I'm gonna count to three." the Private threatened. "One, Two..." She did not move. "Three!" Still she remained immobile. "OK, bitch. You asked for it." and he carefully squeezed the trigger.

She watched the little piece of lead come flying out of the soldier's weapon. She followed its path as it travelled towards her, noting that she would only have to dip her shoulder very slightly to ensure it would meet her right breast which was still tingling with the after-effects of the exploding missile. She knew there was no way such a pathetic weapon could reproduce the sheer thrill she had felt earlier, but she adjusted her stance nonetheless, eager to squeeze maximum enjoyment from the situation. Carefully, she aligned the exposed inside curve of her bosom with the onrushing bullet. Lorren's reactions were so fast, she found herself waiting impatiently for the impact.

When it came, it was lovely. The lump of lead struck about two finger-widths from her nipple. For an instant, it indented her womanly flesh very slightly until it pressed up against underlying tissue and muscle that was far too resistant to be affected by a mere Terran pocket weapon. Her seemingly soft breast reassumed its perfect roundness as the bullet bounced off this unworldly firm barrier at a right-angle, immediately smacking into her other mound. With most of its energy spent in the initial impact, the projectile failed to even momentarily dent her second breast. Misshapen, it just fell down her cleavage to land at her pretty feet.

She barely registered the chunk of lead hitting the ground as she lost herself in the warm feeling that spread through her chest and then over her whole body. It felt so good to have her breasts stimulated and fondled properly instead of by the feathery, weak touches of Earthmen's hands. Beneath her invulnerable one-piece invasion uniform, her nipples began to visibly engorge, stretching the incredible extraterrestrial fabric as they seemed to reach outward as though they were pleading for more attention. Distractedly, she freed her arms from her garment, pulling it down to expose her tingling chest and the upper portion of her belly, letting her brief costume hang around her hips.

"Oh fuck!" was Private Thomas' only reaction on hearing his shot ricochet off the stunning girl's breast to land by her toes. He was certain he had seen her fabulous flesh rippling for a moment as if she'd been hit by a table-tennis ball launched by a child, rather than a bullet from a gun. Could it be that even her magnificent tits were bullet-proof? Before he could wonder any further, he saw her starting to remove her strange swimsuit. He stared in awe as she bared her upper body, as if she was making a point of demonstrating how effectless his shot had been. And as he examined her with his eyes, he realised that there wasn't even a bruise or a tiny scratch anywhere on her big, round impossibly firm mounds. He swallowed hard.

Next to him, Davis stood open-mouthed, stunned first by the stranger's invulnerability to his colleague's bullets and then by the sheer perfection she revealed as she began undressing. It was as if her breasts were being supported by an invisible bra! They were so large and yet they sat so high on her chest, so proud - almost arrogant - and each one was a model of immaculate roundness topped off by a huge, rose-coloured nipple. And it wasn't as if the rest of her wasn't perfect as well. This girl could grace any glamour magazine or upstage any porn star. And she appeared to be bullet-proof too. Who was she? Why was she here? His thoughts were interrupted by her confident but melodic and feminine voice:

"Don't stop now, boys. Either come here or shoot me again!"

They were both stunned by her words. Here she was, naked from the waist up and from the hips down, supremely gorgeous in every way, and giving them instructions. Telling them to approach her when it was they who were supposed to be bringing her with them. Even more astonishing, asking them to shoot her. Nothing they had ever experienced before could have prepared them for this. There was no standard procedure for dealing with beautiful, invulnerable and naked girls who refused to co-operate. Overcome with conflicting emotions and thoughts, Thomas decided to improvise.

"Right bitch," he muttered, "you asked for it." Taking careful aim at her head, he tried to align the barrel of his pistol with a point exactly between her clear, bright eyes. His hands were trembling now, making accuracy even more of a challenge then usual. Despite that, he fired off a shot that he was convinced would normally be fatal. Normally.

She was disappointed that the male had chosen not to shoot at her chest, but rather her head. It wasn't that bullets pinging off her skull hurt her, it was just that they didn't turn her on the way that they did when they smacked against her breasts. She resolved to rectify the situation. After all, it was only a Terran weapon. It wasn't as if it moved with any great speed. So, she held herself perfectly still, waiting for the pathetically slow projectile to reach her. Then, at the last moment she carefully sprung off her toes, a little up and to her right. It was a tiny jump by her standards, but she judged it to perfection.

The bullet would have hit her right eye had she not moved. Instead, it struck her exactly on her enlarged left nipple, point-to-point. Unlike the rest of her breast, there was very little give in her excited nipple. The little piece of lead deformed as its momentum squashed it up against her harder-than-diamond flesh, the impact sounding almost like metal striking metal. The sensation of hot lead "kissing" her most erotically sensitive skin filled her mind with a blinding flash of pure pleasure. A fraction of an instant later, the deformed slug rebounded back towards where it had come from, still carrying enough energy to smack against the stomach of the soldier who had originally fired it, making him cry out in surprise and discomfort.

Lorren didn't notice his discomfort. Her eyes were closed while she continued to enjoy the little echoes of excitement that spread outwards from her nipple like ripples on a pond. Her entire being was being consumed with growing sexual longing. For her, being shot had turned out to be the most stimulating kind of foreplay imaginable. Her normally rampant libido was now reaching a level previously unknown on Earth. She felt as if she had been touched, stroked, caressed, even worshipped by the strong hands of a master lover. Now she was ready for more.

Private Davis stared at the girl. His gaze had flicked briefly to his colleague when Thomas had been struck by the ricocheting bullet, but as soon as he saw that no serious damage had been done, he turned back to her. He was in a state of utter confusion. There was something inside of him. Something he hadn't realised existed. It was the sight - even the mere idea - of this girl remaining unaffected as bullets bounced off her wonderful body... It was so - so... sexy - yes, that was the word - sexy. It made him horny just thinking about it. She was so beautiful, so invulnerable, like an ancient goddess or something. Christ, the sight of bullets hitting her fabulous tits, only making them ripple a little, not even hurting her! He had to see it again.

Without even thinking, Davis drew his pistol from its holster. With quivering hands, he fired at her chest, burning with desire as his bullet made her huge naked tit jiggle for a moment. She should have been killed, but the girl actually seemed to enjoy it. Davis just stared, ignoring his colleague who was still bent over, clutching his stomach. He squeezed his trigger for a second time, listening to the incredible sound of hot lead striking flesh that seemed so very soft and yet had to be harder than steel. He was fascinated by that flesh. Some deep fantasy in him was stirring. What would those so-soft-but-so-firm breasts be like to touch? To cup? To squeeze? How would they feel pressed against him? He stared at them like a famished man at a juicy steak.

This was wonderful! Now the other male was firing his weapon at her chest. Each hit felt better than the last. She looked at this second man. There was something peculiar in his eyes. It wasn't the anger and confusion of his colleague. This was another emotion. Part wonder, part lust - a sexual fascination of some kind. The way he was staring at her breasts said something too, like he was obsessed by them. She smiled, placing her hands on her hips and slightly leaning forward to thrust her chest towards him. His eyes grew large. "Shoot me again." she said, seductively. He obeyed, repeatedly firing off his lovely little pellets.

Four times he shot. Four times his bullets deliciously stroked her mounds before bouncing away. Then, when she was looking forward to the fifth, his weapon clicked and nothing happened. His useless Terran weapon had run out of ammunition. Disappointed, she looked to the other male. "Come on," she urged, "Shoot me!".

Thomas was loosing control. The pain caused by the ricocheting bullet had filled his bloodstream with adrenaline. Now he looked up to see this young girl standing defiantly before them, her fantastic tits pushed out towards them, telling them to shoot her. They'd both emptied their clips on her mounds and she was still asking them to shoot her! What did she want? Suddenly, he was angry. Ignoring the discomfort in his belly, he charged at the girl, fist flailing, eyes wild, a roar in his throat. He would show her. Once and for all.

Incredibly, she didn't move at all. She didn't even remove her hands from her hips as he reached her. In a fit of madness he pounded his fists against her face, but she didn't even blink. Still enraged, not even aware of the dark bruises forming on his fists, he began to punch her exposed breasts over and over. He saw that his hardest blows were barely even indenting her soft feminine flesh, but continued his frenzied attack regardless. Still, she showed no response. Gradually, he became conscious of a new pain, this one in his hands. Looking down, he realised that his knuckles were bleeding. His fingers were covered in dark bruises. Yet there was not a scratch on her.

Lorren let the male attack her chest. If he wasn't going to use his weapon, then his hands would have to do. But it was a poor substitute. She could barely feel his pathetic touches. She saw that his hands were wounded from his efforts and was reminded of the fragility of Terrans. She merely smiled. He became furious. "You bitch!" he yelled. "What the fuck are you?" When she didn't reply, he balled up his injured right fist and punched her in her exposed stomach with all his force. She hardly noticed the blow, but she did hear the crunching sound as his bones shattered. Meanwhile, the male screamed in agony, falling to his knees at her feet. The other man just continued to stare at her in awe.

Her breasts were still tingling delightfully. She ignored the two males as her hands left her hips, rising up to her chest. Slowly, she cupped her full, round mounds, softly caressing herself. Even though she was being gentle with herself, her slim, feminine fingers made far deeper indents in her womanly flesh than the soldiers' bullets had managed. She let out a low moan of pleasure as she increased the pressure slightly. She was about to take things to another level when she became aware of a repetitive tapping against her leg. Looking down, she saw the male at her feet was pounding his useless empty weapon against her shin, holding it in his good hand. Was he trying to hurt her? She could think of a better use for his energy.

Private Thomas couldn't believe it. He was hitting her hard enough with the butt of his pistol to break her ankle, but she didn't even seem to notice as she played with herself. Then, finally, he saw her looking down at him. But there was no pain, no anger on her beautiful face. Only a wicked grin. Before he knew what was happening, she had bent over him, her wonderful breasts hanging above his head. Suddenly, she had a long, slender arm around him. He tried to brush her off, and was shocked to discover that even his mightiest efforts failed to dislodge her hold. He couldn't even budge her a hairsbreadth. Her slim, feminine arm was like a steel band around him.

He was still trying to come to terms with the impossible security of her hold when she started to stand up straight again. Her arm remained firm. Stunned, he found himself being lifted up off the ground. Frantically, he struggled to break her grip, to kick her, to make himself heavier, but his efforts were futile. She was fully upright now, holding him tucked under her arm so that his head and legs hung down as if he were a floppy child's doll, not a fit, strong, soldier. His middle was pressed on one side by her slim side and on the other by her arm. He thrashed about, trying in vain to free himself. What the hell was this girl? Why wasn't Davis helping him?

Davis was watching in disbelief. He stood and stared at the scene unfolding in front of him. He was ashamed. He had found the girl's invulnerability to bullets - particularly the invulnerability of her magnificent chest - sexually exciting. But the sight of her so easily overpowering his colleague and handling him as though he were weightless.... That was something else. It touched upon his deepest fantasies. Fantasies which he had hidden even from himself. Now they were coming true. Right in front of his eyes. His eyes, wide open like his mouth, just stared. His heart throbbed. He knew his duty lay with his colleague, but it was as if he had been paralysed. Filled with confusion and desire, he remained rooted to the spot.

The male under her arm began to yell once more. She placed her free hand under his hanging head, lifting it up to her chest. She paused for a moment until he resumed his cries and then, when his mouth was open, she pushed it over her right breast, stifling his shouts. As she had hoped, he responded by biting down on her soft, smooth flesh with all his strength. She shut her eyes, concentrating on feeling his weak efforts. It felt nice alright, it was just not quite enough. She needed more. "Harder!" she instructed the man trapped under her arm.

There was no noticeable change in the pressure being exerted on her mound through his teeth. She squeezed him carefully with her arm until he desperately pounded against her stomach. "Harder!" she repeated. Still there was no change. She was about to give him another warning squeeze when she saw a trickle of red liquid on her stomach. Immediately, she realised that the male had lost a couple of teeth. Her soft, feminine breast had knocked them out of his gums. No wonder he wasn't able to increase the strength of his bite.

When he suddenly found his mouth filled with her big, creamy breast, Thomas had been confused. The utter eroticism of her flesh touching his lips and his tongue overwhelmed him. The taste of her and the smell of her were irresistible. It took him a few moments to remember that he had orders to arrest her and that she was resisting. By then, he was unable to move his head away from her chest, so strong was her hold. He locked his jaws on her warm flesh, intending to wound her any way he could. Instead, she called for more.

When he couldn't deliver - he was simply physically incapable of biting down any harder on her - she almost crushed him between her arm and her side. In his panic, he tried to pull his face away from her. He was able to move his head just enough to scrape his teeth on her mound. He might have expected her soft breast to yield to the hard enamel of his teeth, but instead it was his teeth that were ripped out of his gums by her breast. He was rewarded for this new pain by her ordering him to bite her harder. What the hell was she? And why wasn't Davis doing anything?

Lorren knew that the man at her breast wasn't able to please her alone. Certainly not with his fragile Terran teeth. She looked up at his comrade who seemed to be transfixed as he stared at her. She held little hope of him being able to do any more for her than the other. But she needed something. Her breasts were on fire with desire. "You." she addressed him flatly. "Come here." He hesitated for only a instant before approaching her, coming to a stop a few paces in front of her. His eyes did not leave her exposed breast for an instant, his head bowing as he came close because he was quite a bit taller than her and clearly did not want to loose eye-contact with her chest. She placed her petite, feminine hand on his shoulder and he immediately thudded to his knees, wincing as he hit the ground.

Davis' heart skipped a beat when he saw the girl summoning him. She fascinated him. Her angelic face, her beautiful, big, bullet-proof breasts, her incredible long legs - she was irresistable. But it was more than that; it was the way she didn't seem capable of being hurt and the unbelievable way she was handling Thomas as though he were weightless. She had to be so, so... strong. But her body was slim and lithe, so very feminine. It didn't seem possible. And yet he couldn't ignore what his own eyes told him. She was remarkable. Invulnerable and strong. They couldn't hurt her, but she seemed more than able to hurt them. So incredibly powerful. So beautiful. Like a goddess.

His mind struggled to absorb the situation. He forgot his orders. Forgot the army. Forgot his dignity. What was he compared to her? That was why he had to obey when she called him over. That was why he wasn't surprised when she forced him off his feet. Of course, it was easy for her to push him down - she was so much more powerful than he was. And it was only right that he should be on his knees before a being so.. so.. superior. He had to serve her. That was his place. He belonged to her. She was a goddess and he a mortal. He could do nothing but worship.

The second male was so tall that, even kneeling, his face was level with her chest. He looked up at her, his face showing fear, awe and lust. She heard his heart-rate accelerate, felt his hot shallow breaths against her breast, even as his companion continued to work over her other mound with what teeth he had left, his blood smearing on her flesh. She looked down at the taller man, cupping her free breast as if offering it to him. His eyes grew even huger as he beheld its sheer size and perfection. "Pleasure me." she commanded him. He needed no second invitation, raising himself a little off his knees and attacking her mound with both hands, his lips, his tongue and his teeth.

His strong-looking hands barely dented her womanly flesh. His lips and tongue felt so feathery to her that she wasn't sure if he was trying to please her or tickle her. Even his teeth proved as ineffective as his colleague's. Frustrated, she sighed. The slight up and down movement of her chest caused by her sigh caught both males unaware. Twin yelps of pain rose up from her "lovers" as each lost teeth to her breasts. Now there was blood on both sides of her upper body. More significantly for her, she found the men's gums even less effective than their teeth had been. It wasn't that they weren't doing anything for her, it was just that they weren't doing enough. Sure, she knew from experience that two Earth males - under the right circumstances - could provide her with pleasure, but not, she realised, when she was this horny.

She needed more than just a pair of puny Terrans. Surely there had to be others where these two had come from. It shouldn't be hard to find out. Keeping the shorter male tucked under her arm, her breast still wedged in his bleeding mouth, she turned her attention to his comrade. She could see from the earnestness of his movements that he was really trying his utmost to satisfy her as he stroked, squeezed, sucked, licked and bit down on her mound. He was the one most likely to co-operate. There was something in his eyes that suggested submission - even obiedience. Sexually, she wanted a real man, not this supplicating pathetic creature. But he was only an Earthman. What more could she expect? And, being so compliant, she knew that he could be of use to her in other ways.

Private Davis was lost. Lost in an act of worship. Worshipping a beautiful, young, superhuman girl. Or rather worshipping one of her breasts. He wanted nothing else in the world at that moment than to give his goddess pleasure. Suddenly, he found himself being pulled away from the object of his adoration. He quickly realised that it was the girl herself who was doing the pulling and he made no effort to resist. Besides, somewhere, in the depths of his mind, he knew that it wouldn't have made a jot of difference if he had decided to resist. She was lifting him up, off her breast and up on to his feet by the back of his collar and no force in the world (he thought) could stop her.

She kept pulling him up until their eyes were level. Now his knees were bent at an uncomfortable angle, but he made no complaint. To be able to stare into his goddess' beautiful eyes; to see up close her flawless skin, to know that her exquisite lips and her perfect mouth were so near to his own - that was enough for him. He hardly even noticed Thomas' head by his belly or the way that head was trapped between the girl's slender arm and her magnificent full breast. He merely hung from her effortless yet unbreakable three-fingered grip, waiting to see what she wanted of him, his eyes trying to absorb just some small measure of her beauty.

Finally she spoke. As she formed her words, her mouth moved so sexily; her luscious lips reshaping, offering him glimpses of her inviting tongue and her perfect straight, white teeth. She held his face so near hers that her sweet warm breath filled his senses with each syllable. He felt sure that she truly was a deity.

"I want more males." she said, without emotion. "Tell me where I will find them."

Imprisoned at her side, Thomas shivered as he heard her. This girl - whatever she was - was clearly hostile. With her invulnerability to gunfire and her impossible strength, she also represented a serious threat. As soldiers, they had a duty to protect Sergeant Thomasson and the other men. They had to do everything in their power to prevent her capturing those men that way she seemed to have captured him and Davis. They might not be able to fight her physically, but they could resist her demand for imformation. It was imperative that they told her nothing.

With his mouth crammed with her huge, super-erotic breast, Thomas wasn't actually in a position to tell anybody anything, but he was worried about Davis. The guy seemed to have been acting strangely ever since they discovered that the girl was bulletproof. Although it was hard for him to follow what was going on with his face full of tit, he knew that his colleague was not behaving like an army Private. It almost appeared as if he'd started to take orders from the girl, as though he'd fallen under some sort of magic spell. Surely, he wouldn't be so stupid as to tell her where the rest of the men were. Invulnerable, super-strong and beautiful though she might be, she definitely didn't seem to be on their side.

Davis looked into his goddess' angelic face. In that instant, he knew there was nothing he wouldn't do to please her. He ignored the discomfort of his predicament, his entire weight supported by a few of her dainty fingers, his feet on the ground seemingly only for balance, his knees bent so he could be face-to-face with her. His only purpose at that moment was to obey her. "They're over there." he said, pointing with his arm to indicate where the rocket launch truck, the Sergeant and the other three Privates were positioned.

With his gums bleeding where his front teeth had been knocked out by the girl's deliciously soft yet inhumanly firm mound, it had caused him considerable pain to speak. No matter. He had been able to give her the information she wanted. He had served his goddess. He was rewarded for his co-operation as the girl's lovely lips curled and parted to show her sexy teeth in a dazzling smile. Thomas meanwhile let out a groan of disgust that was almost entirely muffled by her breast. Davis couldn't understand why his colleague wasn't happy. Wasn't their purpose to please her? To provide whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, to the very best of their ability - even if they were so unworthy of her?

She had the inormation she wanted. Now all that remained was for her to act on it. There was no sense delaying - she wan't sure she could anyway. She moved her hand from the back of her informant's collar, encircling her arm around his waist before he could fall to the ground. Then, in one swift movement, she hoisted him off his feet, tucking him by her side as though he were weightless. Unlike his colleague, he made no effort to resist her. She thought nothing of it as she placed her hand on the back of his head, pushing his face towards her free breast. He immediately began working on her mound wih his lips, tongue and teeth, putting all his efforts into pleasing her, ignoring the fact that his legs were dangling free behind her back.

Now that she had the two males tucked under her long, slender arms, their combined weight as nothing to her, and their faces pressed against each of her hungry breasts, she was reminded of her yearnings. With long strides, she set off towards where she had been told she would find more men. Her two prisoners bounced around with every step, but her arms held them as tightly as steel bands and her hands ensured their mouths were stuck unmovingly against her chest. One of them - the one on her left, the one she had first picked up - was hammering away at her side with his damaged hands, his blows feeling to her like nothing more than caresses. She paid no attention.

A short while later, Lorren noticed what she assumed was some kind of specialised Terran military vehicle atop a slight ridge on the horizon. A couple of dozen more strides and her remarkable eyes were able to make out a number of forms around it - two on top of the machine and one beside it. She had been well informed. She wonderd if these creatures had been responsible for the delicious missiles she had encountered earlier. No matter - there were three more males for her to play with, bringing her collection to five. That surely had to be enough, even in her current mood. She quickened her pace, eager to start the real fun.

Even with the binoculars, it had been hard to see what was going on down there. Private Smith had watched carefully as Thomas and Davis were dispatched to remove the intruder from the firing range. At first he had been confused. He couldn't make out exactly what happened as there seemed to be some kind of stand-off between the Privates and the stranger. Then first one then the other man had approached whoever it was. Now they were on their way back up the hill towards him. For a while it looked like the mystery person was extremely tall; the two soldiers' heads seemed level with the intruder's shoulders as they marched on either side. They were going very quickly. Smith wondered if anything was wrong.

It wasn't until the trio were much closer that he began to see what was going on. It wasn't that the central figure was so tall - it was tall, and slim, but not that tall. Smith couldn't believe his eyes. He refocussed his lenses and looked again, thinking he was hallucinating, but no, he had been right. There were three people down there alright, but only one set of legs on the ground! The middle figure - the mysterious intruder - was carrying the two others - Davis and Thomas. Smith passed the field glasses to his Sergeant and waited for his superior's reaction. A few seconds later, Thomasson dropped the binoculars, his jaw hanging open in shock.

"Fernandes!" the Sergeant yelled to the Private standing below him at the foot of the truck, "Get up here now!"




Lorren stood about a dozen paces in front of the vehicle, a male tucked under each of her arms, looking up at the three men on top of the military machine. She enjoyed the confused expressions on the trio of faces above her. They seemed amazed by the way she was carrying two of their colleagues with such ease, angered by the way she had captured the pair and fascinated by her physical appearence. Although she was getting accustomed to seeing such extreme emotions on Terran faces, she loved the remarkable effect she seemed to have on the creatures. She smiled, calling up to her audience in a mocking tone:

"Come down and join the fun!"

"Put my men down and raise your hands!" responded the one who was clearly supposed to be in charge. To give weight to his words (or so he probably thought) he raised his weapon, pointing its long barrel at her head. She merely laughed.

Thomasson decided to change tactics. He had no idea how to deal with this kind of situation. This incredible, beautiful girl who was carrying two of his men as though they were feather-pillows, who was pressing their faces against her magnificent tits, seemingly for no reason other than her enjoyment. Now she was laughing at his threat, at his rifle. He didn't want to shoot for fear of hitting Thomas or Davis. He didn't want to issue any more instructions that she would ignore, humiliating him in front of his men. Instead, he turned to Fernandes and Smith who were standing by his side, their eyes bulging as they tried to see the stranger's chest around the trapped heads of their colleagues.

The Sergeant spoke to his men in a whisper, eager to keep his words between them. His plan depended on the girl being unaware of what Smith and Fernandes were up to. The idea was that Smith would engage her directly, partly in an attempt to force her to release Thomas and Davis, and partly to keep her occupied so that she wouldn't notice Fernandes sneaking behind her to strike her on the back of her head with the butt of his rifle. It wasn't a brilliant scheme, but sometimes, thought Thomasson, the old ones were the best. Besides, he couldn't think of anything better under the circumstances.

Lorren pretended not to hear the mumbled conversation taking place on top of the vehicle, although her superhuman ears were able to make out every syllable without difficulty. She didn't really care what the Terrans were planning anyway; it wouldn't make any difference to her. So she waited patiently for the first male to descend and approach her, ignoring the man trying to manoeuvre behind her undetected. As he crept, she could hear his breathing, his heartbeat and his footsteps. She could even smell him. Did these pathetic creatures really think they could surprise her? She hoped they would prove to be better lovers than soldiers.

She stood dead still as the first man reached her and tried to pull her arms from her sides. She let him struggle for a while, yanking first one then her other forearm with all his strength without, of course, managing to move her slender limbs at all. He tried hanging off her arm with all his weight, his feet coming off the ground, but she stayed motionless. In frustration, he punched her angelic face, the loud crunch of his shattering knuckles drowned only by the sound of his scream of pain. He clutched his ruined hand to his stomach, tears in his eyes. Lorren watched his discomfort in mild amusement.

A few moments later, he had recovered sufficiently to launch an acrobatic karate-style kick at her bare stomach. Her perfect flesh didn't even flinch as his heavy army boot crashed against her harder-than-steel abdominal muscles. The impact - more than enough to knock a big, heavy Earthman to the ground - failed to even make her blink. As the soldier fell to the dust, yelling anew with the pain of a severe contusion throbbing in his foot, he looked up through watery eyes to see that there wasn't so much as a red mark on her belly. He rolled around in the dirt alternatively clutching his busted hand and his damaged foot. He looked so ridiculous, wounded by his pathetic attempts to hurt her. She had to laugh.

Private Fernandes couldn't believe what was happening to Smith. It was as if the beautiful girl was made of iron or something. First, he couldn't move her arm even when he hung off it with all his weight. Then he broke his hand punching her lovely mouth. By the time Smith finally injured his foot on her flat stomach, Fernandes had almost forgotten his orders. He was standing behind the breath-taking intruder, staring at her magnificent pert backside. He saw Smith in agony on the ground and heard the girl's sexy laugh. At the last moment, he remembered his instructions. Raising his rifle butt high in the air, he brought it crashing down with all his strength on the back of her head.

There was an almighty crack as the metallic rifle butt smacked against the girl's head. Fernandes expected her skull to absorb the force of the impact, but instead the shock travelled up the gun-barrel, violently jarring his hands and making him drop the weapon in surprise. He rubbed his painful palms against each other whilst the girl - who should have been unconscious - slowly turned around to face him, a soldier still imprisoned under each of her arms. She smiled warmly. "That was nice." she said. Fernandes swallowed hard. He saw the heads of Thomas and Davis pressed by the girl's dainty hands against her huge, round breasts and began to realise the superhuman nature of the attractive stranger. She spoke again.

"Sit down." she said. Suddenly overcome by awe and not a little fear, Fernandes immediately obeyed.

So much for the plan to take her by surprise. Lorren took her hands off the back of the two soldiers' heads, lifting her arms to drop her double cargo. The two men fell awkwardly at her feet, leaving her breasts once again fully exposed, the dried blood from the pair's mouths clearly visible. Exhausted from their efforts and their wounds and half-starved of air by her wonderful mounds, neither man tried to stand up. Lorren substitued the attention she had enjoyed from their mouths by cupping herself. Her slim fingers made far deeper indents in her breasts than either man's teeth. In fact, her hands were able to press much further into her flesh than the bullets or even the exploding missiles had done earlier. She closed her eyes for a moment, letting a fresh wave of sexual desire wash over her being.

When she re-opened them, she saw the man who had tried to sneak behind her still sitting motionless on the ground and the two she had first encountered, who she had carried with her pressed to her chest, lying by her feet, gasping for air. Turning around, she saw another rolling in the dirt in obvious pain. There was only one male who hadn't yet joined her little party. The one still up on top of the vehicle. The one who seemed to be in charge. She smiled as she looked up at him. She knew the only being truly in charge at that point was her. "Come down and play with us!" she called up in a mocking tone. He made no attempt to move or reply, merely staring down at her proud breasts, a look of astonishment fixed on his face.

Seeing that this last male wasn't about to join her voluntarily, Lorren decided to give him a little encouragement. A couple of confident strides took her right up to the front of his huge vehicle. Its wheels alone came up as far as her hips. The top of it, on which her reluctant "guest" was standing, was about twice as high as the top of her head. As she lifted her head towards him, his eyes grew huge. She realised he was enjoying a bird's eye view of her chest. Lorren smiled, not caring that he wasn't looking at her face at that moment.

Slowly, she flexed her knees beneath her, her long legs gracefully bending as she crouched by the base of the vehicle. She reached out a slender arm, her delicate upturned palm sliding smoothly beneath the front of the huge machine. Above her, her unwilling male company was frozen to the spot, watching her movements, his face betraying an inner mixture of wonder and confusion. Smiling up at him once more, Lorren began to deliberately raise her outstretched hand. She felt her palm pushing against the underside of the vehicle, her silky soft hand momentarily deforming the metal it touched until she reached a point of maximum tension. There was a loud creaking sound from the steel underneath the big transporter.

Thomasson's features screwed into a frown of concern. What the fuck was going on? He had just stared at the beatiful girl as she crouched and seemed to shove her arm under the front fender. Then suddenly he heard a strange noise from beneath his feet. It was as if the truck itself were groaning - as if some enormous force was affecting the chassis. The sound grew in volume until it became a metallic yell of protest. He stared down at the girl. Her arm was still under the driver's cab, but she had changed her stance, rising up slightly from her haunches. Suddenly, he realised what was happening. This stunningly attractive topless young girl was trying to lift the entire launch truck (with him standing on top of it) off the ground! With a single hand!

The noises of complaint coming from the chassis below told him that - incredibly - she was overcoming the tremendous force exerted by gravity on the truck. Carefully, but smoothly, she was beginning to straighten her legs. To his utter shock, he felt the roof of the vehicle moving beneath his feet. He looked down at the girl and saw the undeniable truth. The two front wheels of the truck were no longer touching the ground. The girl had succeeded! This slim, unbelievably beautiful girl had managed to lift the front of a fifteen ton army vehicle completely off the ground using only one hand. And the phenonemal effort was clearly not making any troublesome demands on her - she was able to flash him her stunning smile as she did it!

The metallic creaking sounds continued as, slack-jawed, Thomasson watched the girl's magnificent legs continuing to straighten out. Her arm rose higher and higher, lifting the truck with it, seemingly with the same ease with which he would lift the hood of a car. The roof he was standing on began to incline; slightly at first and then, steadily, it became ever steeper. Soon, he had to grab on to the missile launch tube by his side to prevent himself falling backwards. He had to strain to look over the side of the truck now. When he did, he saw the girl standing fully erect now, her arm at right-angles, the dainty hand supporting the incredible weight of the truck hidden from his view.

Lorren had lifted weights ten times heavier than this Terran contraption in her training. Still, she still enjoyed the sensation of so easily performing the feat of strength, knowing that it would challenge a hundred fit Earthmen. She looked at the huge vehicle as it balanced on her small palm, her smile broadening as she planned her next move. Slowly, carefully, she bent her elbow beneath the underside of the truck, lowering the front of the vehicle from level with her chest to level with her belly. Tilting her head, her gaze met the atonished eyes of the lone male clinging on to the top of the vehicle. "Come on down!" she called casually, a teasing note obvious in her voice.

Scattered around the ground in various states of pain, injury, shock and weariness, the four Privates stared at the sight before them. In disbelief, they saw the girl hoist the missile launch truck as if it were weightless. They registered her mocking invitation to their Sergeant, but barely noticed that she did not wait for his reply. However, they all noticed what she did next. In a sudden, violent gesture, she straightened out her arm, raising it above her head like an over-eager schoolchild trying to attract his teacher's attention, or an incompetent shot-putter launching his stone straight up into the air. Only it hadn't been a shot she had been holding in her palm...

Thomasson felt the world crazily lurch around him. Suddenly, he was thrown upwards. In surprise, he instantly lost his hold on the missile launch tube and immediately felt his feet break contact with the truck. He heard himself screaming and realised that he was flying through the air. As he tumbled helpless he caught fleeting glimpses of the truck spinning in the sky getting ever smaller. Panic gripped him. He had to be fifty feet above the ground. He felt himself decelerate and knew his upward momentum was spent and that gravity was now in charge. His arms flailed franticly in a vain attempt to slow his fall. His vision filled alternatively with sky and ground as he descended. He closed his eyes.

Lorren had impressed herself. The thrust of her slender arm had lifted the Terran vehicle right in the air. As she had hoped, the male seeking refuge on its roof was quickly seperated from it. She watched, satisfied, as the big truck turned end over end as it flew away from her and her little collection of men while the latest addition to that collection summersaulted through the air almost directly above her. The force of her one-armed shove had launched the vehicle on a spinning arc that would see it crashing down to earth over a hundred paces away. Before that, though, it seemed that the male's life would end with a thump by her feet.

But what would be the point of so carefully separating the man from the machine if it was only to watch him die? She couldn't just stand by as he fell to his death. She couldn't let him die. Not until he given her the pleasure she so desperately craved. She took two quick steps forward so that she was standing right in the path of his decent. Then she thrust her arms out in front of her, palms to the sky and waited to recieve her gift from above. Only at the last moment did she remember the fragility of Terrans. She relaxed her arms, judging to perfection the correct subtle downward movement neccessary to absorb most of the force of the male's landing, bringing the bundle gently to rest in her arms.

Something was wrong. Thomasson had been expecting a violent crash followed by... Followed by what? Nothing? Choirs of angels? But it had felt as if his fall had been broken, like he'd made some miraculously soft landing. Maybe he was actually dead, was already in the afterlife having been spared the pain of his impact with the ground. Scared, but overwhelmingly curious, he blinked his eyes open. What he saw wasn't heaven. But it was the next most wonderful sight. His vision was almost completely filled by the incredible girl's looming, beautiful face. She was leaning over him, her large clear eyes amusedly studying his features.

It took him a few moments to understand what had happened. He was lying in her arms. She had caught him, like a fireman catching a baby thrown from a burning building. Somehow, she'd managed to absorb most of the force of the impact, cushioning him in her wonderful embrace. His thoughts were interrupted by a distant explosion. Turning his head, he saw a ball of fire over a hundred yards away and realised that it had been caused by the launch truck finally coming to earth. She'd tossed the whole thing a hundred yards away with one hand! And now she had two hands on him, cradling his upper body in her arms. Suddenly, he felt very scared. "Wh.. What do you want?" he croaked.

The girl merely smiled and lifted his face towards her own. He tried to free his arms from his sides to push himself away from her, but she was holding him firm. Thinking of the ease with which she had disposed of a truck moments before, he was not all that surprised to find her grip unbreakable. He knew he was helpless against her in a physical contest. He shuddered to think what she had in store for him as he found his head being raised ever nearer her perfect, grinning visage. He saw her smile fade slightly as her luscious lips slowly and oh-so-sexily parted, her immaculate teeth now taking on an inexplicably erotic beauty. Somehow, despite his shock and his growing fear, he found himself growing hard between his legs.

Her lovely mouth was so close to his now. Were it not for her face being tilted at a different angle from his own, their noses would have been touching. Even at this tiny distance, her complexion was uttely flawless. He would never have believed that such beauty was possible. One small part of his brain panicked at the thought of his helplessness in her arms, but the rest of his mind was rapidly filling with a burning sexual desire for her. She was so incredible. So powerful, yet so lovely. His organ throbbed with excitement as it reached maximum readiness. The girl seemed to notice his condition. She pulled his mouth even closer to her lips and breathed into his face as she triumphantly declared, "At last, you're ready to play!"

Without warning, she released her hold on him, pulling her arms away from under him. He fell dramatically to the ground, landing with a dull thud on his back by her pretty bare feet. The impact knocked the air from his body, reducing his instinctive cry of pain to little more than a wheeze. Before he could even recover his breath, Lorren was standing astride him, towering above his prone, bruised body as he stared up in surprise. She slowly raised a delicate foot and positioned it above his groin. The male reacted to this by shivering in fear. He scrambled to move away from her, ungainly thrashing his legs and arms. She smiled at his discomfort and gently brought her sole to rest on the belt of his trousers, pinning him immobile to the ground with her smooth, shapely leg.

Lorren reveled in the dominance she held over the man on the ground. Deliberately, she curled her feminine toes around the top of his belt, tucking them inside the lip of his trousers. Then, making sure he was watching, she gently pulled her foot back, her dainty toes effortlessly tearing the thick leather of his belt and the tough material of his trousers. She continued to ostentasiouly shred his lower garments with her foot until he was naked from the waist down, his now exposed erection rising up towards her loveliness. Briefly, she brushed her sole against his manhood before gripping his shirt and vest between her toes.

She was less cautious tearing these last garments off his body, enjoying the sight of his muscular, broad chest. Even if those muscles were only for show. Even if she possed more strength in one of her toes than he did in his entire body. That thought amused her as she made a show of removing the lower half of her combat uniform, dropping it casually to one side. She delightened in the sounds of quickening pulses all around as she revealed herself in all her naked glory, standing goddess-like astride the man prostrate on the ground. She let her foot rest on his stomach once more so that he couldn't move. Then she looked around, examining the four other males.

She pointed in succession first to the one who had injured his hand and foot attacking her and then to the one who had tried to sneak up behind her at the same time.

"You and you." she said cooly. "Approach me." They both hesistated for a moment, until she added a firm "Now." This was obviously enough to remind them of her charge of the situation. They rose to their feet one walking slowly towards her, the other painfully limping. They stopped well out of her reach, clearly frightened to get any nearer. "Closer." Lorren commanded. She heard both men swallowing as they edged nervously towards her. As soon as they were close enough, she flashed out her arms, her slender fingers rapidly shredding their garments, pulling the fragments off their bodies and scattering them all around.

She worked too fast for either man to react, stripping them both naked but managing not to tear their fragile Earth bodies in the process. Once she had removed the last fragments of clothing, she stretched her arms wide again, wrapping each one around one of the men's waists and hoisting them both clear of the ground in one graceful, fluid movement. One of them began to feebly pound at her side, his blows barely registering. The other seemed resigned to her overwhelming superiority.

It was only the pain still throbbing in his hand and foot from his confrontation with the girl and the fact that she seemed to be threatening the life of his sergeant that convinved Private Smith to obey her instruction and limp to her side. Once there, he wasn't shocked to find himself being lifted into the air by her arm that encircled him like an curved iron girder. He hammered only briefly on her flawless torso as, by now, he was certain that resistance was pointless. Pain washed over him. Yet, as she pressed him so tightly against her side, he couldn't help but marvel at her physical perfection; the smoothness of her skin, the stunning outline of her figure. From somewhere - could it be from between her legs? - a delicious perfume assaulted his nostrils and made him burn with lust.

Fernandes found himself equally aroused by the girl's remarkable natural scent. At that moment, she seemed to him to be the distilled essence of woman; the very definition of sexual desirability. He shivered with yearning as he felt her flawless flesh brushing against his own, more mortal body. She was shifting him about, adjusting her hold on him. He caught a glimpse of Smith also being manoevred under her other arm. He could do nothing but wait and see what she had in mind for them. In the meantime he savoured the delicious contact of his body against hers.

Lorren shifted her arms so that she held the back each man's head wedged inside her elbow joints and then inexorably pulled them down towards her chest. She stopped when she felt the two sets of hot rapid breathing against her tingling breasts. She noticed the usual signs of Terran male excitement - the quickened heartbeats and respiration, the glistening sweat, the smell of penile arousal. She knew that her breasts, so large and impossibly firm by Earth standards, were irresistible to the men. She knew that each mound would be filling one male's field of vision and overpowering his senses.

She looked down at the two naked men. Pulling their heads against her chest, she pressed their faces into her breasts until they both let out muffled yells of agony. She relaxed the pressure only slightly and began to rub each man's rough skin against her smooth feminine curves, remembering to be careful not to crush their hard male skulls to powder on her soft, womanly breasts. She had to concentrate to feel the two sets of stubble scraping across her nipples. It felt pleasant enough, but she wanted much, much more. Still stroking her breasts with the two men, she began to crouch over the man between her legs, slowly lowering herself towards his waiting, pulsating organ.

Sergeant Thomasson found himself incredibly turned on by the sight of the girl standing over him, stroking her fabulous, big, round mounds with the rough faces of two of his men. He became aware of her bending her legs, her feet planted like steel pillars either side of him. With a thrill of excitement and no little fear for his life, he realised she was preparing to mount him. He saw Fernandes and Smith being dragged down with her, her upper arms pinning them inescapably to her chest, their torsos and legs hanging loosely behind her back until they eventually trailed on the dusty ground.

By then, the girl was crouched over him, her inviting sex hovering inches over his over-inflated manhood. He looked up at her, catching glimpses of her wonderful breasts behind the heads of his two men as she continued to rub them against herself. He saw her stunning face, her lips slightly parted to afford him a peek of her perfect teeth. He noticed a glint in her eye, a sort of mischevious excitement, like a teenager about to get to second base for the first time. She seemed to be preparing for the ride of her life. With a curious mix of both horror and exhilaration, he realised that he was about to become the vehicle for that ride.

Lorren was getting really excited now. She had nearly all the toys in place to begin her long-anticipated game. She looked back over her shoulder at the two remaining pieces. These were the two she had first encountered. She studied their faces. Remembering how subservient the taller man had proven, she decided to leave him until last. The other one, she recalled, had refused to freely co-operate with her. He would need some sort of incentive to be persuaded to play his part properly. Luckily for her, she had more than enough to work with already.

Her arms were busy so she couldn't point at him when she called "You!" so she indicated him with a nod of her head. He looked at her with an expression dominated by fear and anger. "Come here and kneel in front of me." she commanded him. When he seemed reluctant to move, she threatened. "Kneel in front of me now, or I'll crush your three friends here to paste." Muffled groans of panic rose from each of her breasts and from the ground under her, but she ignored them. The object of her instruction, understanding the hopelessness of the situation, rose to his feet and walked gingerly around her. He fell clumsily to his knees facing her, his head a little lower than hers, his folded legs running parallel to the trapped body of his Sergeant.

Making sure she had the two men at her breasts well trapped by her upper arms, she leant forward, reaching out with her hands as best she could without crushing the heads pressed against her chest. There were moans of discomfort as her big breasts pushed even harder into the faces of the two men, but she ignored him as she placed her fingertips on the kneeling man's cheeks and pulled his face up towards her own, stretching his spine in the process, and almost pulling him off his knees. All the while, she gently moved her elbows, stroking her mounds with the ever more bruised faces of two of her toys.

Private Thomas was shaking with fear. He had experienced enough of this unbelievable girl to want to be as far away from her as possible - like somewhere in China. Or the moon. The last things he had wanted to do were kneel before her or put his face within reach of her delicate-looking, but clearly deadly fingers. But he had no choice but to take her threat against his colleagues seriously. He was too loyal to let his Sergeant and two fellow Privates get killed. So, reluctantly, he had obeyed her order.

As he kneeled beside his prone officer, he breathed in the girl's indescribable scent and wondered anew at her remarkable beauty. He found himself getting hard despite his anger and his terror. By the time she was drawing his face towards hers, the strength of her pull almost threatening to tear him in half, he was drowning in a sea of yearning. Her seemingly limitless power terrified him, but her sexuality overwhelmed even that extreme emotion. He stared at her inviting mouth, almost orgasming as she licked her generous red lips and exhaled her sweet warm breath into his face. Only then did he understand the unopposable power that she possessed.

Watching the terrified expression on the male she was holding in front of herself change into a look of desire, Lorren realised she was impressing even herself. By the simple act of running her tongue invitingly around her outside of her mouth and breathing very gently on his face, she had gained control over his mind as well as his body. This man who had been so eager to resist her was now hers to play with as she wanted. Her domination over him was complete in every way; physical, mental and sexual. The thought carried her arousal to new, incredible heights. Holding the face of her newest captive between her palms, she twisted her neck to look over her smooth shoulder at the one male not yet involved.

The tall man, sitting up on the ground, was turned in her direction, his eyes wide in adoration like an obidient dog beholding its master. She wondered if she wanted such a man to try and pleasure her. The bruises on his cheeks, caused when she had held his face against her breast earlier, were now becoming dark. Dried blood lined his mouth, reminding her of how that same breast had knocked most of his front teeth from his gums. Everything about his appearence - the battered look, over-eager-to-please expression and damaged clothes suggested a man who had abandoned his dignity. He looked utterly pathetic. A weak, fragile, puny Terran. Less a man than an earthworm. Lorren couldn't help but let her disgust show on her face.

Davis had waited patiently while the girl had manoeuvred his four colleagues around her glorious body. He longed to know what she had planned for him. He vowed to himself that whatever she wanted, he would fulfill her wish with every drop of his being. He longed to touch her, to feel her perfection. To worship her physically. He saw the others being forced to serve her and wondered why she didn't choose him. After all, he wouldn't resist her or try to fight against her. Finally, she looked back at him, honouring him by turning her devine face his way. He felt a thrill pass through him in wild anticipation. He returned her gaze, his eyes betraying his supplication and his desire to please.

But her expression wasn't what he had expected. She seemed to be scowling, as if repulsed by the very sight of him. What was wrong? Had he shown himself to be unworthy of her in some way? But what about the others? Surely she couldn't reject him for them. He couldn't bear the idea. Surely his goddess, whom he worshipped and adored, wouldn't reject him? He had to know. In a trembling, pitiful voice he addressed her:

"And me?"

Lorren was sickened by the pathetic creature. "You?!" she snapped back. "You are not fit to approach me. You shall never touch me. You will remain there and watch me playing with your friends but you will never touch me. Do you understand?"

She couldn't believe it. The male was crying! Tears were streaming down his bruised cheeks into his bloody mouth. He was heartbroken. His monosyllablic answer - "Yes." - was sobbed as if by a child. She had been right. Such a deplorable specimen did not deserve to touch her wonderful body. Making sure that he was actually watching her through his tears, she turned her face away from him and back towards the face of the man she was still gripping in her hands.

"Now this," she thought, "is more of a man. Look at the anger in his eyes. His lust for me is overpowering, but his eyes show that, in his heart, he still wants to fight me. If only he wasn't a puny Terran. He can never oppose me, but at least he can amuse me. For a while, anyway..." And she pulled his face aggressively to hers, tilting his head slightly at the last moment so their noses didn't meet but their lips did. She could feel him tensing, trying to resist her. She revelled in the knowledge that nothing he could do could even slow her down for an instant, let alone prevent her from doing as she pleased with him. She kissed him hard, full on the lips, ignoring his squirms of discomfort.

He had tried to pull his lips into his mouth. She merely drew them outwards with the faintest of touches from each of her own luscious deep red lips. Then she ran the tip of her tongue very gently on them and found he was clamping them shut, perhaps because he was no longer in possesion of front teeth to bar entry into his mouth. She just pushed her tongue between his lips, parting them and exploring his mouth at will, effortlessly pushing his protesting tounge aside with her own. She pressed against the roof of his mouth, making his head spasm between her hands, and continued her wanderings, knocking a few of his remaining teeth free, enjoying the taste of his blood.

As she let her tongue continue its destructive, but most enjoyable (for her anyway) roaming, she began to move her elbows around, rubbing herself with the faces of the two men trapped between her upper arms and her breasts. Their hands and fists, slapping and pounding at her sides, told her that she was hurting them, damaging their tough, masculine faces with her soft, feminine breasts. But their strongest efforts barely carried the weight of gentle caresses to her and she paid no attention to their protestations as she continued to pleasure herself with them, massaging her chest with their chins, jaws, cheeks and noses. The contact spread a pleasant glow through her body - nothing compared to the delights of the missiles earlier - but just enough to whet her appetite.

With her lips, tongue and breasts now being enjoyably stimulated, she turned her attention to the core of her sexual being. She was more than ready now. The prostrate male trapped between her feet was clearly also ready. Perhaps it was the sight of her using three of his colleagues as sex-toys. Perhaps it was the overpowering scent she exuded at times like this. Perhaps it was the proximity to her beauty; the sight of her flawlessness, the contact between his bare skin and her perfect, desirable naked flesh. Lorren wasn't sure, and she didn't care. All that concerned her was that he was erect. Not that he was a particularily impressive specimen - even by Terran standards - but at least he was ready.

Slowly, carefully, she lowered herself towards the waiting phallus. She did not want to break off the violent kiss she was enjoying with the one trapped in her hands, nor did she want to pull his head from his shoulders either. She did not want to stop her stroking of her breasts with the two trapped by her arms, nor did she want to reduce their faces to sticky pulp. She did not want to crush the penis of the one below her, nor ground his pelvis to powder. So she manoeuvred herself with caution over the tip of his throbbing organ until finally her sex met his. The feathery contact set off an electric charge in her brain. So weak, these Terrans. They teased her, made her desire grow.

Lorren relaxed herself within and began to impale herself on her new toy. A scream from the ground let her know she had not relaxed enough. Disappointed, she eased up, pressing herself down to ensure that his full length entered her. Once more, a yell of agony told her she would have to make further adjustments. How pathetic these creatures were. She could hardly feel him inside. What she did sense was a spasm, almost as if he were about to orgasm. Already! She tightened herself to prevent his release, ignoring his grunts of discomfort. Slowly, she raised herself up a little and then came down again, stroking herself inside with what little he had to offer her. The sensation was so delicate, she had to concentrate to feel it.

The male moaned in pain and his eyes watered as she started to ride him as gently as she could. Alone, he probably wouldn't have been able to please her. But with another male forced to yield to the demands of her lips and tongue and two more pressed against her breasts, Lorren was starting to enjoy herself. She had been right to think that a group of Earthmen would be able to provide her with much more entertainment than just a pair could manage. They were so fragile, so pathetic, but if used correctly, they could be fun for a while. She was mindful that she had to be careful, though. It would be a shame if any - or all - of these toys broke before she was done playing.

Sergeant Thomasson was in agony. She was crushing his organ inside her, as if her vagina contained a steel clamp. She was gripping him so tight, he couldn't cum. He wanted to cum, despite the pain she caused him, despite his fear of her unstoppable power, because she was so incomparably sexy. She was riding him, carrying three other men up and down with her, oblivious to their discomfort, their rights and duties. She was screwing him painfully and yet a hundred times more erotically than any other woman he'd ever slept with. She defied belief. She was taking him, using him, holding off his orgasm until she was ready and he could do nothing in response but become lost in her sexuality.

Kneeling alongside Thomasson, the girl's strong hands repeatedly pulling him up off his knees and pushing him back down on to them, Private Thomas was crying. He was crying because the pain of her lips crushing his, of her tongue severely battering the inside of his mouth, of her palms pressing his cheeks and of her powerful lungs sucking the air from his body. He was crying because for the first time in his life, he had been defeated and now humiliated, by a woman. He was crying because her physical superiority was so great, he feared she would kill him any instant. And he was crying, because despite all that, he found himself burning with passion for her, his oppressor, his tormentor. He cried because he had no more control over himself. She had taken it all.

But if the girl was inspiring lust in Private Thomas, it was a fraction of the effect she was exerting on Smith and Fernandes. Both men's faces were now dark. It had long since become impossible to see where one bruise ended and the next began. If anything, she was pressing them harder than ever against her superhumanly firm mounds. Stiffiled by her warm, silky skin, her big, round mounds filling their faces, neither could cry out. Their eyes were barely able to see because the skin all around them had swollen under the constant barrage of feminine flesh, but what little they could see was all exquisite breast. Their noses, in the rare moments they could draw in air, drew in air saturated with the scent of breast. And, apart from traces of their own blood, each man's lips and tongues tasted nothing but breast.

It was too much for Fernandes. The pain was overruled in his mind by the supreme eroticism of such intimate, continuous contact with so perfect and so feminine a part of her anatomy. His erection, untouched by either her body or his any part of his own, throbbed dramatically. He could no longer contain himself. He felt his muscles contracting as wave after wave of orgasm shot through his body, and out of it. His fluid arched through the air, a tiny amount touching the girl's flawless back. Some landed on his sergeant's feet, but of course, he couldn't see. The girl herself showed no reaction, merely continuing to bouce up and down, still caressing her glorious mound with his face, prolonging his orgasm until he had a new set of pains. The constant action kept him agonisingly erect even once he had stopped cuming.

Private Smith, meanwhile, did not orgasm. For a moment, he was convinced he would, but somehow at that point, the girl's huge breast had jammed in his mouth, the delicious flesh simulatoneously sealing his nostrils. He had struggled desperately to free himself just enough to take in some air, but her arm holding him against her was immovable. He tried to bite her nipple, but the few teeth he had left broke off against her impossibly hard skin. His feet flapped about wildly behind her back, but it was useless. Within a few moments, he felt himself slipping out of consciousness. A final, desperate, attempt to breathe proved futile and his world faded to black. The girl seemed unaware, merely rubbng herself with his face as aggressively as before.

The only one who appeared to notice Smith's body go limp under her arm was Private Davis. Drawn towards the girl like a moth to a flame, he had crept closer to her. He knew he was forbidden to touch her. But he hadn't been told he couldn't see her from closer, or watch her perfection as she used his colleagues, or even stare in fierce envy as she rode his Sergeant. Then, he came closer. Close enough to distinguish her scent from the sweat of the men. Close enough to see every detail of her goddess' body. Close enough to see that Smith was being smothered. Close enough to warn her if he hadn't feared further displeasing her. Close enough to maybe save his colleague if he hadn't been worried about revealing to her how close he was and fearing she would banish him once more. Close enough, almost, to touch her.

But, she had forbidden it. It was just that she was so beautiful, so perfect, so sexy. He longed to place his hand on her immaculate skin, to taste her femininity, to worship her body. He burned to give her pleasure, to please her, make her appreciate him, her insignificant worshipper. He was so close to her now. As she moved up and down on the sergeant, Smith's unconscious body, flapping freely under her arm while she continued to massage her magnificent breast with his wounded face, knocked against him time and again. He longed to take the comatose man's place, to be himself pressed against the chest of his goddess. He inched closer still, ignoring the blows from Smith's limp legs, helplessly drawn towards her.

Lorren couldn't help but notice that the male she had forbidden to touch her had crept nearer. She could even smell him, distinguish the tone of his sweat from those of the four others around her. She choose to ignore him for now. Just as she had noticed one of the men she was rubbing herself with orgasm. And chosen to ignore it. Or like the way she'd realised that the other one had passed out moments before he, too, would have ejaculated and she had merely continued to press his face to her breast. She didn't care. She was enjoying the most gratifying sex since she had arrived on Earth.

So what if the male beneath her was desperate for his own release? So what if she was preventing it with her unearthly inner muscles? He was just another toy. The only thing that mattered was her pleasure. Which was why, despite the damage she was inflicting on her latest playthings, she greedily began to take steps to increase that pleasure. Her hands clamped roughly on the face of the male on kissing duty, her lips pressing even more firmly against his, turning them blue, whilst her tongue bullied his, removed his few remaining teeth and bruised his exposed gums. His mouth filled with blood. She found the taste exciting.

Meanwhile, Lorren used her upper arm to jam the unconscious male hard against her tingling breast, unpurturbed by the dull crunching sound of his fragile lower jaw being pulverised by her soft femininity. The increased pressure on her mound, although a thousand times weaker than she could produce with her own fingers, thrilled her nonetheless. She decided to try the same with with her other breast. Not caring that the man trapped against that breast was still conscious and therefore quite capable of feeling pain, she pushed his head into her bosom, turning his face a little from side to side as she pressed. This time there was a loud crack and a cry of shocked agony from under her arm. Blood poured down her front.

She hadn't merely broken his nose. She'd ground it to paste against her big, impossibly firm breast. A few moments later, he became as limp as his fellow unwilling chest-massager. But Lorren was so close now to what she could tell would be an enormous orgasm. She was not about to stop merely because another male had proven too fragile for her body. Besides, awake or not, it felt good to have the two men's battered faces pressed hard up against her mounds. Very good in fact. She increased the speed of her up and down movements, riding the fourth male far faster than any Terran girl could. Of course he, too, gave a yell of discomfort, but she was no more interested in his well-being than she was in that of his colleagues.

Thomasson's mind was at meltdown. For starters, there was the pain. Terrible, unending pain. Pain from his bruised hips which were constantly being pounded by the girl's own steel-hard body. Pain from his burning organ desperate to spasm in orgasm but clamped tighter than was believable by her superhuman sex. His growing state of sexual excitement and the unfulfilled yearning to bring it to a climax added to his confusion. Then there was the fact that he was being raped. He, a commander of men. A strong, fit, soldier. And he was being raped by a slim young woman. A young woman who had overpowered five trained and armed fighting men. The most beautiful young woman he had ever seen.

She was moving up and down at incredible speed now, her long, smooth legs pumping like pistons. He saw blood on her belly from the faces of the three men she was pressing to her lips and breasts, but she showed no intention of slowing. He cried out again as she crashed down on his pelvis. He found his vision clouded by tears. He was ashamed. Military men shouldn't cry. They shouldn't be used - humiliated - by horny young girls. He longed for it to be over, for her to release the pressure on his organ and allow him to orgasm and for her to stop her painful bouncing on him. As if she had read his mind and wanted to show her scorn for him, she sped up her riding still further. His tears began to flow freely.

Private Thomas was also crying. He was almost choking on his own blood too. The inside of his mouth was rapidly becoming one big wound. The weapon of distruction, the girl's seemingly soft, sexy pink tongue was unstoppable. It went wherever it wanted, flicking or merely pressing to inflict damage at will. His lips were numb, the colour and life crushed out of them by the impossible pressure of her passionate kiss. He would have screamed but her lips sealed his mouth shut. Furthermore, she seemed to be sucking every last drop of air from his body, his lungs nowhere near the equal of hers. Every sound he tried to make and every weak exhalation he managed to produce was lost in her warm, perfect mouth.

As he struggled to breathe, her tongue suddenly darted to the bottom of his mouth, slamming into his wounded gum, the blow cracking his lower jaw bone. A new spurt of blood filled his gullet. She lapped it up with her tongue, repeatedly bashing his new wound. He had never experience such pain. Nor had he ever encountered hands, or lips or a tongue as erotic as hers. He was torn between an agony so great he feared for his life and a degree of sexual excitement so intense he thought he might explode. Still, he fought for air. The girl responded to his predicament by kissing him even harder, almost pulverising his bloodless lips. He felt himself shaking as he orgasmed in huge spasms, his penis not needing to be touched, so overwhelming was the stimulation of his mouth. Moments later, everything went black.

From his vantage point on his knees, so very, very close to the girl, Davis watched Thomas loosing his fluid and then passing out. The sight of his goddess bringing a man to orgasm by merely kissing him against his will heightened his own yearning for her. He felt jealous of his colleague's damaged face. He wished it had been him wounded by her luscious lips and her lovely tongue. She was so magnificent. So powerful. So perfect. Suddenly, he realised that he had raised his hand towards her and that his fingertips were almost touching her. He stopped himself. It was forbidden for him. But that was so injust. She was so perfect. Why couldn't he worship her with his hands?

She was almost there now. She felt her orgasm building deep inside. She was aware that only the male beneath her was conscious now, but she pressed the others against her, one to her lips, two others to her breasts. She heard the cracking of bones, the squelching of flesh and muscles and felt blood dripping onto herself, but paid it no mind. Without giving any warning, she relaxed her inner grip on the phallus of the remaining conscious male. He shook beneath her, jet after jet of cum shooting upwards into her from his relieved manhood. To her, it was a miserable trickle. But it was enough. Just enough.

At last! At last she had released that incredible grip on his shaft. Finally, he could cum. His body could express its natural reaction to her unbelieveable beauty. And it expressed and expressed and expressed. His groin was so painful, he barely noticed the additional discomfort of his seemingly endless orgasm. He felt as if his internal organs were being sucked out of his body through his throbbing penis. Subconsciously, he tried to yell, but his throat was too dry and hardly a sound left his lips. He felt as if his heart would give out or his organ would fall off or perhaps his eyes pop out of his face. He thought he saw the girl rising upwards as if preparing for one more huge downward thrust. A moment later, all his thoughts ceased.

Lorren threw her head back, flinging her arms wide as she did so. The three males who had been trapped in her embrace, all long since unconscious, fell like dead weights to the dusty ground. She cupped herself, her dainty fingertips making far greater impressions in her big round breasts than two men's entire heads had managed. With a enormous sigh, she surrendered to her own body, wave after wave of pure joy washing through her being. She shuddered as though in an earthquake as the unbounded pleasure poured into every part of her. She had never known such delight in her life, never felt so much physical pleasure. She was amazed that four puny Terran males could have provided her with such fun.

Private Davis could resist no longer. Seeing the girl lost in her orgasm, his longing to feel her immaculate skin became too great to fight. He knew he was disobeying her, but he acted because he wanted to worship, not disrespect her. Before he properly knew what he was doing, his fingers brushed against her side as it shuddered. Confident she hadn't noticed, and lost in the delicious feel of her, he began to stroke her smooth, immaculate flesh. Her skin felt so wonderful. So perfect. He felt himself ejaculating in his shorts, driven to a state well beyond self control by the mere act of touching his goddess. Regaining some of his senses, he pulled his hand away, hoping she hadn't realised his disobedience.

Slowly, the incredible feeling began to fade. She became aware of two other sensations. Firstly, an Earthman's feathery fingertips stroking her side and secondly something particularly wet and sticky beneath her. She knew immediately that the fingertips belonged to the fifth man. The disgusting, worm-like one she had forbidden to touch her. She would deal with him shortly. As to the mess below her, she could have guessed what that was before she opened her eyes. In her final thrusts of delight, she had completely crushed the hips of the male beneath her. She had, in fact, pounded his groin to nothingness, his pelvic bones now unrecognisable in the gory mass. To all extents and purposes, his body had been cut in half.

She smiled at the irony. His puny Earthman's body had lasted just long enough to bring her pleasure and not a second longer. These Terran toys weren't built to last, but at least they were just about sufficient. If a bit messy. It amused her to think that she had killed him as he orgasmed inside her. Her sexual and physical power over the males of this planet was fantastic. Standing up athletically, as brim-full of energy as ever, she looked down at the three other men who had contributed to her little game. Two of them were just about moving, their chests rising and falling although their facial features were barely recognisable amongst the bruises and the blood and the curious deformations. But her sensitive ears detected their uneven, rasping breathing.

The third man was quite still. He had been the first to black out. Starved of air for too long when his face had been pushed against her breast, his fate had been sealed long before his hard chin had been crushed beyond recognition by her softest flesh. In truth, he looked far less damaged than the two luckly ones. The other victim of her chest had nothing but a lump of bloody pulp where his nose had once been. His eye sockets, cheekbones and jawline were bruised black. His gums bled profusely and only a few teeth remained in place. What little she knew of Terran medical technology told her that he stood a good chance of remaining alive, albeit as a permanently disfigured wreck.

She wasn't so sure about the other survivor of the game. His lips appeared to have been squashed out of existance by her over-eager kisses. His lower jaw hung crookedly and his toothless gums were little more than bloody strips of flesh. Her soft wandering tongue had inflicted horrendous damage to his mouth. If he was to live, he would need a lot of doctors very soon. Of course, they probably wouldn't be able to rebuild his face, but they might just be able to keep him alive. It was quite thrilling to think that she had hurt a big man so badly with nothing more than her lips and tongue. It made her feel incredibly powerful. An audiable laugh rose from her throat. She wondered what she would have done to him if he had actually been a decent kisser...

Lorren turned her back on the battered males lying in the dirt. She'd enjoyed the little game she'd played with them, but she didn't feel the need to thank them. Besides, two of them were too dead to appreciate her gratitude. And she wasn't that grateful. It wasn't as if the planet wasn't full of other males who would have been just as much fun to play with - and probably just as fragile too. It was time for her to move on. The promise of finding a population settlement and the thousands of potential playthings within it was too tempting. But before she could leave, there was one last thing she had to take care of.

Picking up a discarded strip of torn Terran military clothing, she made quick work of wiping the blood and gore from her body. Then, she located her uniform, an incredibly brief outfit by Earth standards, and quickly slipped into it. She knew she was being watched all the while. Once she was ready, she turned on her heels to face the final, fifth male. The most pathetic one. The one who had dared to touch her against her instructions. Standing at her full height, her feet slightly apart, she placed her hands on her hips, striking a pose that reflected her superiority. Then she addressed her inferior:

"Male! You touched me. I told you not to."

Davis had watched her cleaning herself and dressing in her skimpy one-piece in awe at her gracefulness. He stared as she faced him, striking a dominant pose, still overwhelmed by her beauty. He wondered what she wanted of him. He hoped she had changed her mind, that she now wanted him to touch her, to worship her glory. But instead, she revealed that she had noticed his indescretion. She was angry. His goddess was displeased with him. He began to tremble. His voice betrayed his proximity to tears "I... I'm s..s... sorry. Pl..please don't..."

"Come here." she interrupted him firmly. She'd had enough of his pathetic nature. The male shuffled forward, moving more like an old man than a soldier in the prime of his life. He sickened her. She no longer wished to look at his miserable face. "On your knees!" she commanded. He immediately obeyed, craning his neck to look up at her, eyes like a faithful hound. His face disgusted her. "Kiss the ground." He puckered his lips and embraced the dirt. A wide, cruel smile stretched across Lorren's face. "Don't move until I give you permission." she said. Then, without looking back, she turned and noiselessly jogged her way back to the highway to continue her search for the nearest town.

It was more than four hours before the men were discovered. Two of them were long dead, two others were rushed away for extensive emergency surgery. A fifth man was found kneeling with his mouth touching the ground. When the medics tried to pull him up, he resisted, hysterically screaming something about disobeying his goddess. It took three men to restrain him enough for him to be sedated and carried into the truck that would take him to the psychiatric unit. When he came to, he refused to stand or walk. He told his carers he had to be on his knees forever more, so as not to displease his "goddess".

Fourty miles away, a lone young woman dressed in an unusual and revealing sheer swimsuit strolled confidently by the side of a highway. As she passed a sign reading "Crampton 15 miles", her exquisite face lit up in a huge, mischievous grin.


Conceptfan, Mar. 2002.

Chapter 4

"Welcome to Crampton. Population 8,456"

Lorren strolled confidently past the road sign, chuckling slightly to herself. Her knowledge and experience of Earth told her that, amongst that total number of inhabitants, there had to be at least two hundred worthy of the privilege of trying to please her. Her last experience with a group of young Terran males had been most pleasant. She'd really enjoyed raping the four soldiers after they had put her in the mood by trying to kill her with their weapons. Now, with the tingling sensation of the violent orgasm she'd felt as she violated the men beginning to fade, she was ready for more fun and games. She just needed to find some suitable toys. And where better to look than a population settlement like the one she was just entering.

Lorren studied the scene around her, struggling to recall the lessons on Earth culture that had been part of her training for the doomed invasion of the planet. She regretted not paying more attention, remembering how her mind would wander off during classes, carried away by the tide of her uncontrollable hormones. Back then, she had been forced to keep her ravenous sexual appetite a secret. She smiled as she thought of how free she now was to indulge her desires. And how easy it seemed to do that on Earth. Her first insights into the joys of sex with the puny creatures of her new home had intrigued her. It was time for further exploration.

Sure, it had been strange at first. Being so much vastly stronger than any of the inhabitants of the planet meant that she had to take great care not to kill them with some casual gesture. They were so incredibly fragile, so easy to break... at least there was plenty of them. And the advantages of her remarkable genetics more than compensated for the frailty of Earthmen. Her superior strength allowed her to do whatever she wanted with Terran males whether or not they tried to resist her. In addition, her overpowering physical appeal (especially compared to the natives of the little blue-grey world) made it easy for her to stimulate men. And her invulnerability to their weapons ensured she had nothing to fear on this world.

This lack of fear was evident as she strode through the outskirts of the tiny town. She held her body as one who is justifiably proud of her physical perfection, her magnificent chest thrust forward defiantly as her long, slender arms hung by her tiny waist and shapely hips. Her endless, flawless legs carried her forward, as her exquisite face turned arrogantly from side to side, taking in the sights that greeted her. She showed no reaction to the few people she passed, secretly enjoying the stares of disbelief drawn to the areas of perfect flesh her costume left exposed. She loved the way the males - young and old - gawped as if they were starved and looking at a plate of meat.  Her power over these creatures extended well beyond her immense strength.

Lorren realized that she would soon become the town's centre of attention just by walking around. She didn't want to create a public scene that would involve the authorities before she'd found some new toys to play with. It wasn't that she was afraid of the local law enforcement or, indeed, the military. She simply wasn't in the mood for a fight - although she knew it wouldn't be much of a fight. Nonetheless, she was aware that keeping a low profile for the time being was the best way of getting what she wanted. And what she wanted was men. To play with. She turned into a deserted-looking side-street. She was confident that this narrow road, which ran between the backs of two sets of buildings, would offer her a quiet route towards the centre of the population settlement.

At first, Bobby thought he'd been hallucinating. It looked like the most stunningly gorgeous girl he'd ever seen in his life was just strolling down the sidewalk past the café where he was sitting. "Christ!", he thought, "She's wearing a fucking swimsuit!"  His legs were moving even before his brain had decided what he should do. He got up and left the coffee shop, his eyes locked on the girl's perfect rear as it moved so suggestively beneath her sheer costume. He crossed the road and sped up, gasping as he got alongside her and saw her incredible profile. "What a fucking figure!" he whispered to himself. "Man, those tits would be fucking sweet to hold." He began to jog, turning around to see her from in front. "Fuck." he muttered. "I wanna see what's under that over-filled swimsuit."

At that moment, the incredible girl turned into an alley. Bobby looked around. No-one was following her. No-one else appeared to be in the side-street. It was too good an opportunity to miss. He ran across the street and entered the alley, making as little noise as he could. He had to walk quickly to keep up with the long strides of her magnificent legs, but he crept behind her, breathing softly, stepping as silently as possible. He didn't want to startle her. Not while they were still close to the people going by on the main road. He watched her lovely seat swaying in front of him, letting the wonderful sight stir his passions. Distractedly, he let the fingers of his left hand massage his stiffening organ through the lining of his jeans pocket. His right hand closed about his trusty spring-loaded knife. He was going to enjoy this.

Lorren listened to the sounds of excited Terran male behind her. The thumping heart, the quick, shallow breathing. Her sensitive ears could even pick up the noise of fabric being rhythmically rubbed. That sound, together with the hint of aroused Earthman that carried to her superhuman nostrils, made her smile. She was obviously having a profound effect on the man following her. Perhaps she could have a quick little game with him before continuing her exploration of the town. Sure, one male on his own was unlikely to do very much for her but it might be mildly amusing. Like a light snack before her main meal.

She was still debating with herself whether or not to just ignore the creature behind her when he took the decision away from her. She heard his footsteps and his fast panting as he closed the gap between them and wondered why he hadn't spoken to her yet. Then she understood: he was trying to sneak up on her. Despite his booming heartbeat, exploding steps and rasping breath, not to mention his stench, he actually believed he was approaching unnoticed!  Amused, and idly curious, she let him believe she was unaware of his presence, even when he was within touching distance of her. She heard him take something metallic from his clothes and waited patiently to see what he intended.

It was easy to creep up on the beautiful girl. She seemed lost in her own thoughts as he got right behind her. "Stupid bitch!" thought Bobby as he got so close, his tenting jeans almost touched her beautiful rump. "She's gonna be no trouble at all." He got his knife out and flicked the blade open. As quick as he could, he reached forward, leaning on her smooth round shoulder to touch the sharp edge of his knife against her flawless throat. Then he hissed into her ear "Make a sound and I'll cut your head off." His faced brushed against her long striaght hair, its silky smoothness and erotic scent raising his arousal to new levels. "This is gonna be great!" he thought.

Lorren figured what the male was up to long before he'd touched the cold steel of his weapon against her neck, but she let him continue anyway. Having recently enjoyed the sensation of heavy military hardware exploding against her body, she almost laughed when her latest companion threatened her with his primitive bit of sharpened metal. He wouldn't even be able to shorten one of her hairs with that! She heard grunts behind her and only then realized that he was trying to push her down to the ground. She knew now what he wanted. She decided she would give it to him. But not in the way he expected. Her way.

She played along for the time being, allowing him to "force" her down. With his blade still pressed against her throat, he leant over her, giving her a faceful of his foul breath. His free hand dived immediately for her chest, his fingers trying to work their way into her exposed, deep cleavage. She watched him struggle in there for a while. His feather-light touches teased her libido, but the tendons standing out on the back of his hand showed her that he was putting everything he had into his efforts. It took her a few moments to work out what was going on. The Terran was trying, without any hope of success, to scoop her breasts out of her uniform. She knew he didn't possess even a fraction of the strength required, but she enjoyed his struggles anyway.

For a couple of seconds, he didn't seem to be able to push her down. Although he pressed down on her lovely shoulder with all his might, she just remained standing, his pressure not even moving her shoulder an inch. Bobby was beginning to wonder what the hell was happening when her legs seemed to fold beneath her and she was on her way down. Obviously, he thought, she'd tried to fight against him, but his strength had told in the end. Satisfied, he kept his knife at her throat as he pushed her all the way to the sidewalk, staring at her gorgeous face and her huge, round breasts that seemed to rise up towards him. He became overwhelmed with a desire to feel them.

He got his fingers between her wonderful tits easily enough, the smooth warmth of her flesh sending a tingle through his body. Pushing his hand deeper into that delicious valley, he tried to lift one of her fantastic mounds from her briefest of swimsuits. But something was wrong. Her costume looked so thin and so flimsy, yet he could not move it away from her breast, no matter how hard he tried. And the softness of that breast belied an incredibly firmness. Never had he encountered anything like it. Even when he put all his strength into it, his fingers could only slightly indent her big tit. He could not lift it or move it in anyway. It was as if her chest was made of solid steel covered with smooth, warm velvet.

The girl seemed to be struggling beneath him, moving her shoulders about. He knew a slender young woman like her would have no chance of dislodging a large, strong man like he was. "Let her struggle." he thought. "I'm the one in charge here." Somehow, to his delight, her attempts to escape succeeded in nothing more than freeing her breasts from her swimsuit. Hungrily, he attacked them, completely forgetting about his knife as he dropped it to clang on the concrete beside them. His hands were not quite large enough to cover her chest entirely, but he tried his best, vigorously squeezing her mounds, trying to pull them apart then push them together, marveling at the impossible firmness of her seemingly-soft feminine flesh. She was incredible. He was really going to enjoy screwing her.

Lorren maneuvered herself out of her uniform by wriggling her upper body, carefully making it look as if she was fighting in vain against her attacker. She suppressed a laugh at the greedy way he went for her breasts the moment they were free, even abandoning his weapon in his eagerness to touch her. For a while, she let him fondle her, his pathetic efforts mildly arousing, but nowhere near enough for her. Already, he was reaching for the lower part of her outfit, tugging at it with all his strength, the strain making him sweat but, of course, having no effect on her or her costume. He picked up his knife once more, trying to cut the invulnerable material away from her body, but no matter how frantically he tried, the Nivan fabric remained intact.

Bobby couldn't understand it. He knew his knife was sharp, and yet, even as he hacked, sawed and sliced at her strange, thin swimsuit, he could not damage it. Neither could he pull it off her fantastic body. The garment covered her groin, inexplicably immoveable, like a high-fashion, paper-thin chastity device. Desperate to penetrate her, he continued to attack the peculiar material. The girl writhed around beneath him - no doubt trying to escape once again - and finally, her outfit came away and she was completely naked, lying on the side walk, helpless. Her glorious body was his to do with as he pleased. Trembling with excitement, he began to remove his jeans.

She realized she would have to help him remove her uniform, just as she'd had to help him free her breasts. His comical efforts to undress her with his blade were beginning to tire her. Once more, she pretended to be trying to resist him as she wriggled her way completely out of her clothes. His eyes grew huge as she revealed herself in all her nudity. She lay still, waiting patiently as he slowly and clumsily removed his lower garments, his unimpressive penis standing at full readiness for her. Awkwardly he bent over her, probing ineffectively at the edges of her vagina, the gentle caresses of his sex against hers reminding her how inadequate he was.

Eventually, she noticed his reddening face and his grunts of discomfort and frustration. She relaxed her inner muscles, opening the barrier to her core and allowing him to thrust himself inside her, burying his pathetic shaft up to its hilt in her warm perfection. She barely felt him in there. He was just too small, and too soft. She let him pull partly out of her and then plunge back in. He repeated the process twice before his entire body began to tense. Glancing up, she read in his eyes the tell-tale signs of a male on the verge of his orgasm. Already! How pathetic. She could not allow this farce to continue any longer.

Bobby could barely get his shorts off quick enough. He saw the girl's lovely, neat pussy and knew he couldn't hold off any longer. He pushed his erection at her entrance, not caring if she was ready for him or not. If necessary, he would force his way in there. But he could not penetrate her. He drew back, intending to thrust at her with even more violence, but still he couldn't part her nether lips. Again and again he tried to ram himself into her until the constant impacts hurt his organ. He was beginning to get angry when, finally, out of the blue, he succeeded in entering her. It was weird. One moment she seemed inhumanly tight, the next he was able to comfortably slide into her. As soon as he was in, however, the wonderful sensation made him forget all about his confusion.

He began to thrust in and out of her, his body driven to the edge of desire and beyond by the physical perfection of the girl beneath him. All to quickly, he felt himself about to cum. He'd hardly even started, but he knew he was far too horny to stop himself. She was just too beautiful. But why should he worry? It was not as if he was trying to impress her with his self-control, or even - he almost laughed at the thought - give her pleasure. No, this was about him and his pleasure only. He certainly wasn't about to delay his orgasm for her. He could feel it was going to be enormous, that it was about to break at any instant. He felt so good inside her. His release was going to be fantastic.

Enough was enough. She had given him every opportunity to show her that his way might be fun and all he'd managed to do was to show her how pathetically weak he was. It was time for her to take control. She tensed the unearthly muscles within her sex very, very slightly, not enough to crush his penis to pulp, but more that sufficiently to prevent him ejaculating. Immediately, he stopped thrusting and began yelling in discomfort and shock. He tried to pull out of her, placing both his hands on her shoulders and pushing himself away from her until his biceps bulged and his face turned purple, but her intimate hold on him remained absolutely fast. He said something in a pleading voice, forcing his words through clenched teeth, his eyes beginning to water.

She paid no attention to whatever it was he was trying to say, instead she effortlessly sat up a little, capturing both his wrists in her hands as she rolled them over, pushing his hands down to the concrete until he was lying prostrate beneath her. All the while, she maintained her unbreakable grip on his throbbing shaft, ignoring his pitiful attempts to escape her various holds on him. His eyes filled with surprise as he looked up at her. She could tell he was desperately struggling to get away from her, so she let him see the futility of his resistance by smiling at him, leaning over him slightly to let her hair fall over his flustered face.

Bobby was in shock. One moment he'd been thrusting away at her, on the brink of a huge orgasm, and the next his world was filled with unbelievable pain. It was as if he'd gotten his manhood caught in a mousetrap. Looking down in panic, he saw that he was still inside her. How was that possible? Did this girl have some kind of control over something in there? And, even if she did, how could it be so incredibly powerful? It was crushing him agonizingly. He had to get his cock out of her. He tried pulling his hips away, but his shaft remained absolutely trapped. In desperation, he grabbed her and tried to push himself away, using every drop of strength he could muster. But it was no good. His fiercest shoves failed to move his organ even so much as a fraction of an inch with her. All he got for his efforts was more pain as his member stretched.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" he spluttered, but the girl just sat up under him. He attempted to push her away and failed. She countered by taking hold of his wrists in her dainty hands and starting to roll off her back. Frantically, he tried to free his hands, but her slender fingers held him as securely as steel bands. She continued to roll, her feminine arms moving his masculine ones about with apparent ease. All the while, she gripped his shaft within her vagina so that he was forced to roll with her. He used every muscle in his body to fight against her, but nothing he did made the slightest difference. He felt his back touch the sidewalk, and struggled to buck her away, again with no effect. She was pushing his hands down to the concrete, her face showing no sign of strain as he found that the application of all his strength failed to hold her up for even a second.

Now, she was on top of him, holding him down, still squeezing his cock unbearably tightly inside her. He continued to try and dislodge her, sweat breaking out all over his body as he summoned everything he had and put it towards throwing her off him. But it was useless. She was unmovable. Her two hands on his wrists - even the muscles of her vagina - were too powerful for him. Then, just as he was beginning to marvel at her impossible strength, he looked up at her to see that she was smiling. Smiling! She wasn't even making an effort. She was pinning him utterly helplessly, without even trying. What was she, some kind of super woman? How could she be so beautiful and yet so strong? And what the hell was she doing to his cock?

He looked up at her stunning, grinning face. She leant a little over him and her lovely long dark hair fell from behind her ear to spill over his cheek. So soft, so fragrant. So lovely. He felt himself tightening inside her. He was burning now to ejaculate, but the unreal hold she had on him was preventing it. She bent over further, her big, round and impossibly firm breasts now hanging just a few inches from him, filling his vision, increasing his yearning to orgasm. Unable to raise his hands at all, and desperate to get through to her by any means, he lifted his head towards her inviting, erotic mounds and bit down on her large pink nipple, clamping his jaws shut with all his might. He was surprised by how unyielding she was. He had expected screams of pain. Instead, his only reward was a low moan of what sounded to him like pleasure.

This was more like it. The Terran had taken the bait she'd offered by leaning her chest towards him and had attacked her with his teeth. It felt nice. It made her want more fun with her latest plaything. Without warning, she sat up again, letting go of his wrists as she did so. There was an immediate scream from the male beneath her and a splash of blood from his mouth. She paid no attention to either as she carefully loosened her internal hold on his shaft. She didn't release him enough to permit his orgasm, but she did allow just enough for her to be able to move up and down on him without ripping his organ off entirely. Then, she began to pump her long, shapely legs, riding him with a total disregard for the look of pain on his face or the blood trickling down his chin.

He was shouting something at her, but she tuned it out as she shut her eyes, trying to make the most of the feathery feel of the undersized Terran organ inside her. She was dimly aware that his hands were on her body once more, but she was too concentrated on the feeble sensations in her sex to pay them any mind. Somewhere, deep within her, she could feel a tiny orgasm beginning to build. Anxious not to lose what little pleasure she hoped to be able to glean from the encounter, she increased the tempo of her thrusts, dedicating all her considerable mental powers to savoring the sensations within her.

As stunned as he had been by her reaction to his violent biting of her nipple, that was nothing compared with what was to come. She suddenly sat up, pulling her breast away from him. With his jaws closed as tightly as he could manage around what he had hoped was her most sensitive point, his teeth were pulled upwards along with her chest. His head however, stayed in place. In a split second, his four front teeth were ripped violently from his gums, making him scream in agony as blood spurted from his mouth, but she didn't seem to care as she straightened her back. The only consolation for him was that his hands were now freed from the unbreakable hold she'd had on them.

The pain in his mouth was still burning as he felt a change in the impossible squeeze on his manhood. For a moment, he felt a small amount of relief, believing that she was about to finally let him release his long-pent-up ejaculation. But that was soon dashed. She was still gripping him too tightly for him to cum. He soon discovered that she'd only loosened her hold enough to permit her to ride up and down over his aching shaft, still painfully crushing him inside her as she moved far faster than any woman he'd ever known, her fabulous legs acting like silken pistons as she bounced on him. Her hips slammed into his time and again, bruises quickly forming where their bodies impacted, until he felt his rear being ground into the concrete beneath him.

"Stop it! Please! You're hurting me!" he pleaded, but she wasn't listening. Her eyes were shut. He felt a new emotion now, one he'd never expected to experience when he first resolved to follow the incredible girl: fear. He was afraid. Terrified, even, of what she might do to him. She was so strong. The agony in his pelvic region grew each time she thrust herself violently down on him. Yet despite all that, his longing to release his ejaculation steadily increased. She was just so beautiful, so sexy - he couldn't resist her. Even as she caused him pain. Even as she scared him. He brought his now free hands up and began to pummel her chest, his fists quickly bruising against her big, round, unbelievably firm, yet paradoxically soft, breasts.

He continued to hit her front, her shoulders, her arms, her sides and her thighs until his hands were bleeding and he could no longer stand the pain. Meanwhile his blows left not a single mark on her perfect skin, nor did they slow her incessant pumping in any way. In fact, she was going faster now, her legs almost a blur as they propelled her up and down at incredible speed. His cock was ready to explode. With every stroke she was crushing him as she rode unnaturally quickly up and down, clearly using his body purely for her pleasure, oblivious to his pain. And what pain! His groin, his hips, his backside now all one big, unified bruise under the constant battering of the girl's silky body. His hands, bloody and raw. His gums, toothless and also bleeding. Tears streamed down his face. "Please let it end!" he whimpered.

Finally, she came, throwing her head back as the small explosion detonated inside her. It wasn't a great orgasm by the standards of what she had already experienced since coming to Earth, but it was better than nothing. She thought briefly about trying to wring some more enjoyment from the Terran under her and decided not to bother. She was in a town full of males now. Surely she could do better than this pathetic creature. It had been fun - for a while - playing with him, pretending he could force her down, making him believe that he could overpower her. But now, she'd had enough of him. In one, graceful, fluid movement, she rose off him, not relaxing her inner hold but giving him a final squeeze as she lifted herself away from him, smiling as he screamed in new agony.

As she stood up, she saw him shuddering and ejaculating in little spurts, his fluid arching in the air to fall mostly over his face and his clothes. To add to the pathetic image, he appeared to be crying. His tears mingled with the blood that was still trickling from his mouth. She noticed that his hands had been badly wounded and wondered when that had happened. Bending low over him she looked down at him, smiling. He moved his mouth as if trying to speak, but no words passed his lips. Straightening back up, she dug her dainty toes under his arm and casually flicked her foot. He rolled over several times before coming to rest, face down. Noting without emotion that he was still breathing, she set about pulling her uniform back on.

His prayers were answered. He saw her head fly back, and felt her shaking violently on top of him. Just when he thought she was certain to crush him for good, the shaking stopped and she began to get off him. He filled with anticipation for the moment that she would release his organ from the prison of her vagina, but before that happened, she squeezed him there one more time, perhaps harder than ever before, making him yell as his vision momentarily filled with stars. Then, at last, she let him go as she stood up. Finally freed to flow the way his muscles had been striving to push it, his ejaculation came in huge spasms that hurt his tender penis. It splashed down all over him, but his humiliation was so great already that he no longer cared. His only feeling was one of utter, utter relief that it was over.

Through his teary eyes, he saw her looking down at him with a large malicious grin on her lovely face. She seemed to be showing him that she'd enjoyed herself. Who the hell was she? What the hell was she? He'd thought he would take advantage of her. Instead she had beaten him, hurt him, taken him, used him and left him completely humiliated. He would never go near another woman again without her permission. She could have killed him. Thank Christ it was all over. He felt her toes prodding under his arm. Then, suddenly he was rolling over sideways, over and over again. Exhausted, hurt and dizzy, he felt his senses fading to nothingness.

Lorren walked off down the quiet, narrow street. The glow of her recent mini-orgasm had almost faded, but the remnants of the feeling were pleasant enough. The male she'd just left had served as an enjoyable appetizer. But now, she was ready for the main course. Her eyes scanned the street in front of her. There was nothing but piles of garbage. The walls on either side were broken by occasional, unmarked, metal panels. She knew enough of Earth to realize that these were doors. Not main doors - those would be located on the other side of the buildings on the wider, busier street that ran parallel to the one she was on. These doors were secondary - installed, no doubt, for emergency use.

She smiled. It occurred to her that the inhabitants of the planet were so fragile that even the least significant incident would probably seem an "emergency" to them. Everything seemed to hurt them. A gentle caress could bruise them. A lover's kiss could break their teeth. A hug could crush their ribs. Careful love-making could smash their pelvises. But by the same token, of course, nothing the Terrans might do could harm her. There was no such thing as an "emergency" for her. Apart, that is, from the urgent, yearning, aching desire within her.

As Lorren walked past the doors on either side, her sensitive nostrils detected a huge variety of smells. Sometimes it was the aroma of cooking that filtered through the cracks, sometimes alcohol, other times strange chemical smells. She stopped by one particular metal panel, intrigued by an odour that was different from all the others. She recognized it immediately: the smell of male Terran perspiration. Her superhuman olfactory senses analyzed the scent. No doubt about it: it came from a number of sources. On the other side of the steel sheet in front of her, there were men. Quite a few of them, presumably engaged in some kind of physical activity. She was intrigued. And not a little aroused. She could see hinges attaching one side of the metal door to the wall around it. There was no sign of any opening mechanism. Clearly, the barrier was designed to be opened from inside only. She would have to improvise.

At that time of day, the place was half-empty. The before and after work crowd would still be busy behind their desks or whatever else they did. Later all the machines and weights would be in use. But now, there were just seven people in the gym. Joe, the old boxing trainer, was leaning on the ropes of the ring in the side room, snarling out instructions at two men sparring. The only other member of staff was Tom who was acting as spotter for a fit young man who'd come in for some bench-pressing in the main room. Nearby a skinny nerdy guy wearing thin-rimmed round glasses was working the rowing machine. On the other side of the room, a huge man who looked like a professional bodybuilder was seated on a stool, doing one-handed repetitions with a barbell. Just a typical mid-afternoon scene at Tom's Gym.

Lorren looked closely at the metal panel. It was fairly well fitted, by the usual standards of clumsy Terran construction. She thought for a moment about trying to peel it away by digging her fingers into the tiny gap between the edge of the door and the surrounding wall. She was confident that neither the wall - made from a material the Terrans called "brickwork" - nor the steel itself would present any problem for her slender digits. But she didn't know how thick the panel was. It might take her some time to tear it completely away, and that would give the males inside plenty of warning. She wanted to surprise them. Glancing at the visible part of the rather unimpressive hinges on one side of the door, she realized that there was another way.

She drew her hands back and balled them into fists. Then, using a fair proportion of her unearthly strength, she slammed them forward, a double-punch aimed right at the centre of the big metal slab. There was a tremendous clang as she hit, her small, feminine hands proving harder than any mere steel, whilst her long, slender arms provided more power than a pile-driver. She felt the door momentarily denting under her indestructible knuckles before its hinges were wrenched from the wall in a shower of brick dust. Free now from its bearings, the slightly deformed panel flew upright into the building, propelled by the phenomenal force of her delicate-looking fists. Satisfied, she watched it smash into an interior wall before strolling through the now fully open, if slightly damaged, doorway.

There was a tremendous dull metallic crashing sound. In the gym, everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and turned to look in the direction of the fire exit. Most of the guys in the weights room were just in time to see the steel door exploding inwards as if hit by some kind of enormous battering ram. They stared in shock as the door shot across the room, miraculously not hitting anyone on its way to impact with the far wall. On the other side of that wall, the two boxers and the elderly trainer saw nothing, but they felt the whole building shudder as the slab of steel smacked into the bricks. The four others saw the door hit the wall so hard it temporarily embedded itself, countless plaster and brick chips thrown from the point of impact, along with a massive cloud of dust.

For about a second, the steel seemed to have wedged itself in the partition. Then, it fell to land flat on the floor with an almighty clang, leaving behind it a new inch-deep recess in the wall and lifting up a new haze of dust. The nerdy-looking guy on the rowing machine was coughing. The muscle-head dropped his barbell and stared at the damaged bricks. The bench-presser held his weight motionless, forgetting the discomfort for a moment as he and his spotter tried to blink through the dirt-filled air. Next door, both boxers leapt over the ropes of the ring, overtaking the trainer as all three ran into the weights room to check out the incredible noises they had heard.

It was Will who saw her first. Tearing into the room, the first thing he noticed was the rectangle of daylight where the fire escape door had been. Sillhouted against that rectangle was the shape of a beautiful young woman. "What the fuck..?" he said, drawing the attention of Ernie, his sparring partner.

Ernie stared at the figure as she stepped gracefully and calmly into the room. "Jesus.." he said, his eyes growing huge as the girl stepped out of the light and more and more of her physical perfection became visible. Everyone else turned, their faces registering surprise as they saw her.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Rob, still lying on his back with a heavy weight in his hands. He'd been holding it far too long now. His arms were starting to shake. "Tom!" he cried up to the owner who was standing by the bench in his capacity as spotter. But Tom was staring at the girl, his mouth hanging open as she serenely walked towards him. "Tom!" the lifter screamed. "Take it now!" The owner's attention snapped back to his customer. He bent down to take the strain of the weighted bar, struggling to secure his hold on it before it fell onto the poor guy's chest. The struggle against the forces of gravity kept them completely occupied and they didn't notice the stunning newcomer continuing to approach them.

Lorren's quick eyes and mind took only an instant to scan the room she walked into. She'd heard about these places at some point in her training for the invasion. This was where Terrans came to increase their strength. She laughed to herself. The words "Terran" and "strength" didn't really belong in the same sentence. She knew that none of the males she could see had even a thousandth of her strength. The muscles she could see were, as far as she was concerned, purely cosmetic. But they were all - except for the old man who came running in from another room - fit, young men. And some of them weren't all that bad looking by the standards of the planet. She was confident they would be able to amuse her for a while.

As she entered the room, she noted that all eyes were on her, and that her appearance was having its usual effect on Earthmen. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the more muscular-looking men lying on a bench, struggling to hold a metal bar with a large disc attached to either end. Another well-built male was trying to help him, reaching down to take the weight and relieve his companion. Between them, with four hands on the bar, they appeared to be fighting for all they were worth to lift the strange object. What pathetic creatures. How heavy could it be? Lorren thought the situation provided an ideal opportunity for her to demonstrate her superiority.

Stepping quickly up to the struggling males, she reached down, extending one slender arm towards the centre of the metal bar. She curled two fingers around the cylinder and lifted. Effortlessly, she pulled the thing out of the the grasps of the two grunting men, raising it in her two-fingered grip quickly and smoothly up to her eye level. It felt practically weightless to her. She lifted and lowered it in front of her face a few times, smiling so that the stunned on-lookers could see how easy it was for her. Enjoying the stares of shock and lust her actions had provoked from the two men, she decided to conclude her little demonstration. She gently tossed the bar in the air, catching it one-handedly before lowering it back down towards the two men, placing it casually on the two upturned palms of the guy lying on the bench.

Rob was too busy battling the weight to notice the beautiful girl walking over. Suddenly, he saw her delicate hand encroaching on his field of vision and the solid metal bar was being wrenched from his grasp. He couldn't believe it. She was only using one hand - a couple of fingers, in fact - and yet she was handling the weight against which he and Tom had been fighting a losing battle with such ease. From his prone position on the bench he stared upwards, his eyes growing huge as he took in the incredible sight of the curve of the underside of her large round breasts. The sheer eroticism of the view distracted him from the even more remarkable scene of the girl handling the big weight.

Crouched awkwardly by the end of the bench, Tom eyes were ping-ponging rapidly between the girl's incredible chest and her smooth, flawless, slim arm that held the weight without any sign of strain. He saw her holding it in front of her face, as though examining it and then raising and lowering it like it was a child's toy, not a weighty lump of metal. Unbelievably, she actually threw it upwards a few feet, catching it with her single hand as if it was a pencil. He knew that the falling weight would have broken his hand, but the girl's calm smile made it clear it gave her no challenge whatsoever. Then she was leaning down towards them again. Tom stared long and hard into the generous, inviting valley of her cleavage.

He was so absorbed in the stunning feminine flesh that it was only at the last moment that he realized that she was placing the weight back into the hands of his customer on the bench. Of course, there was no way the poor guy was going to be able to handle the weight. Tom snapped out of his trance, tearing his gaze from the girl's breasts to concentrate on the metal bar. Seeing that his customer was in big trouble with the weight, he brought his own hands up to try and prevent it crashing down on the man's chest. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he struggled and strained to take the weight, all his efforts and those of the other man proving sufficient only to slightly slow the bar's descent. They were not going to stop it crashing down on the prostrate man's chest.

Lorren found the little scene taking place near her waist wonderfully amusing. The mere idea of two big, fit males struggling and failing to cope with a weight that she had tossed around with one hand was a delicious reminder of her physical superiority. But she could see that things were going to get out of hand - the metal bar was about to fall onto one of them. Knowing the fragility of these creatures she feared that he might be wounded. She didn't want one of her new toys damaged before she'd had a chance to play with it properly, so she reached down with two fingers extended to easily snag the bar just before it hit the Terran's chest. She smiled to see the relief on his face turning into a different kind of expression as his eyes focused on her chest. Such simple creatures.

Having gained control of both the weight and the males' attention once more, she couldn't resist showing off a little. A relaxed flick of her wrist catapulted the weight over her shoulder. It flew across the room, crashing noisily through the wall behind her, not far from the door she had destroyed. A cloud of dust and debris fell to the floor beneath the rough new hole in the wall. The other men in the room began to edge nervously together, backing away from her, their faces betraying fear. The two males who had been struggling with the weight remained were they were, one lying on the bench the other crouched beside it. The horizontal one was still breathing hard, recovering from his exertions. The other man was craning his neck, staring upwards, making no effort to hide the fact that he was ogling her chest.

Tom's mind, like his heart, was racing. The shock of the girl snatching the bar from him and his customer for a second time had been no less than it had been the first time. But the way she'd chucked it over her shoulder - so casual, so effortless, so contemptuous of the massive weight - that was awesome. When it smashed right through the wall like a cannon shell, he began to understand the awesome force contained in her fabulous body. Was she an alien or something? She looked human enough. Stunningly attractive, sure. But human nonetheless. He couldn't help looking at her. How was it possible for such inconceivable strength to exist within such a slender, shapely frame? He found his eyes being drawn magnetically, once again to the vast area of exposed flesh at the centre of her chest. He'd never seen such wonderful breasts.

The girl turned her gorgeous face down towards him. His eyes flickered from her cleavage and met hers. Her stern look told him that she knew where he had been staring. For the first time, she spoke. Her words, authoritarian yet very feminine were addressed directly to him.

"So, you like my breasts?"

"I.. er... I..." he wanted to speak, but his throat was dry and his brain seemed unable to formulate a reply. For the briefest moment, his eyes seemed to be malfunctioning too as the girl's arms and shoulders became a blur. But when she became focused once more he understood that his vision was working fine. Somehow, in a split second, she had maneuvered herself out of the top half of her bizarre swimsuit, her movements so quick he hadn't been able to follow them. Clearly, she was as fast as she was strong. And as fast and strong as she was beautiful.

Now that her upper body was completely exposed, Tom found the sight of her utterly intoxicating. There wasn't a single blemish anywhere on her flawless skin. Her big heavy breasts sat so high on her body, as if she was wearing an invisible bra. They were so large, so round, so perfect. He stared in awe, his lower jaw almost touching his chest.

Lorren still found the effect of her body on Terran males absolutely fascinating. As she teased this one, she shook her shoulders very slightly, making her generous bosom bounce, enjoying the way his eyes grew even wider. "I asked you if you liked my breasts." she said. He spluttered a little, but had obviously lost the power of speech. She felt so powerful as she looked down on him. "Would you like a closer look?" she asked, her voice dripping with mock innocence. Again, he tried to say something, but was unable to make anything intelligible pass his lips. Thrilling in her total control now, she smiled sweetly. "Don't be shy." she said. "Here, let me help you."

She reached out towards him, her slender fingers carefully cupping his chin. She was extremely delicate, holding him as gently as she could so as not to crush his jawbone to powder. As she pulled him slowly towards her, his two big hands came up, surrounding her wrist. The expression on his face told her that he was struggling for all he was worth to break her hold, but she could hardly feel him. Needless to say, his frantic efforts made no difference to her as she lifted his face upwards and towards her. Unhurriedly, she began to lightly stroke her chest with his face, the feathery feel of his rough masculine cheeks on her soft feminine breasts barely noticeable to her.

Tom hadn't known what to do. She had asked him about her tits! Of course he liked them - they were the most magnificently erotic pair he'd ever seen in his life. But he didn't know how he should answer her. He'd seen her throw a huge weight through a brick wall. He didn't want to upset her. Besides, even if he could find a suitable response, he seemed unable to speak at that moment. He didn't understand what she had meant when she had offered him a "closer look" until she had grabbed his chin with her delicate little hand. Incredibly, he found that he couldn't get himself out of her grasp. Then she'd started pulling his head upwards. Even with two hands he couldn't shift her slim fingers so much as a thousandth of an inch.

Her grip was like a steel clamp as she pulled him towards her. His struggles didn't even slow her down as his vision became filled with the fantastic sight of her two huge, bare, gravity-defying breasts. But she didn't stop there. She kept pulling him until his cheek touched the side of her left mound. It felt so smooth, so warm. Then she was dragging his face right across her chest. To his shock, he found that her breast that had felt so soft when his cheek first touched it was in fact impossibly firm. It hurt as she rubbed him over it. Her big pink nipple pressed painfully against him as she moved his face over it. Then, he felt the other nipple on the other side of his face.

Her right breast proved as paradoxically yielding yet hard as her left. At first, the light contact between his skin and hers was wonderful; the most delicious and stimulating sensation he'd ever felt. Quickly though, as she dragged him over her chest, the pressure increased. The softness of her mound proved only superficial, and the underlying muscle turned out to be as impossibly unyielding as the rest of her magnificent body. He might have thought that his rough, unshaven face would irritate the lovely smooth flesh of the girl's bosom. Instead it was he who was bruising, he who was in pain as she stroked herself with him. It was as if her stunning chest was made of granite with a soft, warm covering.

As she continued to rub him against her breasts, his face began to hurt badly. The pressure of her superhuman mounds against his already bruised cheeks was almost unbearable. His nose, alternatively squashed and bashed by that incredible chest felt like a bad boxer's at the end of yet another defeat in the ring. He cried out in pain, but she paid him no attention. He had to stop her. He began to pummel at her sides and her flat, subtly muscular belly with his fists, trying at least to distract her. He was rewarded for his efforts with nothing but new pains, this time in his hands as they bruised rapidly against her impossibly hard slim body. There was absolutely no let up in the battering of his face, and no trace of a mark on her perfect skin where he was pounding her.

It needed no great mental or physical strain on Lorren's part to ignore the feeble attempts to wound her. She could hardly feel his blows as they rained down on her abdomen and her sides. Equally feathery was the feel of the male's face as she rubbed it across her bared chest. She needed more. Much more. She heard a slight rustling sound below and realized that one of the other men - the one who had been lying on the bench - was trying to sit up, perhaps to come to the aid of his friend. As she was only using a single hand to brush the first one across herself, she used her free palm to stop the second male from getting up. Placing her hand in the centre of his chest, she brought an immediate halt to his attempt to raise himself.

Predictably enough, the prostrate man made a grab for her slender wrist with his two large, strong hands. She smiled to see the tendons standing out on the back of his as well as his knuckles, white as milk. Clearly, he was using every drop of strength that he possessed to shift her arm so that he would be able to sit up. Of course, his struggle was a waste of time, but Lorren was amused enough by this latest demonstration of her power. Letting her grin spread wide, she raised her hand very slightly, curling all but one of her delicate-looking fingers into a fist and covering them with her thumb so that only her little finger was free. Then with just that tiny digit, she gently, slowly and ostentatiously pushed the man back down on to the bench. A final delicate shove got him flat on his back once more. She thrilled with the sensation of sheer power.

Rob saw with disbelief as the gym owner, who'd been acting as his spotter, was lifted by the strange but beautiful girl's single hand. He could see that she'd removed the top of her peculiar costume, leaving her huge breasts exposed. As she caressed her incredible chest with the owner's face, he caught glimpses of her mounds and felt extremely jealous of the guy. But then, when he started howling in obvious pain and pounding his fists on the girl, Rob realized that his jealousy was misplaced. Unbelievably, but also undeniably, the girl was hurting him - with nothing but her fantastic tits! He knew he had to help. The poor man was clearly beginning to suffer terribly. He couldn't just lie there watching.

But when Rob started to sit up, the girl flashed out her spare hand, placing her small palm right in the middle of his broad, muscular chest. To his shock, Rob found that that solitary hand was enough to prevent him leaning forward. He used all the strength of his powerful abdominal muscles, but failed to push her out of his way. Next, he used his hands, her tiny wrist lost in his two large palms as he grabbed her, yet it remained utterly immobile no matter how much he fought to shift it. He looked up at the girl's stunning face to see if she was struggling to resist him and discovered that, whilst he was straining, she was smiling. She was resisting everything he had without even making an effort! Just how strong was she?

He found out a moment later when she removed all but her tiny little finger from his chest. Incredibly, he still found that minute digit impossible to move even though he tried with all his might. Instead, it was her who was pushing him down with just that solitary, weakest finger. Then she gave him a push with that finger. It felt like he'd been hit by a miniature, super-dense wrecking ball. His back slammed down on the bench with enough force to knock the wind from his body. He would have bounced back up again too, if it wasn't for her pinning him down with her pinky. Still, he tried and failed to move. Her grin let him realize that even this latest incredible feat wasn't a proper test of her abilities.

Having ensured that the male on the bench wouldn't be going anywhere for now, Lorren pulled his friend away from her chest, one handedly moving his body with enough force to swing his feet off the ground. She rested him on top of his friend so that she could effortlessly hold them both in place with just a single finger, despite their frantic struggles. Then she used her free hand to completely remove her uniform, dropping it to the ground to stand totally naked by the bench. There was a gasp from the various men in the room as they beheld her perfect body in all its revealed glory. She ignored it as she reached once again for the male she'd been rubbing herself with. His howls of pain resumed as she started to stroke her breasts with his bruised face once again.

Paying no attention to either the cries of agony or the pathetic poundings of puny Terran fists on her belly, Lorren threw her long, shapely leg over the bench before the second male could get away from her. Now he began to attack her thighs with his hands, again his blows hardly registering. Slowly, she lowered herself until her crotch touched the prostrate male's stomach, carefully dragging it up his abdomen and then his chest, enjoying the light sensation of his hard, rough masculine body against her soft, smooth feminine intimacy whilst she continued to stroke her breasts with his friend. She saw the line of bruises her crotch left on the second man's body. And she heard his screams of pain as she rubbed her pubic hair up his torso. Screams that stopped abruptly as she positioned her damp sex over his mouth.

Rob saw her toss the gym owner on top of him, but he was powerless to get out of the way, or to help the guy in any way. For a few moments, his vision was blocked, then the other man was off him. He presumed the girl had merely lifted the big fellow back to her chest. When he heard his yells of agony begin once more, he knew for sure that she was indeed battering the poor guy with her incredible tits. Fearing what she might have in store for him, Rob decided to make a run for it. But before he could even think about sitting up, the girl had lifted one of her long, beautiful legs and in a single, graceful movement reminiscent of a ballet dancer, she swung it over his body and planted it on the floor on the other side of the bench.

Now she was straddling him. Rob wondered if he had enough time to try and slide out from under her. He was still formulating the thought when he saw the girl bending her fabulous legs and lowering herself towards him. In a panic, he made fists and slammed them for all he was worth into her silky round thighs. He couldn’t understand it at first. Her skin was so soft to touch and yet when he hit her, it felt like punching a pair of slim concrete pillars. He felt his knuckles begin to bruise and then bleed, but not a mark appeared on the flawless feminine flesh he was attacking. And then it was too late. She was now resting the very edges of her nether lips on his belly and he was totally trapped.

Suddenly Rob’s mind filled with a new pain. Very slowly, the girl was dragging her sex up his belly. The pressure her apparently most sensitive flesh exerted was intolerable. Her pubic hairs scrapped his skin like steel wool. He renewed his efforts to move her by hitting her legs and her crotch with his bloody hands until the pain of his knuckles and his chest where she was now pressing herself against him became too much and he yelled out in horror. Then, there was an instant’s relief as she lifted herself off him. Through the corner of his eye he saw the gym owner’s body shaking about wildly as the girl continued to rub him against her chest. He panted, trying to catch his breath and recover from the beating he had received.

But the respite was short-lived. A shadow fell across Rob’s face. Suddenly his view was filled by the sight of the most immaculate, inviting-looking vagina he had ever seen. Despite his terror and his discomfort, a shiver of desire ran through his body as the erotic vision seemed to grow. An indescribably delicious scent filled his nostrils, heightening the arousal that was already beginning to overwhelm him. But he still maintained enough of his fear to realize, with a panic, what she was doing. Remembering the agony she had caused him moments before with her sex, he screamed in horror. Too late. She smothered him with her intimacy, short-circuiting all his senses simultaneously.

The feeling of the male’s frantic, hot breath inside her pleased Lorren. Her body began to call for more and more stimulation, her appetite now fully awoken and growing by the instant. With care, baring in mind the fragility of her latest toys, she started to move herself around, letting her hungry, wet sex rub against the face of the man trapped beneath it, paying no attention to the muffled moans he produced or the desperate flailing of his arms. She could sense something growing deep inside her. Encouraged, she pressed the other male harder against her tingling breasts, using the contours of his face to massage her chest and add to the sensations in her crotch. Both men continued to hit her over and over, their incredibly soft blows feeling like caresses to her, adding to her state of stimulation.

By now, her growing orgasm had passed beyond the point of no return. Eager to exploit it fully, she increased the tempo of her gyrations, her legs acting like locomotive pistons as they effortlessly moved her torso around, rubbing her most erotically charged parts over one male, whilst her hands pushed the other’s face more and more energetically into her heaving bosom. Lost now in wild abandon, she failed to notice that the men were no longer striking her. All her thoughts were with her impending release, the sensation building up inside her, promising to burst at any moment. Her movements became even faster, the light friction of male Terran faces on her vagina and her chest driving her steadily, inevitably towards orgasm. She closed her eyes to savor the sensation.

Tom could feel his mind shutting down. His head had taken so many blows from the girl’s big, round, superhumanly firm mounds that he no longer felt the pain. His hands, worn raw by his attempts to hit her hung limp by his side, his brain no longer capable of issuing them with instructions. And still the pressure of her breasts was increasing. He could feel blood all over his face, thought he had heard the crack of his nose breaking, knew that somehow, one of her bosoms had knocked out his front teeth and cut his lips. Yet the sheer sexiness of the contact with the girl’s chest had long since overpowered his reflexes. The feel of the warm, smooth skin - even the incredible smell of her breasts - was too much for him to take in. He felt himself cuming in violent spasms even as his senses began to fade away. Then, he felt nothing more at all.

Rob, too, was shuddering from an orgasm. It was the taste of her that took his brain to a place where there was no more pain. For a while, he had feared that she would crush his skull and then, strangely, everything had become numb. It was as if the eroticism of the encounter was so great, every other part of his mind had switched itself off to allocate more resources to his pleasure-centre. His vision had long since become black. His sense of hearing abandoned him too. He had no feeling whatsoever in his arms and legs. Inexplicably, he had retained the ability to taste and to smell. But all he could taste or smell in the end was the beautiful girl’s wonderful sex. He tasted her and smelt her until even that was beyond him.

Her orgasm finally erupted with a power that surprised even her. Colors and lights flashed across her mind filling every tiny part of her with a joy she had previously only imagined possible. But it was all over too quickly. As the feeling began to fade, she became aware of a damp, stickiness between her thighs. She had never produced so much cum before. And her chest felt sweaty. It had to be Terran sweat. Nivan warriors like her did not sweat - they absorbed heat. And the two men were still attacking her with their fists, only now they were hitting her much faster than before, all over her body, not just her thighs and her sides. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

The first things she saw were her breasts. They were covered in blood, not sweat. Looking further, she saw the man she was holding against them. He had no face. In its place was a concave gory mess. She had ground his skull to paste against her chest. As she disgustedly flung his corpse away from her, not noticing as it flew across the room to slam with an horrific splat into the far wall, she realized that the blows she was feeling came from two of the other males who had rushed in and were now attacking her from two sides. The others just cowered, whimpering as far away from her as they could get.

Just then, she remembered the sticky sensation between her legs. She knew without looking now that it was not her juices. It was the insides of the other man’s head. Her pubic hair and torn his skin from his bones, and her pelvis had crushed the rest of his face flat. She stood up quickly, incidentally knocking the two big males who were attacking her to the floor. Reaching down with her hand, she effortlessly tore away an unstained piece of clothing from the corpse on the bench and used it to wipe the worst of the gore from her sex and her breasts. These Terrans had their uses, but they could be so messy. "Still," she thought as she agilely stepped over the decapitated body on the bench, "there's five more of them." That meant plenty more fun to be had.

When Will and Ernie had realized that the girl was using the two big guys - the bench-presser and the guy who owned the place - Tom - for her sexual pleasure, they had stood and stared, open-mouthed. Only when it became clear that she was hurting the two guys badly did they decide to intervene. They rushed towards her, using their long training as amateur boxers to land a succession of punches on her beautiful body. Will had knocked more than one guy out as a young man in barroom brawls. Ernie had gone to prison for beating up a would-be mugger so badly, the thief had ended up in hospital for eight months. But even as they started using everything they had on her, she seemed too wrapped up in her bizarre masturbation to notice.

Will was convinced he’d hit her slender arm hard enough to break it several times. Ernie couldn’t believe how she ignored the blows he rained down on her smooth back - surely more than enough to floor any man. But this was not any man. This was a woman. A beautiful, sexy, young woman that they both desperately wanted. But, they soon realized, this woman was killing two men - with her tits and her cunt! They redoubled their efforts to hurt her, but they failed to save the poor guys she crushed against herself. They succeeded only in hurting themselves. Hitting her was like punching a wall. Then, when she had stood up, the smooth motion had simply knocked the two of them down. Good fighters had failed to get them down with their fists. She managed it just by rising to her feet.

After cleaning herself up, Lorren set her mind to finding a game to play with the remaining males. She watched with disinterest as one of the two who had been hitting her got gingerly to his feet and charged at her, his fist ready to land a blow to her face. She recognized his stance from her training. He was practicing a form of Terran combat that relied on the vulnerability of the creatures of this planet. She knew that he intended to hit her on the underside of the chin, hoping to knock her head backwards. She also knew that Terran hands, no matter how well-trained, could never hurt her. She let him come at her, trying not to get bored as he moved so pathetically slowly. Then, smiling, she let him hit her.

Will was the first one standing again. Taking his time, summoning every last drop of energy he could find, he drove his fist into the girl’s lovely jaw, expecting to see her tumbling to the floor. Instead he saw nothing but stars. He heard the crunch as every bone in his hand shattered into a hundred pieces against her steel-hard jaw, but he saw nothing but stars. His scream of shock and agony as he bent over double to clutch his ruined fist to his belly made Ernie jump to his feet. He stood up just in time to see his sparring partner collapse, the pain in his hand so great, he slipped into unconsciousness. This girl was utterly incredible. What was she? An alien? Ernie knew he had to stop her.

Lorren watched the male crumple to the ground at first with amusement. That such a big man, clearly schooled in at least one pugilistic art, should have been so easily defeated by her - because he hit her, not the other way around, gave her an immense thrill of power. But that thrill soon gave way to disappointment. The toy had been badly damaged before she had even had a chance to play with it properly. Now, he was completely unconscious. These Terran males were much more fun when they could try and put up a fight. Not that their efforts made much of a difference to her, of course.

So when the other attacker, spurred on by what had become of his friend, rose from the ground to also come at her with his fists, she resolved to protect him from such a swift destruction. She saw his pathetically slow movements as he shaped his body for his assault and judged his actions as he drew his hand back, preparing to launch a blow. She could tell immediately that he hadn't learnt anything from his colleague's failed attempt to harm her. This one was also aiming to strike her face. If she did nothing, his fist would connect with her exquisite, flawless mouth, and, once again, she would hear the sound of fragile Terran bones shattering as her soft feminine features proved infinitely tougher than his hard masculine hand.

Lorren waited for what seemed to her to be an eon whilst the male executed his punch. Finally when he had flung his fist towards her and obviously passed the moment at which he could halt the blow, she jumped up a little from the ground. She was careful to use only a tiny fraction of her strength as she leapt - she didn't want to clear her assailant's head. She merely wanted to ensure that his fist connected with something softer than her face. In fact, she judged her jump to perfection. The man's big hairy knuckles smacked against her bare left breast, just inside her large pink nipple.

For a moment, her big, soft, womanly mound dimpled slightly, the outer flesh yielding to the force of the punch. Then, he was pressing against the unearthly hardness of her underlying muscle, a substance that no Terran could ever dream of denting. Still carrying the momentum of his blow, but utterly unable to travel any further into her generous bosom, his knuckles bruised instantly against the warmth of her breast, before sliding over her perfect round flesh, deep into her yawning cleavage.

The male's large masculine fist felt pleasant buried between her breasts, and she decided it would be fun to keep it there for a while. As gravity began to pull her the short distance back towards the ground, she used her superhuman control to flex her pectoral muscles ever so slightly. She had to exercise extreme caution; after all, having saved his hand from being crushed against her face there was no point now grinding it to paste in her cleavage. But, like any type of physical domination of Terran men, it was easy enough for her. By the time her delicate feet touched the floor once more, she had the creature's fist snugly but immovably secured in the deep valley of her chest. As she landed, his arm was pulled violently forward, almost yanking him off his feet. She flashed him a smile.

Ernie had been still getting off the ground when he saw his sparring partner, Will, collapsing, holding his hand to his belly. He hadn't seen what had happened to his hand, but he assumed it had something to do with the incredible, beautiful girl who had just killed the gym owner and the guy on the bench press. Whoever the hell she was, she was clearly dangerous. Ernie made a decision. Despite the girl's beauty, despite the fact that she looked so slim and delicate, despite the fact that she was - with a figure like that, how could he forget? - a girl, he would hold nothing back. He'd hit her head with everything he'd got. Like he was in the ring fighting the toughest opponent of his life.

But just when he was expecting to see his fist crashing into her lovely face, the girl had moved - jumping into the air. He realized when it was too late that he was about to hit her chest. And what a chest. He felt his hand sinking into one of her huge, round breasts, the womanly flesh absorbing much of the force of his punch for an instant, until, quite unexpectedly, her breast stopped yielding to his knuckles and he felt as if he'd hit a brick wall through a pillow. Suddenly, he felt the pain of the impact in his hand. Now her skin was like an impenetrable barrier as the force of his blow pushed his fist not deeper into her breast, but instead around it into her cleavage.

Surprised by what had transpired, he stared for a moment, expecting to see his hand sliding out from between the girl's two large, impossibly firm mounds. But his fingers remained hidden from view, curled into his fist that was buried so deeply in that delightful valley. He became aware of a terrible pressure on his hand, his knuckles, his fingertips. It was as if he was being squeezed incredibly hard, as though his hand was trapped in a warm and seemingly soft yet painfully powerful vice. It hurt.

Just then, the girl's little jump came to an end and she landed back on the ground. Ernie expected the movement to free his hand from its erotic prison. Instead, to his shock, his hand remained agonizingly tightly pressed in place between her breasts and his arm was jerked forward. He felt his entire body being dragged towards her as if his considerable weight was no match for the strength of her chest muscles. For an instant he thought he would slam against her bodily, but he managed to regain his balance just in time to see a mocking smile spread across the girl's stunning face.

Her expression sent a cold shiver through him. He understood now that the trapping of his hand was no accident, and neither was the pain she was causing him. From the lack of strain she revealed, he assumed that she was hardly exerting herself either. Terrified of what she might to do him if she actually started making an effort, he took steps to free his fist as quickly as possible. He tensed his arm, trying to pull it out of her cleavage. Sweat began to break out on his forehead and his bicep began to vibrate from the work but to his growing shock, his hand remained fast.

The pain began to increase and he felt the blood being squeezed from his fingers. He could feel his bones start to bend very slightly and feared that they would begin to collapse at any moment. Without a thought for anything but the preservation of his hand, he sought leverage to add strength to his attempts to extract his fist. He laid his free palm completely over the girl's right breast and pushed against her unworldly firm flesh with every ounce of strength he could muster until tears formed in his eyes, but to no avail. Still she smiled teasingly at him. Still his hand remained clamped in her cleavage. Still the pressure exerted by her lovely breasts mounted.

Lorren enjoyed seeing the male struggle hopelessly to extract his hand from between her breasts, especially when he used his other hand to shove against one of her mounds. The sight of his big, hairy manly fingers squeezing and pressing for all they were worth but failing to put more than the tiniest of dents in her round bosoms pleased her. As did the easy way she slowly tightened her chest muscles so that she was squeezing his fist ever tighter in her cleavage. She knew she could effortlessly amputate him at any moment, without moving her hands from her sides, just by merely by flexing her pectoral muscles, but she chose instead to apply steadily growing pressure - enough to make him struggle desperately without permanently damaging him.

She soon thought of a great game she could play with her latest toy. She placed her hands on her hips. This gave her an even more dominant appearance and also allowed her to emphasize the fact that she didn't need hands for what she was about to do. With her control of her chest muscles perfectly judged, she took a couple of quick steps towards the hopeless male. As his hand was still completely trapped between her breasts, her forward motion pushed him suddenly backwards and off his feet. For a moment, his large muscular body was totally suspended from his fist. Effortlessly, she carried his entire weight with just the muscles in her cleavage. He looked up at her as he dangled helplessly, his face a mixture of fear, pain and awe.

Ernie was caught completely by surprise when she came towards him as the pain in his hand and his frantic battle to free it completely occupied his mind. Suddenly, he found himself being pushed backwards by an unstoppable force. Unbalanced, his feet came off the ground whilst his fist remained obstinately trapped. Surely, with the force of gravity pulling on his whole frame now working in his favor, his hand would slide out from its improbable prison. But her grip on him was as strong as ever and he found himself hanging like a pendulum in a clock, his heavy body pulling downwards on his arm, the girl's incredible breasts taking all his weight.

He felt as though his arm would pop out of its socket any second. Desperate to prevent the dislocation, and certain now that any effort to extricate his hand from her cleavage would be futile, he resolved to regain control of his legs and anchor his feet beneath himself once again so that they could support his weight. But before he had even resolved to carry out his plan, the girl dramatically turned her upper body to the side. She didn't move her feet or even remove her hands from her hips. She merely pivoted at her narrow waist as if she were exercising herself or turning to get a better view of something alongside her.

As the girl's torso rotated, so her chest moved with it. And as her chest moved, Ernie's fist, buried in the deep valley between her big round breasts, trapped in the incredible vice-like grip of her pectoral muscles, was carried with it. And, of course, his arm was pulled along too, not to mention the rest of his body that hung helplessly from it. His legs were yanked sharply as his entire frame swung around, following her initial movement, but in a greatly exaggerated version of it.

Whereas the girl stopped perfectly motionless at the end of her quarter-turn, Ernie's body was carried unhindered by its momentum until he had swung completely around to knock his body against her perfect, pert rear. Then, as pain shot through his arm and his trapped hand, he began to swing back around towards her front once more, his free arm flailing wildly as it desperately sought a solid anchor point, his feet scraping along the floor, their momentum too great to be greatly affected by the friction. He wasn't sure what hurt more - the strain on his arm or the pressure on his hand.

This was fun! It felt wonderful to defeat men with nothing but her softest, most feminine of flesh. Apart from the look of pathetic agony etched on his features, the big, well-built male dangling - swinging - helplessly from her cleavage looked like nothing more than a child's toy as he was flung around by her gentle movement. In fact, he was nothing more than a toy in Lorren's eyes at that moment as she smiled in satisfaction at the incredible nature of her power over him. But, as usual, the feeling of dominance stirred within her a sexual desire. Whenever she felt her physical superiority over the males of this planet, she became overcome with an irresistible urge to use them for her carnal pleasure.

She looked around the room, wondering where she should start. Not counting the poor creature she was tormenting with her pectoral muscles, there were three other men present. Two of them cowered against the far wall. Physical opposites, one was so thin his clothes hung off him whilst the other was covered in a mass of muscular bulges that threatened to burst.  She could find a use for both of them. The third male, however, was surplus to her requirements. Simply, he looked too old and frail for her. Even if she could ignore her dislike of his wrinkled state, she was sure his fragile body would fall apart at the slightest touch from her. She needed him out of the way. An idea occurred to her.

Joe, the old boxing trainer, had watched the scene unfolding in front of him in the increasing certainty that none of it was for real. The horror of seeing his boss's face crushed beyond recognition by the girl's incredible chest, not to mention the way her crotch caused similar damage to one of their customers had numbed him. He saw the two young men he'd been working with in the ring attack the beautiful stranger. He'd been perplexed when Will appeared to smash the bones in his hand to smithereens on her dainty-looking chin. Then, he'd been completely shocked as he watched Ernie appear to get his fist jammed between her fabulous tits.

It was more incredible even than that. Somehow, the girl seemed to have contracted her chest muscles to intentionally trap Ernie's hand in there, so that no matter how hard the big guy tried to free himself, she held him fast. It was almost like a cartoon. The girl had come forward, tripping the middle-weight boxer so that he dangled suspended from her enormous cleavage. Then, she put her hands on her hips and turned to the side, pulling the big guy with her like his body was a bag of washing tied to a rope that was actually his thick arm. He barely noticed the girl looking straight at him after she’d done that. He was too busy staring at Ernie’s helpless, pendant form and the point at which his wrist appeared to disappear between her two large, round breasts.

He did notice the girl swing her body to the side once more, his eyes following Ernie’s flying feet as they traveled a wide semi-circle. This time, though, she turned back to stand directly facing the old man just as her swing-toy reached the peak of his involuntary arc around her fantastic torso. Something else was different this time, too. Ernie did not swing back to the other side of her body. He moved through the air alright, it was just that this time, he flew directly away from her. A succession of thoughts ran through Joe’s brain: She’s released him! Her breasts are amazing! He’s flying right towards me! He’s gonna hit -. That was Joe's last ever thought.

Perfect! That was just as she’d imagined it. Lorren congratulated herself on her latest trick. It had been so easy. She’d swung the male around herself once more, his large frame almost weightless to her as she’d supported its considerable mass in her bosom. Then, as she’d flung him back around, she just relaxed her pectoral muscles at the key moment. Centrifugal force had done the rest. Without her unearthly chest holding his badly squeezed fist in place, he’d flown from her, landing directly on top of the old man as she’d intended. So powerful was the force of the throw from her breasts that the male would almost certainly have been badly hurt if he hadn’t landed on the veteran. So great was the strength of her chest that, as her remarkable senses detected, the impact was immediately fatal for the elderly Terran.

Now, she was left with three toys. The muscular fighter was gingerly picking himself up from the body of his ancient friend. Pressed against the far wall, visibly trembling, she saw the pathetic skinny young creature, his terrified eyes distorted by the thick brown-framed device for correcting his puny Terran vision which he wore. Next to him, looking no less petrified, was the huge man, his body thick with the largest muscles she had ever seen on a Terran. She wondered how this unusual trio might be best deployed to please her. Having already thrown one of them across the room using nothing but her breasts, she was ready now for a little more intimate action.

Stan knew that the girl was looking at him. There was something about the glint in her bright eyes as she caught his gaze that unnerved him. Women didn't look at him that way normally. That's why he'd come to the gym: to do some weights, trying to build himself up, desperate to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. He'd always been thin, but these days he looked like he would fall over in the breeze. His arms and legs were more like pipe cleaners than limbs. A hamster would probably beat him in a fight. And then there were his glasses. His bottle-bottom-thick lenses that made his eyes look huge and added to the overall nerdiness of his general appearance.

So he was hoping to build-up some muscle to impress the girls. Now, he was being eyed-up by the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. A girl who had just killed three men with her incredible body. He was frozen in place, his heart beating hard and fast, his throat dry, his mind struggling to cope with the conflicting emotions of lust and terror. One part of him longed to touch her flawless skin, to feel the perfection of her flesh and another part was terrified of what that flesh might do to his own, thin, fragile form. But he couldn't take his eyes from her, couldn't make his legs move to carry him away. He just stared back at her, drinking in every inch, every curve of her overpowering sexuality.

Stan's semi-paralyzed state was matched by the man standing next to him. Harold was also wrestling with the same sensations. The sight of the girl turned him on more than any other woman he'd ever dreamed about, but the knowledge of what he'd watched her do in the previous minutes scared him to his core. He was a big man. A huge man, in fact. Five years on the professional body-building circuit had given him a sculptured physique in which just about every individual muscle had been exercised to reach its peak size. Whenever he moved, his sinew rippled and rose and fell, a look he'd spent countless hours sweating to create. As a result, he was far more used to being the recipient of lustful glances. Only he'd never seen a woman so beautiful look at him that way.

People rarely frightened him - they were too intimidated by his bulk to try - but this slender young girl was something else. She appeared to be super-human. Sure, he was strong; although perhaps not as strong as he could have been, had he tailored his physical development towards muscle power rather than appearance. But he wasn't a fighter by nature. In fact, a more accurate description of his character would be that he was a coward. He relied on people being scared of the way he looked, backing down because they assumed he would be tougher than them. In truth, he was petrified of being hurt. And he knew that the stunning girl facing him now was more than capable of doing just that.

She was well used to the reaction of Terran males to her by now. Lorren's sensitive ears detected the two men's accelerated heartbeats and their rapid, shallow breathing. She smelt their fear and their arousal, saw the way their eyes betrayed their desire and their terror. Despite the extreme differences in their physiques, they were both men, after all. Nothing more than men. Two more playthings for her amusement. She licked her lips, slowly and seductively as she considered what game to play with them. They stared back at her, their eyes darting from her luscious pink tongue to her exposed full breasts. On the other side of her, the only other conscious person in the room, the fighter whose fist she'd captured and released moments before, was standing again, also looking at her in awe. She smiled.

Attracted to the huge muscles of one of the two men against the wall, she began to walk confidently towards him, noting the way his head lowered as she approached so that his eyes remained glued to her chest. He flinched slightly as she reached out a long, slender arm towards him, but he did not move away from the wall. She ran her fingertips lightly over his bulging pectorals, admiring the way they looked, but all to well aware that there was more strength in each of her dainty digits as there was in his entire beefcake body. Still, he had fabulous musculature by Terran standards. She continued absent-mindedly stroking him, ignoring the strange grunts he started making, the strange spasms of his body and the two enormous hands that seemed to be caressing her finger. She wondered what his broad manly chest would feel like against her own.

Keeping the fingers of one hand on the big guy's chest, she turned to look at the man next to him. Such a pathetic looking creature! His skinny arms looked like they would snap if she so much as breathed too hard on them. His puny legs seemed barely capable of keeping his body upright in the Earth's weak gravity. She snatched the vision-correction device from his face, watching in amusement as he began blinking and squinting. She didn't notice the thick metal and glass object crumbling to dust in her palm before she dropped the useless remains of it to the ground. But she did notice the surprisingly large bulge in his groin that tented up his tiny lower garment. For such a little Earthman, he seemed remarkably well endowed. Perhaps, despite his appearance, he did have a talent after all. She reached down to feel him through his clothes. He immediately screamed. She laughed.

Harold was struggling with all his might, but it was getting him nowhere. He couldn't believe it. The girl was just touching him with a couple of her tiny slim fingers but it felt like he was being forced backwards against the wall by an immovable steel bar. He could feel his skin bruising beneath her fingertips as she ran them over his chest. Having found himself pinned helplessly by just her two digits, he had grabbed hold of her dainty hand with both his huge palms, the already enormous muscles in his arm bulging absolutely huge as he fought her with all his strength. But she didn't even seem aware of his efforts. Her fingers continued to play painfully over his body as he heard a yell of agony for the poor little guy beside him. What was she doing to him?

Stan's scream was an involuntary, panicked reaction to the worst pain he'd ever felt in his life. He'd watched the girl caressing the chest of the beefcake guy, amazed as he realized that she was actually hurting him with her fingers. He had shivered as she faced him directly, her face clearly registering her disappointment with his pathetic body. He found himself staring at her wonderful naked form, so close to him now. His eyes grew huge as he took in her breasts, the two big, firm, round mounds with their perfect huge pink nipples more erotic than anything he'd ever drooled over in any magazine. He knew he was growing hard and that his loose shorts would not hide his rapidly rising shaft, so he wasn't surprised when the girl looked down and noticed it. But when she touched him through the thin material, her thumb and forefinger closed impossibly tightly, squeezing his member harder than he could bear and the cry left his throat.

Lorren released the little male's penis when she heard his scream. She definitely didn't want to break that before she'd properly played with it. She was impressed. She decided to save him for a little later. Moving her hand to the side, she tapped him lightly on his right thigh. He screamed again and fell to the floor, rolling about, clutching his leg as tears streamed down his face. Satisfied that he wouldn't be going anywhere for a while, she turned her attention to the others. Still holding the big one in place with her fingers, she looked over her smooth shoulder at the one whose hand she'd injured. "Come here," she instructed him. He paused for a moment and then glanced at the horrific remains of the two men whose heads she'd crushed. "Come." she repeated. He began to move cautiously towards her.

The pain! How had she done that? Stan's hands furiously rubbed his leg as he turned from side to side on the floor. He was sure he'd only seen her touching his leg and yet it felt as if his bone was broken. His shaft still ached where she had squeezed it.  Through his tear-filled eyes, without his glasses, everything had become a blur to him.  He could vaguely make out the form of the girl. But he could clearly hear her melodious, commanding voice as she summoned the boxer from behind her. He could just about see the guy reluctantly obeying her too, walking around to stand by her side. What the hell was this girl?

Meanwhile, Ernie stood meekly before the girl. He wasn't sure why he had come to her when she had told him to. Was it fear of what she might do to him if he displeased her? Or was it the unopposable attraction of her beauty? Or something else - a recognition of her superiority, her dominance, her goddess-like nature? Yes, that was it. Without any instruction from her, Ernie found himself dropping to his knees, his head bending. Suddenly he felt unworthy of standing in her presence. She was too powerful, too beautiful. He was fit only to worship her. He looked at the perfection of her bare feet and ankles and in that moment he knew he would do anything for her.

When the male took it upon himself to kneel at her feet, Lorren understood that he was surrendering his will to her. She preferred her males to resist, but she knew she could find a use for this compliant one. He wasn't bad-looking after all. She moved her feet apart and stood over his bent form in all her naked glory. "Pleasure me." she commanded him. Immediately, he lifted his head, clutching the inside of her smooth round thighs with his rough masculine hands and raising his face to her exposed intimacy. Then he began to eagerly attack her waiting sex with his tongue, making up for his lack of skill and strength with his enthusiasm for serving her. She threw her head back, enjoying the deliciously light touches of Terran tongue between her legs, feeling the feathery touches of his big hands.

"More!" she ordered.

Ernie responded instantly to her instruction, pushing his tongue harder against her nether lips, trying again and again to penetrate her sex, but finding it utterly impregnable, his best efforts failing to prise her open. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down the length of her slit, flicked her sensitive flesh with the edge of it and pressed its rough surface to her intimacy. He heard her moaning high above him and felt a sense of pride that he was giving her pleasure. He redoubled his ministrations, working his tongue all over her vagina, increasing the speed of his work, attacking her with more and more force, ignoring the growing ache in his mouth.

She was pleasantly surprised by the male working between her legs. Normally, she found it more fun to force the creatures to please her against their will. But this one had become a willing volunteer and was proving quite good at his task. If only he wasn't so weak, so soft. With one hand still caressing the muscular chest of the big man she was pinning to the wall, she brought her free palm down to the back of the head at her crotch. Very gently, she pressed the male's face against her sex, trying to add a tiny portion of her own vastly superior strength to that of the man working her over with his tongue.

That was much better. She could feel the beginnings of a tiny orgasm growing within her. Greedily, she pushed him a little harder to herself, moving her hand very slightly to rub his face over her vagina as he continued to probe her with his tongue. "More!" she urged him as she closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensation building inside. She was very wet down there. Distractedly, she continued stroking herself with him, increasing the pace. The touches of his tongue seemed to become less and less aggressive until she could only feel his rough face as she caressed herself with it. But it was enough to make her shake briefly in orgasmic delight.

She was as delicious as he would have expected a goddess to be. Hungrily, Ernie had licked and sucked her, hoping only to fulfill her desires. He had felt her hand on the back on his head, pushing him painfully against her, her steel-hard pelvis squashing his nose until he couldn’t breathe any more. But he hadn't wanted to disappoint her. She had asked him to pleasure her and he would do it, no matter what. A new, salty taste mingled with the lovely flavor of the girl's juices. He realized it was his own blood from his battered nose, but he ignored it. A busted nose was a small price to pay for pleasing a goddess.

The pressure on the back on his head grew and he felt her moving his head around. Her pubic hair scraped against his skin, rubbing it raw as he struggled more and more desperately for air. Still, he tried to please her, touching her with his tongue although the effort was becoming increasingly difficult. His vision began to fade. Then he heard the sound of his own pulse loudly in his ears, a thudding noise interrupted only by a sharp crack as something - his nose or his jaw - smashed against her superhuman crotch. He tuned out the pain, concentrating only on giving her pleasure until he slipped inevitably into a deep unconscious coma.

Lorren enjoyed her brief release fully before letting go of the head between her legs. It slumped along with the body to which it was attached to the ground. She saw his bloody face with its crooked nose and dark bruises. He wasn't nearly as badly injured as the two she'd killed earlier. In fact, he was still breathing. She turned away from him and looked at the muscle-bound creature against the wall. Such a lovely body. So well-developed. How would those wonderful muscles feel pressed tightly against her? She had to find out. She removed her fingers from his chest, ignoring his sigh of relief as she did so. He would have slumped forward, but she stopped him by moving right in front of him until the points of her big nipples brushed his pecs.

Harold had watched the girl rubbing herself with the boxer until she came and the fighter passed out. Then, he realized with horror, it was his turn. Her crushing fingertips left his chest, letting him breathe for a moment. He wanted to fall to his knees but she positioned herself so that her incredible body kept him upright. He looked down at her huge breasts, and saw her magnificent points lightly touching him. The sight filled him with lust. He felt her hands on his hips, holding him tightly, painfully even. Then, suddenly, he was being lifted into the air, his feet well clear of the floor. He grabbed her wrists, trying to pull her hands from her hips, struggling and grunting as his massive arms bulged but he couldn't shift her delicate hands or her slim arms, not even a fraction of an inch.

Holding the huge male by his hips, his enormous weight as nothing to her, she pulled him to her body, letting her big, round breasts flatten ever so slightly as his hard muscular chest pressed against them. He moaned in discomfort. She began to raise and lower him, her slender arms moving his big body around as if he were a rag-doll. It felt lovely, rubbing his broad, well-developed masculine chest over her breasts, listening to his gasps as her bosom squeezed the air from his lungs. She saw the expression in his eyes - a mixture of shock and sexual ecstasy and increased the pace with which she moved him up and down.

Lorren loved the way his knees buckled with every downward stroke and the way his seemingly tough, manly body was being darkly bruised by her supposedly soft, womanly breasts. She loved the ease with which she moved him and the way she was totally controlling him with her body. She knew she was causing him pain, but that the erotic nature of her assault was overriding the pain in his mind. He was hers. He began shuddering in her arms, the constant rubbing against her chest proving too much for him as he orgasmed in big, violent spasms, his fluid staining the front of his shorts. He struggled for breath and then closed his eyes and went limp. Smiling, she immediately removed her hands and let him fall unconscious to the floor.

Only when she pulled him against her did he understand the truly superhuman nature of the girl. Harold felt her wonderful breasts pressing against his pectorals; for a moment the fabulous feminine flesh yielding to his hard muscles until, incredibly, her chest ceased to give and it was his body that was being flattened. She started rubbing herself with him. How could she be so strong? She was moving him about like he was weightless. It hurt. It hurt terribly in fact. Her big breasts pushed hard into him, forcing the air from his lungs until he struggled for air. He could feel his skin bruising beneath hers, but without breath he couldn't even cry out in protest.

Yet for all the pain, the sight of the girls huge round mounds pressed against him was the most sexy thing he'd ever seen. The way they felt as they rubbed so incredibly firmly up and down his torso drove him wild with desire. She was so perfect. He began to feel himself going weak, felt his legs become soft as his penis became hard. He knew she was using him, playing with him, turning his entire big, muscular body into a sex-toy but still he found himself aroused beyond control by her. He felt himself cuming and cuming, his release lasting longer than any other of his life even as he fought to breathe. Then everything went black.

Lorren felt incredibly alive. Her body seemed to glow with renewed sexual energy. Her sex still pulsed with the after-effects of the small orgasm she'd achieved with the help of the fighter's face and her breasts now tingled too after being massaged with her most recent plaything's over-developed body. She was ready for more. But there was only one male left who was not unconscious or dead. The ridiculously skinny young man who was rolling around on the floor not far from her feet, his hands clasped around the top of his leg where her slightest touch had caused him so much damage. She didn't think much of his appearance - he looked more a boy than a man - but she had already discovered that, in one crucial way at least, he possessed what she wanted.

As he was clearly in a lot of pain, she realized she would need to distract him first. Lorren knew she was more than equipped to capture the attention of a Terran male. She took a couple of steps towards his prostrate form and then placed one long, shapely leg on either side of him, using her ankles to hold him and prevent him from rolling around any more. She saw him squinting up at her, the bemused expression on his face making it obvious that he was having trouble seeing her properly without his thick lenses which she had long since destroyed. What a pathetic creature! Here she was, standing completely naked, legs apart, right over him, no doubt offering him the most stunningly erotic view of his life, and he couldn't even focus properly.

She knew she would have to make things very obvious and very easy for him. She knelt down, still straddling him, being extremely careful not to touch his injured leg. Then she gently took hold of his wrists in her hands and lifted them from his thigh. She saw the muti-colored bruise on his skin where she had wounded him. He flinched as she slowly leant forward, bringing his hands up his body, carefully lowering them on either side of his head as she kept a hold of them. There was a grimace on his face which she interpreted as a sign that his leg was causing him pain. She found herself disappointed that he wasn't trying to resist her at all, but had meekly let her pin his wrists.

Stan had never fought so hard in all his life. Maybe the adrenaline coursing through his veins because of the extreme discomfort in his leg had leant him extra strength. Maybe his fear of the incredible girl spurred him on to greater efforts. Either way, when he saw her blurry form coming down towards him and felt her smooth ankles on his sides, he resolved not to let her do as she pleased with him. At least not without letting her know he was resisting. So when she took a hold of his hands, he clung to his injured leg with all his might to prevent her pulling them away. When that proved a waste of time, he used all his strength to try and stop her lifting his hands above his head. But all his efforts, all his straining, made not the tiniest bit of difference to her.

Having easily got his hands on the ground, she was leaning over him, so very close now. From that small distance, his out-of-focus eyes were able to see her beautiful face clearly enough. Her nose was only about six inches from his. Her stunning breasts hung even closer to his hollow chest. As he squinted to better see her beauty, he felt her firm silky thighs against his own and realized he was responding to her as any heterosexual man would in his position. He knew that was what she wanted, and he tried to tune his mind away from her overwhelming femininity to deny her.

Perhaps she had been wrong. Perhaps he was fighting against her after all. She was pretty certain from the movement of his eyes and the concentration on his face that he was working to resist her sexual charms. Maybe he had also physically opposed her, but she had failed to notice his puny efforts. It didn't really matter to her. She bent her face towards him to brush her lips against his. He turned his head away. Smiling now that she knew for sure that he did possess some spirit, she brought his two wrists together above his head and transferred her grip so that she was pinning both his hands to the floor with just one of her own. Then she took her free hand and placed it on his chin, carefully turning his head back towards her.

Holding his face still, she leant in and kissed him lightly, feeling the spasm that ran through his body as she did so. It was wonderful having such an effect on a man who was struggling for all he was worth to resist her. She kissed him on the lips again, more deeply this time, letting her long hair spill over his face and the tips of her large nipples brush against his chest as she did so. When she pulled her lips away from his, she could see that his resolve was rapidly crumbling. With a slight smile, keeping her mouth close to his so that her sweet warm breath washed over his face, she said simply, "You are mine."

She had tried to kiss him and he had moved his head away. He couldn't sit up because she was holding him immovably in place with her dainty hands. In fact, she changed her position so that she had both his arms trapped with just a single hand. Then, her fingers had turned his head to face her, his attempt to fight against her with his neck muscles proving once again futile. She kissed him, her lips luscious and firm as a spark of electricity seemed to flow from them into his and on down his spine. She was so sexy! But he had to fight against her. He knew she wanted him for her sexual pleasure and he had to deny her. He was not going to be used by her.

She put her lips to his again, sending fresh impulses into his body. He felt the sharp pressing of her aroused nipples into his chest as her lovely hair fell across his face, its silky texture caressing his cheek and its delicious scent filling his nostrils. His lips hurt as she pushed against them hard enough to drive the blood out. He felt a series of involuntary tingles in his groin as his penis began to betray him, rising as a result of his irresistible attraction to her. He was losing the battle. She was overcoming him with her sheer eroticism. Then she had spoken to him, her sexy breath stimulating him even further, her boast that he had become hers somehow turning him on more, despite the fact that he dreaded its meaning.

Lorren let go of the boy's chin and used a single finger to tear distractedly through his lower garment, exposing his already impressive organ which was still far from fully erect. She brushed a fingertip along its length, enjoying the involuntary twitching she provoked as she did so. With a smile, she rose up off her knees very slightly, leaning forward as she did so until her nipples touched the outside of his cheeks. When he responded by trying to turn his head away from her, she lowered herself a tiny bit on to his face, lightly letting her breasts rest on him, holding him still. She felt his breath becoming fast and hot against her sternum and knew that he was, indeed, in her erotic power.

She held the position for a few moments, making sure that her chest had the desired effect on him. Then she began to slowly move her shoulders from side to side, making her breasts swing very slightly so that her womanly flesh pressed against one side of his face, then the other, pushing his head to and fro like a clock pendulum for a while. When she raised herself off him, the dazed look in his eyes let her know that his resistance was over. She also noticed some darkening bruises on his cheeks and temples where her supposedly soft breasts had pressed against him. And she had been as gentle as she possibly could!

The accidental damage she'd caused to his face reminded Lorren of the fragility of the male beneath her. His body looked so thin and frail - even by the pathetic standards of Earth - that she feared she would crush him to powder at any moment. Glancing down at his now fully ready erection, she realized that killing him before sex would be a great shame. While the rest of him was so small, his shaft certainly was not. She decided not to waste any more time. Still holding his two wrists with her own hand, she slid her other arm under his body and then rolled over onto her back, carrying him with her so that her was now lying in top of her.

She had torn his shorts off with just her finger, the ease with which she destroyed the thick elastic symbolic of her power over him. She stroked his member, bring it ever closer to the blood-filled state she desired. Then she bent over him, her gorgeous big breasts heavy against his cheeks, the wonderful soft skin pressing hard on his face, their sexy scent making him hornier and hornier, despite himself. Suddenly she was knocking his head from side to side with her chest, her mounds smacking his face like a boxer's blows, the impacts hurting him yet simultaneously driving him wild with lust. When she finally stopped, he knew he was fully erect and unable to resist her any more.

Then she was turning over, lifting him with her as if he was weightless, placing him on top of her as she lay on her back now. He felt her large breasts flatten very slightly as they pressed so firmly against his chest and realized that the end of his erection was touching her crotch. She transferred her hands to his hips, holding him painfully tightly as she raised his middle above her. He didn't complain, partly because he knew it would be pointless and partly because he was now as hungry for her as she was for him. He merely let her align his throbbing organ with the entrance to her sex and let her thrust him bodily into her.

At first she seemed to tight for him. It hurt terribly for an instant, but then, strangely, he found himself entering her quite easily. She felt so warm and soft inside. Immediately, he was overwhelmed by the sensations that ran through his groin. He thought he would cum there and then. He didn't because she did something to him down there, closing the walls of her sex tightly around him so that he was gripped too firmly to orgasm. He was amazed by the control she appeared to exert over her inner muscles. Then she was lifting him in and out of her, the strong hold of her sex both hurting him and making him desperate for his release.

Lorren remembered just in time to loosen herself to allow his penis to penetrate her. He might have been large by Terran standards, but he was still as soft and weak as the other men of his planet. Once she had thrust him in, she felt him spasm in preparation to shoot his juices into her. Why could these males never wait until she was ready? She had to take control for herself, contracting herself to grasp him internally to trap his release before it could escape. After that, she began to pull him into and out of her sex, enjoying the way his big manhood filled her better than any of the other males she'd raped on Earth.

She increased the pace of her thrusts. She ignored the way his arms and legs flailed about. She paid no attention to the groups of bruises that began to spread over his body: two on his chest were she repeatedly slammed him against each of her big firm breasts and a series on his groin that was being pounded by her steely pelvis. She did not notice the tears in his eyes or the cries that escaped his lips. She was too engrossed in her own pleasure, using his big erection as her dildo, the body that was attached to it merely a detail to her. She threw him into her and pushed him out more and more rapidly, moving his skinny frame about as though he was nothing but a light blanket.

She was tossing him about now like a salad. He was in simultaneous agony and sexual ecstasy. She kept smashing him against her incredible body, her chest battering his, her groin hammering his own. All the while, he longed to shoot his load into her, but her remarkable internal hold prevented it. He cried out in desperation - not to stop the pain she was causing him, but to beg her to let him cum. She seemed not to hear him. She just kept pulling and pushing him in and out so fast he thought he would snap in two. The pressure in his groin grew to new, terrifying heights.

She could feel her best orgasm yet building within her. Eager to bring it to its full fruition, she began to shake the male around inside her, making his big member touch her in places she had only dimly been aware existed. It was such a wonderful feeling. She relaxed her internal muscles, letting his juices flow violently into her, the sensation acting as the trigger that finally exploded the release within her. She shuddered violently, cracking the concrete floor beneath her flawless tight round rear as the biggest thrill of her life tore through her, a feeling of pure, uncontrollable pleasure bursting outwards from her sex.

It was like being in an earthquake. She was moving him about so violently, he felt like ice in a cocktail shaker. The sensitive tip of his penis was being pressed aggressively against her insides and his ribs were bending almost to breaking point each time one or both of her magnificent bosoms smashed against them. Suddenly, just as he thought he was about to slip into unconsciousness, the agonizing grip of his shaft was eased. He felt the cum charging from his body into hers in aggressive spurts, the longed-for release so much greater than anything he'd ever experienced before.

Even as he finished cuming, she was bucking about beneath him so violently he would have been thrown well clear of her if she hadn't been holding him by his hips. She moved so much, he thought she would tear his penis off or else crush his chest flat with her big bouncing breasts. He struggled for air. Now that his own orgasm had died down, he was left only with the sensation of pain. Every inch of him seemed to have been hurt in some way by her. Sobbing slightly, he waited helplessly for the incredible girl to recover her senses and release him.

Lorren's orgasm seemed to last for ages. She was getting better and better and extracting pleasure from these Terran males. If she was careful enough and patient, they could be made to provide her with untold pleasures… Moments later, she finally came down and pulled her latest conquest from within her. Effortlessly, she lifted him by his hips and put him down on the ground beside her. He was panting heavily, his chest and groin badly marked. As she sprung easily to her feet, she saw his eyes slowly closing and heard his breathing become steady once more. He was deeply asleep, his body utterly unable to keep up with hers.

She found her uniform where she had discarded it earlier, stepping over two unconscious males to reach it. As she dressed, she looked at the ground that was littered with men. In all, four comatose creatures slumbered around her feet. Another lay dead near the far wall.  Elsewhere in the room were two blood-covered headless corpses.  It had been a most enjoyable interlude. She strolled boldly through the doorway she'd smashed open when she first entered the building and turned back into the street outside. She was eager to continue her exploration of the town and its male population.  Now that her appetite had been properly stimulated, she was hungry for more.


Conceptfan, Jun. 2002.